Frid’Eh Update #20 Presented by MB1 Suspension Canada

By Jeff McConkey, and Billy Rainford

Week #20 belongs to Canada's Motorcycle FXR Yamaha's Dylan Wright. - Spikman photo

Week #20 belongs to Canada’s Motorcycle FXR Yamaha’s Dylan Wright. – Spikman photo

Welcome to Week #20 of the Direct Motocross Frid’Eh Update Presented by MB1 Suspension Canada. It’s always exciting when Canada has one or two top-level Intermediate riders move up to the Pro ranks. Last year we had a few and 2015 #20 Dylan Wright was one of them. If you’ve followed Dylan’s amateur career, I don’t have to tell you that he was always one of the most exciting riders to watch every time he lined up. To make things even more interesting, he and his dad, Billy, had a plan that saw him ride a 2-stroke throughout his amateur career and it has paid off with an aggressive and momentum-conserving style that has now carried over to his 4-stroke riding.

If you’re ever at a track and Dylan is riding, get your camera or phone out and leave it trained on him because there is sure to be something amazing around the next corner or over the next jump – he is fun to watch! In fact, a scrub shot of him ripping the Sand Del Lee track to shreds went completely viral when an American site caught wind of it and spread it around.

Heading into his sophomore year, it will be interesting to see if he’s learned anything from his freshman year. We also always like to point out that, throughout his schooling, Dylan has maintained a straight A average, and then some! If he can keep his Yamaha on two wheels and avoid any unforeseen mechanicals, he should find himself with a number somewhere in the teens.

We got in touch with him to find out what he’s been up to and what his expectations are of himself and his new teammate, Jimmy Decotis:

Read on to see what Dylan has been up to and what he expects from himself in his sophomore season. - Spikman photo

Read on to see what Dylan has been up to and what he expects from himself in his sophomore season. – Spikman photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Dylan. We haven’t talked to you for quite a while. Let’s start by asking you how your rookie Pro season went last summer?

Dylan Wright: Hey, Billy! Yeah, we haven’t talked for quite a while because of the off season! Well, I would have to say that my rookie Pro season went okay. I say that because I feel like I had some really good motos, but I also had some that weren’t so great. I was just really bummed on how my east coast swing went, but all in all it was an okay season and I finished in the top ten overall in the series which is pretty cool as a rookie.

What was the biggest difference between racing amateur and Pro, as you saw it?

The biggest difference I would have to say is the competition. The competition at the Pro level is so much bigger because there are always guys that are going really fast at every round and sometimes it’s hard to admit to yourself that you just weren’t fast enough that day to win! Another big change would have to be all the flying. As an amateur we drive to all the races, but as a pro, we get to fly out west which I find is very cool and I am so fortunate to be able to do that!

How did your winter training go? What did you do and where did you go?

My winter training went very well, actually! I did a lot of riding and racing, which was a big change to the program this year. I’ve been racing every weekend since I went down to Florida with the exception of taking 2 off! My winter training started off down in Florida where I stayed at my girlfriend’s house just outside of Daytona and we traveled around the state riding and racing at different tracks. Then, after 5 weeks of staying there, I went to South of the Border, where I rode and trained for another month before coming home and riding at Sand Del Lee. So, all and all, I had a great off season and am happy to say that I am still in one piece!

Have you caught the road bicycling bug yet?

I’d have to say I haven’t caught the bug, but I do enjoy going out for a nice cycle! My trainer has me do a lot more things than just cycling all the time, but I do enjoy it when it fits into my workout schedule!

Aside from being fast on a bike, we know you’ve been a straight A student in school and we love that. What have you been doing for schooling this past year?

Yeah, school is definitely something that I am still focused on! This year I loaded my first semester with hard courses, so I had math, biology, chemistry and English. I went to school every day during that semester and then this semester I’ve been doing on-line classes because I was away riding all winter and I only have French and calculus to finish up!

What is your schooling goal?

My schooling goal for now is just to get my high school diploma, because I want to focus on riding for a while, but I will go back when I’m done this career and go to University and do all that stuff. I’m just going to put it on hold for a bit while I pursue my dreams to be at the top of the sport!

Have you changed your training at all from last year to this?

I have changed my training on the bike a lot! Like I said before, I’ve been doing a lot more racing prior to the season and I changed the way I practice and found a lot more time to practice starts, as we all know that they are really important! Off the bike, my training has changed a bit, but I’ve been with the same trainer for a long time now and we work really well together and he knows what I need to do so I follow what he tells me to do, because if I do that, I know that my fitness will not be an issue on the bike.

What is your goal for 2015?

My goal for 2015 is to win the championship. I have put in a lot of work this year and as a racer I do not line up at the gate to finish second. I always set my goals high, so the goal is to win the championship, but i would be happy with a top 3 overall in the series.

You have a new teammate in Jimmy Decotis. He’s been a contender down south in both disciplines. How do you think this will help your riding? Where do you see him finishing in the MX2 class this summer?

Yeah, I do have a new teammate and he is super-fun to be around. We both take the sport very seriously, but off the track we like joking around a bit which makes for a really fun atmosphere under the tent. I don’t think he will help my riding too much as we haven’t ridden together all that much except at SOB a few times, but he can definitely teach me some stuff with Supercross! I don’t see him anywhere outside the top 5 in any moto and I can definitely see him winning a few motos.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. Who would you like to thank?

I’d like to thank my mechanic Cale Foster for all his work on the bike, Canada’s Motorcycle, FXR, Yamaha Canada, MX101, Forma Boots, 6D helmets, 100% goggles, Atlas Brace, Dunlop tires, FMF, VP, Evans coolant, Twin air, Renthal, Matrix Concepts, Cycra plastics, Works Connection, Motorex, Nihilo concepts, RK chains, Decal Works, Ride Engineering, Mongoose Machine, TM designworks, Mechanix wear, and Cosmetic gaskets.

I always like speaking with Dylan. He’s got a great head on his shoulders and is one of the most intense riders you’ll ever meet. He even scared me once at the Parts Canada TransCan when he shot me a look that went straight to the core because he was upset he didn’t win a moto. Watch for #20 next weekend in Kamloops. Good luck, Dylan.

Week #15 is brought to you by MB1 Suspension Canada.

Week #20 is brought to you by MB1 Suspension Canada.

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Jeff McConkey

2015 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals

Rockstar MX Nationals LogoHey, guys. It is another fantastic Friday here in Southern Ontario. Local moto is going strong, the AMA Outdoors have started and the CMRC Rockstar Energy Nationals are only 9 days away – I  couldn’t be happier. We will have our defending champions lining up in both classes, and plenty of challengers ready to try and steal away those number 1 plates. Honda Canada TLD GDR’s Colton Facciotti had a little hiccup and was injured early on in the spring, but if there is one thing we have learned about Colton…you can’t count him out! He is a winner. He won’t set the world on fire in qualifying, but he is a racer. He gets it done when he has to. Have we ever seen Colton really hang it out? I don’t think so. I don’t think he has ever showed us ‘balls to the wall.’ He hasn’t had to. But for 2015, Colton and his mighty GDR TLD Honda will have their hands full. We have former champions Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha’s Matt Goerke, and Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Brett Metcalfe back.

In all honesty, we have yet to see Colton and these two former champs battle head to head as Colton went down two years in a row due to injuries. Mike Alessi was Colton’s biggest challenger in 2014. Mike and his Smartop MotoConcepts team may have had an edge in speed on Colton at certain rounds, but a few mechanical issues cost Mike the title. We also have Royal Distributing Fox Racing KTM’s Cole Thompson back in action. Cole was injured in SX and has been out for quite some time. He is back healthy now and loving his new Factory Edition 450 KTM, and that could spell trouble for the rest of the 450 class. Parts Canada Thor Husqvarna’s Tyler Medaglia and Teddy Maier will be 2 other riders fighting each and every weekend for podiums and top 5’s. There will be no easy motos in the 450 class this season, there is just too much talent on the gate.

In 250 action or MX2, Kaven Benoit is the man to beat. Last season, Benoit rode a four-stroke on the harder West Coast tracks, and a two-stroke on the more sandy East Coast tracks. This season, the CMRC introduced a new rule stating a rider must compete on just one bike. In my opinion, Royal Distributing Fox Racing KTM’s Kaven Benoit would have won on anything last year. He was just that good everywhere. This year, he will have to contend with a few riders very capable of taking his title. Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki’s Cole Martinez will be a serious contender. Cole has had some success south of the border in both MX and SX.

Canada’s Motorcycle FXR Yamaha has brought in American Jimmy Decotis. Jimmy is a super-talented guy, and on the sandy East tracks, I really think he could do some damage. Is he a title contender? I don’t think so this season, buy I am wrong quite a bit. Jimmy’s teammate will be young Dylan Wright. I don’t think Dylan has a moto win in him yet, but he will be a serious podium threat each and every weekend. Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha has yet another top-tier rider lining up in Shawn Maffenbeier. ‘Little Muff’ really surprised me last year and I think by around rounds 3 and 4 he will be fighting for the ‘W.’

Honda’s top 250 threat will be TLD GDR’s Jeremy Medaglia. I feel this will be the meanest, hungriest ‘Jer-Bear’ yet. Jeremy has been a threat to win from his very first year in the class. He has put in the time and feels that this is his time to win. Look for the #21 to be on the box all summer long.

But that’s not it for the 250 class. We have Utah’s Blake Savage back in action, after a season away racing the AMA nationals. Blake will be fast and fit and looking for podiums on his Devil’s Lake MX bike. Redemption Racing Fly Dragon KTM’s Seth Rarrick will also be a rider to watch out for. He will be looking to put the #17 up front and possibly on the box. This is a seriously stacked class and will be full of action all summer long.

Women’s West Championship

The Women’s West series looks like it won’t have reigning Champion, Hailey Larson, back. Hailey has dominated the West the last few seasons, so it will be nice to see some new faces on the top step. I believe we will see a 2-horse race between young Kennedy Lutz and Rachel Springman.  I think Kennedy may have an edge in speed, but I think Springman’s experience will help her win the title. Either way, it will be nice to see the title stay north of the border. It’s really exciting to see how many girls have stepped up their games this season. I’m looking forward to watching a few girls who have improved a lot. I think we will see big things from riders like Danika White, Amiee Carter and Dominique Daffe.

Jeff's pick to win the Women's West Championship, that starts next Saturday at WHispering Pines in Kamloops, BC, is Rachel Springman. - Springman photo

Jeff’s pick to win the Women’s West Championship – that starts next Saturday at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC – is Rachel Springman. – Springman photo

Dominique Daffe and Jared Petruska’s Bikes Stolen in Calgary

Unfortunately, yesterday Dominique and boyfriend Jared Petruska both lost their bikes and gear to thieves. It is a real downer to hear of people losing bikes, but it stings even more when it happens to such good, hard-working people. I truly believe that this was going to be Jared’s breakout season. This guy and his girlfriend, Dominique, bust their butts to pursue the sport they love and it really sucks when something like this happens. Not to mention this close to round one. Let’s hope the moto community can rally together and find these bikes ASAP, or at least help these two out with bikes and get them on the track where they belong.

From Dominique and Jared:

On May 21st sometime in the middle of the night, Jared’s van, which was parked right outside of our house and locked, with my car parked right behind it, was broken into and everything was stolen. We had my 250f and his 250f in there, with our gear bags, boots, stands, a big tool box full of tools, helmets, knee braces, goggles, a gas can, and they even stole all the tie downs. Even the extra set. They stole the amp out of the front of Jared’s van and a bunch of shoes. The worst part is that we didn’t insure anything. Jared’s van insurance won’t cover it and we didn’t insure the bikes, and we don’t have renters insurance on the house we live in.. lesson learned for sure. INSURE EVERYTHING! Such a bummer. I can not thank everyone enough for sharing the facebook posts and messaging me offering to lend me their bikes. The moto community really is one big family and I hope that our bikes get found and the people that stole them feel like dirt! Thanks Direct Motocross so much for helping!!
Dominique & Jared

Keep your eyes out for these two bikes that were stolen in Calgary, May 21st!

image1 image2

MMRS KTM Provincial Series


In local action, the MMRS series heads to Sand Del Lee for two days of racing this weekend. It doesn’t get much better than that! Kevin Tyler, Johnny Grant and the amazing crew at SDL provide riders with one of the best tracks in Canada. They’ve really got that place dialed, and I guarantee every racer, win lose or draw, walks away with a smile on their faces.

Speaking of SDL, be sure to check out this weeks On the Radar with SDL regular, Rory Clarke. Rory is a kid to keep your eye on in the future.  Also, be sure to check out my Out Of The Blue this week with Rachel Springman. Rachel is my pick for this year’s Women’s West title. She is a hard worker, and her experience will win this for her.

That’s it for me this week. I’d like to send out quick a ‘Get Well Soon’ to Nathan Bles. Nathan is a great guy with a ton of talent, and I hope to see him bounce back stronger than ever. Have a great weekend everyone, and always remember to #smileforBC!

Billy Rainford

Nathan Bles Injury Update

Thanks, Jeff. Yes, we might as well start with the bad news. It’s true, Redemption Racing Fly Dragon KTM’s MX1 rider Nathan Bles has broken his left arm – humerus to be precise. Nathan was the highest-placing Canadian after #3 Tyler Medaglia in 2014. He proved to himself and everyone last summer in Ulverton, PQ when he ran 3rd for a big chunk of a moto and finished 4th at the checkers that he was a contender.

Just a short while ago, Nathan toyed with the idea of walking away from the sport and doing something crazy like ‘get a normal job.’ We all know how that usually goes for a young Pro motocross rider – they learn quickly that the possibility racing a dirt bike for a living is very attractive when the cheering stops and you’re getting up early everyday just to go to some office where the only doubles are the ones you start having at lunch out of sheer boredom!

Nathan re-focused and came back strong. After his solid eastern swing last summer, he beared down and put in several months hard training at Club MX in South Carolina. When we visited with him down there this past winter, he was looking hungry, fit, and ready to grab a single-digit number in 2015. Well, motocross can be a wicked sport. It can reach up and bite you when you least expect it.

Nathan crashed while practicing at Gopher Dunes Thursday and the fall left him with a broken upper left arm (humerus). When we spoke with Team Manager Josh Snider last night, we learned that he would be assessed this morning at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario, and the decision would then be made as to what the best course of action would be.


Nathan Bles injured and out for western rounds of Rockstar Energy MX Nationals. – Bigwave photo

Revised MXGP Schedule

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.44.54 PM

Westen Wrozyna Update

We interviewed the speedy Newtonville, Ontario, rider this past week and it has been pointed out that Westen probably mis-heard one of Jeff’s questions because he stated that he wanted to be top 10 after the western swing of the nationals.

It was decided in April that Westen would join in with the Honda Canada TLD GDR team when the eastern half of the season begins at Gopher Dunes in July. Said team owner, Derek Schuster:

Gopher will be his first national. We want him to focus on his program and work on getting it  little more dialed in.”

Westen Wrozyna's first national will be Gopher Dunes in July. - Bigwave photo

Westen Wrozyna’s first national will be Gopher Dunes in July. – Bigwave photo

Jared Stock Racing West Virgina GNCC

Be sure to keep an eye on Jared Stock’s race this weekend in West Virginia as he lines up for the Amsoil GNCC race there.

From the website:

Est: 2012

Marvin’s Mountain Top grew to popular hosting huge music festivals, but it also hosted it’s fair share of local hare scramble events before becoming an addition to the GNCC schedule in 2012. This race is very close to the Racer Productions office, which makes it the “hometown” race of the series.

Located just outside Morgantown, West Virginia, Marvin’s Mountain Top offers up plenty of the rough terrain that the Wild & Wonderful state is known for. The ground at the Mountain Top is exactly what you would expect from a mountain, it’s rocky! The soil is a mix of clay and excellent top soil in some of the fresher wood sections.

The course starts on top of the mountain, and makes its way around the edges, and slightly down the sides of the mountain, but don’t worry about any super technical hill climbs as many of the hills coming back up the mountain are a nice gradual incline.

As for the trails, they have a slightly slower, snug, and flowing feel to them but there’s also plenty of opportunities for passing and chances to open up the throttle a little more. You can also typically count on a portion of flowing grass track as well which serves as one of the best times to make a pass!

You can watch the race live on Racer TV.

Glen Helen Pre-Entry List


1 Ken Roczen Germany Suzuki RMZ 450 Soaring Eagle | Jimmy Johns | Suzuki
3 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO Honda CRF450R GEICO Honda
4 Blake Baggett Grand Terrace, CA Suzuki RMZ 450 Team Yoshimura | Suzuki
5 Ryan Dungey Waconia, MN KTM 450 SX-F FE Red Bull | KTM
10 Justin Brayton Fort Dodge, IA KTM 450 SX-F FE BTO Sports | KTM
14 Cole Seely Laguna Beach, CA Honda CRF450R Team Honda | HRC
20 Broc Tickle Holly, MI Suzuki RMZ 450 Soaring Eagle | Jimmy Johns | Suzuki
21 Jason Anderson Rio Rancho, NM Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Energy | Husqvarna
22 Chad Reed Australia Kawasaki KX 450F Discount Tire | TwoTwo Motorsports
23 Weston Peick Wildomar, CA Yamaha YZ 450F AutoTrader | Toyota
24 Brett Metcalfe Australia Kawasaki KX 450F Metty 24 | WMS | Kawasaki
33 Joshua Grant Riverside, CA Kawasaki KX 450F Discount Tire
35 Kyle Cunningham Willow Park, TX Kawasaki KX 450F AG Motorsports |
39 Fredrik Noren Sweden Honda CRF450R | GPI | Honda
43 Matthew Lemoine Collinsville, TX Kawasaki KX 450F JAB Motorsports
45 Vince Friese Cape Girardeau, MO Honda CRF450R MotoConcepts
46 Phillip Nicoletti Cohocton, NY Yamaha YZ 450F Yamaha | JGR team
48 William Hahn Decatur, TX Kawasaki KX 450F Monster Energy Kawasaki
51 Justin Barcia Monroe, NY Yamaha YZ 450F AutoTrader | Toyota
58 Kellian Rusk Durango, CO Yamaha YZ 450F |
69 Ronnie Stewart Easton, PA Suzuki RMZ 450 My PRBC
76 Evgeny Mikhaylov Russia KTM 450 SX-F Absolute Race Technology |
84 Jesse Wentland Elk River, MN Honda CRF450R RSR | Starr Cycle Honda
92 Cade Clason Chesterfield, SC Honda CRF450R None Listed
111 Michael Sleeter Escondido, CA KTM 450 SX-F None Listed
120 Todd Bannister Colorado Springs, CO Honda CRF450R Advanced Concrete
123 Kevin Rookstool Medford, OR Suzuki RMZ 450 Rookstool Racing
130 Thomas Hahn Great Bend, KS Honda CRF450R | GPI | Honda
131 Noah Mcconahy Spokane, WA Honda CRF450R BWR | K1 Speed
177 Derek Stephens Henderson, NV Suzuki RMZ 450 Stephens Racing
181 Dustin Pipes Madera, CA Suzuki RMZ 450 | Fly Racing
186 Ray Obermeyer III Riverside, CA Yamaha YZ 450F Obermeyer Racing
187 Dylan Bauer Spring Creek, NV Yamaha YZ 450F Team Triple Effect Graphics
196 Trevor Whitmarsh Sedalia, CO Yamaha YZ 450F Vickery Motorsports
207 Sean Collier Saugus, CA Kawasaki KX 450F Fasthouse | Gasper Racing
229 Edgar Foedish III Scottsdale, AZ Kawasaki KX 450F AEO Powersports |
262 Harrison Drummond Brooks, OR Honda CRF450R HD2 Racing
285 Tony Archer Waldorf, MD Kawasaki KX 450F Traders Racing
291 Kyle White Freeport, IL Honda CRF450R K1 Speed | BWR Engines
294 Joshua Camarena Porterville, CA Yamaha YZ 450F Camarena Racing
314 Alex Ray Jackson, TN Honda CRF450R K1 Speed | BWR Engines | SSi Decals
348 Jason Brooks Niantic, CT Yamaha YZ 450F 3D Racing | Factory Connection
377 Christophe Pourcel Groveland, FL Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Husqvarna g
381 Kinser Endicott Red Bluff, CA Kawasaki KX 450F Endicott Racing
406 Keylan Meston Canada Yamaha YZ 450F Foothills Cycleworks |
428 Tyler Johnson Cottonwood, AZ Honda CRF450R Canyon Motocross
429 Justin Jones Norco, CA Honda CRF450R Bonanza Plumbing | Hinson | Honda
430 Dylan Summerlin Kent, WA KTM 350 SX-F Schaeffer Oil Racing
436 Jason Bunch Lancaster, CA Yamaha YZ 450F Bunch Racing
447 Deven Raper Mesa, AZ Kawasaki KX 450F RJC Racing
453 Jordan Reynolds San Diego, CA KTM 450 SX-F FE Cand D Motorsports
481 Sergey Astaykin Russia KTM 450 SX-F SMX Motorsport
504 Sean Lipanovich Guam Honda CRF450R SLMX School
505 Cyrille Coulon France Kawasaki KX 450F SR75 | Molson UK Racing
509 Alexander Nagy Richmond, IL Suzuki RMZ 450 Nagy Racing
523 Miles Daniele Clovis, CA Yamaha YZ 450F Jalonen Ranches
525 Daniel Spendlove Glendale, AZ Husqvarna FC450 Desert Ready Mix | Husqvarna
542 Johnnie Buller Kingsburg, CA Suzuki RMZ 450 Buller Racing
548 Broc Schmelyun Westminster, MD Yamaha YZ 450F Blue Buffalo Slater Skins
600 Connor Olson Littleton, CO Yamaha YZ 450F Two Tire Take Over
608 David Pulley Jr Corona, CA Yamaha YZ 450F DMP Motorsports
618 Sylvain Le Gad Canada Yamaha YZ 450F Xtreme Miller Yamaha | EVO Motosport
670 Dylan Schmoke Alpine, CA KTM 450 SX-F Schmoke Motorsports
703 Justin Rando East Lyme, CT Yamaha YZ 450F Northeast Financial Group LLC.
745 Adrian Roman Bonita, CA Kawasaki KX 450F Roman Racing
757 Bradley Ward United Kingdom Yamaha YZ 450F ACCELERADE, MAXIMA, PANIC REV,
774 Preston Tilford Fontana, CA Yamaha YZ 450F Pasha Racing
873 Fuzzy Humphries St. George, UT Honda CRF450R ZBD Racing
909 Jacob Smith Rescue, CA Yamaha YZ 450F Smith Racing
933 Reno Evans Linden, CA Suzuki RMZ 450 PCP Motorsports
939 Shane Post Wildomar, CA Honda CRF450R NSP Racing
948 Johan Nystrom Sweden Honda CRF450R California Motocross Holidays

1 Jeremy Martin Millville, MN Yamaha YZ 250F Star Racing | Yamaha
16 Zachary Osborne Abingdon, VA Husqvarna TC250 Rockstar Energy | Husqvarna
17 Cooper Webb Newport, NC Yamaha YZ 250F Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha
19 Justin Bogle Cushing, OK Honda CRF450R GEICO Honda
25 Marvin Musquin France KTM 250 SX-F Red Bull l KTM
28 Jessy Nelson Paso Robles, CA KTM 250 SX-F Troy Lee Designs | KTM
31 Alex Martin Millville, MN Yamaha YZ 250F | Rock River | Yamaha
32 Justin Hill Yoncalla, OR KTM 250 SX-F Red Bull | KTM
37 Joseph Savatgy Thomasville, GA Kawasaki KX 250F Monster Energy | PC| Kawasaki
38 Matthew Bisceglia Tualatin, OR Honda CRF250R GEICO Honda
40 Shane McElrath Canton, NC KTM 250 SX-F Troy Lee DesignsKTM
44 Zachary Bell Cairo, GA Husqvarna TC250 Rockstar Energy | Husqvarna
47 Martin Davalos Ecuador Husqvarna TC250 Rockstar Energy | Husqvarna
50 Adam Cianciarulo Port Orange, FL Kawasaki KX 250F Monster Energy | PC| Kawasaki
52 Mitchell Oldenburg Alvord, TX KTM 250 SX-F Troy Lee Designs KTM
55 Kyle Peters Greensboro, NC Honda CRF250R | GPI | Honda
57 Jackson Richardson Australia Honda CRF250R XPR Motorsports
62 Anthony Rodriguez Venezuela Yamaha YZ 250F Yamalube Yamaha Star Racing
66 Christopher Alldredge Powell Butte, OR Kawasaki KX 250F Monster | PC | Kawasaki
74 Zack Williams Elko, MN Honda CRF250R None Listed
78 Preston Mull Modesto, CA Yamaha YZ 250F Alliance Racing
80 RJ Hampshire Hudson, FL Honda CRF250R GEICO Honda
88 Dakota Alix Jay, VT KTM 250 SX-F KTM Orange Brigade Lites
126 Jordon Smith Belmont, NC Honda CRF250R GEICO Honda
135 Robert Fitch, Jr. Littleton, CO Suzuki RMZ 250 Absolute Race Technology
148 Trevor Reis San Diego, CA Yamaha YZ 250F Maxima Oils |
157 Aaron Plessinger Hamilton, OH Yamaha YZ 250F yamalube | yamaha | star racing
180 Bryar Perry Cottonwood,CA Yamaha YZ 250F Transportation Services | 180Decals
195 Keaton Ward Bozeman, MT KTM 250 SX-F Ward Racing
211 Tevin Tapia Bonney Lake, WA Yamaha YZ 250F TnTracing
217 Ryan Breece Coeur d’ Alene, ID Yamaha YZ 250F TnT Racing
255 Dylan Anderson Oak Hills, CA Yamaha YZ 250F None Listed
273 Conner Elliott Tumwater, WA Yamaha YZ 250F Elliott Racing
278 Parker Anthony Americus, GA Kawasaki KX 250F Bigfoot Racing
283 Nicolas Gonzales Hemet, CA Yamaha YZ 250F None Listed
343 Luke Renzland Hewitt, NJ Yamaha YZ 250F | Yamaha
351 Eric Grondahl Portsmouth, NH Honda CRF250R Alias MX
367 Hunter Sayles Merrill, WI Yamaha YZ 250F None Listed
376 Chris Canning Conventry, CT KTM 250 SX-F Manchester Honda KTM
397 Brandon Scharer Los Angeles, CA Suzuki RMZ 250 397 | RaceTech | STR
434 Daniel Baker Crittenden, KY KTM 250 SX-F KTM Orange Brigade LItes
435 Scott Agostini San Juan Capistrano, CA Honda CRF250R Huntington Beach
450 Hayden Mellross Australia Honda CRF250R Ti Lube, Storm Lake Honda,
488 Jake Lyon Agua Dulce, CA Honda CRF250R Lyon Racing
522 Cole Zitterkopf Fruita, CO Yamaha YZ 250F Zitterkopf Racing
574 Brian Burns San Clemente, CA KTM 250 SX-F None Listed
636 Keith Knight Carmichael, CA Yamaha YZ 250F Haeseker Racing |
644 Brennan Myers Woolstock, IA Kawasaki KX 250F SSB Motorsports
655 John Pauk Canada Honda CRF250R Compression Generation Services, LLC
659 Justin Freund DeSoto, MO Yamaha YZ 250F Freund Racing
711 Mitch Van de Montel Yorba Linda, CA Honda CRF250R
715 Kele Russell Seabeck, WA Yamaha YZ 250F Alliance Steel | NoToil |
746 Chase Stevenson Cedar Rapids, IA Honda CRF250R Stevenson Racing
768 Cole Shondeck Colorado Springs, CO Yamaha YZ 250F Shondeck Racing
781 Justin Lee Laguna Hills, CA Honda CRF250R Lee Brothers Racing
825 Zach Peddie Oceanside, CA Yamaha YZ 250F Driven MX
882 Michael Kimmerle Highland Ranch, CO Kawasaki KX 250F Dirt Candy | Kawasaki
912 Jacob Wever Tonica, IL Yamaha YZ 250F Team Knees
919 Shawn Rhinehart Littlerock, CA KTM 250 SX-F Munn KTM Racing
929 Travis Bell Redwood Valley, CA Honda CRF250R Bell Racing
992 Jordyn Scalvini Willows, CA Kawasaki KX 250F RBI Motorsports

Good luck to the Canadians lining up this weekend.

Alex Harvill Sets Dirt Jump Record

Alex Havill has set the longest dirt jump record at 297.5 feet over a 245-foot gap. - FB photo

Alex Havill has set the longest dirt jump record at 297.5 feet over a 245-foot gap. – FB photo

Canadian Racers New Bike Pics from Facebook

Hayden BC

Hayden Halstead has made it to BC! – Michael DaSilva photo

Jeremy Pronovost

Jeremy Pronovost’s 2015 ride. – Pronovost photo


Cole Martinez leaning on Seth Rarick’s KTM at Milestone today. – Rarick photo

OK, I apologize for the Update being so late this week. It was a last-minute decision that we could make the 8-hour drive north to attend a close relative’s funeral. RIP Uncle Moe! You were one of a kind. Good luck to everyone riding and racing this weekend.