Frid’Eh Update #30 Presented by Freedom Cycle

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford


Week #30 belongs to Lindsay, Ontario, rider, Kyle Keast. – Bigwave photo

Welcome to week #30for the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by Freedom Cycle. For 2015, #30 is the rider who has been racing at the professional level a long time. After his rather gnarly femur injury a few years ago out in Kamloops, it was great to see Kyle Keast‘s commitment to the sport when he decided to compete in the entire series again this summer. He’s at the point in his 9-5 career where he can trust his workers enough to be away for extended periods of time and he and his girlfriend Shandell Przybilla have been having a great summer crossing the country.

He’s currently sitting in 8th place, just 5 points behind 7th. The way he’s been coming on strong in the latter parts of motos these days, I wouldn’t feel one bit relaxed if I were the one ahead of him on the point sheet! His come from behind finishes both motos in Deschambault were like the days of old. Keast was pushing much younger riders to their limits the entire moto.

Keast Riverglade 07

As we head into River Glade near Moncton, NB this week for round 8, check out this shot of Kyle Keast back in 2007 running the same #30. – Bigwave photo

We couldn’t get in touch with Kyle before this Update went live, so watch for maybe a podcast with him this coming week after we see him in Moncton.


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Jeff McConkey

Hi, guys. It’s Friday and we are on our way to one of my favourite nationals of the series. We are heading to Moncton, New Brunswick, and the famous Riverglade track.  I don’t know if it’s the actual track, the fantastic scenery or just the amazing East coasters? Whatever it is, it makes for a fantastic weekend. After 3 weeks of sand tracks, we now line up on some hard pack. I think a few of the West Coasters, and even a few of the East Coasters, will welcome the hard pack with open arms.

Rockstar Energy MX Nationals

In MX2, it has been the Kaven Benoit show. Kaven and his KTM 250 2-stroke have been just plain awesome all season, but especially in the East. Benoit has reeled off 6 straight holeshots, 6 straight moto wins, and has led pretty much every lap. No, it’s not the bike, (although the 250 2-stroke KTM is an amazing bike), it’s Benoit. His fitness is unbeatable, he is confident, and it’s just his time to win. If there is any track he may not go 1-1 at, it may be Riverglade. Shawn Maffenbeier has been riding really great lately, and he likes the harder dirt. If anyone can steal a win from the champ, it may be Maffenbeier. Jimmy Decotis will be fast as always and look for him to hang it out looking for the win. And we can’t forget about Jeremy Medaglia and his GDR Honda, they had some bad luck at Gopher and Deschambault, but they are still in it. Devils Lake Yamaha’s Blake Savage is riding full of confidence right now, and being from Utah, I’m betting he will be looking for another trip to the podium at Moncton. Here are my Riverglade predictions:




1st Kaven Benoit: I just can’t bet against him right now. He’s just too hot.

2nd Jimmy Decotis: I think the hard pack will be a good change for Jimmy and he will be on the gas.

3rd Jeremy Medaglia: I think Jeremy and Jimmy D will swap motos.

4th Blake Savage: Blake is riding high right now and will be right there fighting for podiums.

5th Jess Pettis: I think Jess could shock a few people.


In MX1 action, it has been ‘edge of your seat action.’ Seriously! The top 5 guys are on a different level and as a fan, it has been fantastic to watch. It is so hard to pick a winner. Anyone in the top 5 could win at anytime. Matt Goerke is our points leader, but it’s not like he’s killing the competition. Everyone seems to be pretty close in speed and fitness. I think with the harder Riverglade track, we should see a better Cole Thompson this weekend. Cole pumped up last week and fell off the pace. As long as he can stay out of the pond, I think he’ll do some damage. Watch for a fired up Tyler Medaglia in New Brunswick. This is Tyler’s new hometown race and ‘T-Dags’ will be looking to put on a show in front of the East Coasters. I was really hoping to see local hero Mitch Cooke line up on Sunday and show us that picture-perfect form and big whips for 2 or 3 laps until the old man got tired. I sent Mitch a text asking if we’d see him line up, and his answer was pretty clear “Haha no chance!” So, I guess we will just have to settle for watching Mitch put the wood to the old boys in the Vet class on Saturday. It’s going to be very hard to pick a winner this week, but here are my predictions:




1st Brett Metcalfe: Brett is working so hard right now, I don’t think he will be denied.

2nd Cole Thompson: Cole is do for a great ride, and I think it will be on the hard pack this weekend.

3rd Colton Facciotti: Colt will be good, but he was limping pretty good after moto 2 last week.

4th Matt Goerke: Matt will be fast, but he hasn’t had a terrible start in a while.

5th Tyler Medaglia: Tyler will be fast, but just a tad off the lead pack.


The ladies are off for another week, returning at Ulverton. I don’t think we will see anyone step up and beat Eve Brodeur, but I’m willing to bet that the action from 2-6 will be super-tight. That’s it for me this week, I have to prepare myself for the long journey East. Have a safe weekend, and remember to always #smileforBC!

Women’s East Final Round in Ulverton

Information for the 3rd and final round of the Canadian Women’s Nationals at Ulverton August 8th is up on the MXUlverton website:



Riders meeting will be at 7am, and practice will start around 8am. The motos will be at 11am and 2pm again.

Reminder that sign in is mandatory friday night 7-8pm at the official CMRC trailer. If under extenuating circumstances you cannot make it, please contact Leah Clarke with your sign in information (CMRC license, transponder, race numer, sponsors).

A LOT of hard work has gone in to preparing this series all year and we hope that we will have a full gate of ladies at Ulverton. It would be awesome to see 42 ladies line up, and beat the last round’s record of 37 at Sand Del Lee!

Denaye Arnett and Camille Bunko out west along with Sylvain Brodeur and myself out East have worked like crazy during the off-season to get sponsors so that every girl can go home with a prize from the draw table, and so we have awesome podium awards. All girls are welcome to race, as long as they are on a 85cc + bike. This is not a pro class and all abilities are welcome.

See you at Ulverton!

Leah Clarke

See you in Ulverton! - Clarke photo

See you in Ulverton! – Clarke photo

Billy Rainford

Thanks, Jeff. Like we joke every week, your predictions are never correct, but we all appreciate the fact that you don’t let that stop you from voicing your opinion – that’s half the battle! I think the absence of Shawn Maffenbeier from your top 5 in MX2 will be your downfall this week.

Like you said, we’re making the long trek out to Moncton this afternoon and so time is rather scarce today. We’ll do our bet to fill you in on what’s up in our sport this week, nevertheless.

Teddy Maier Injury Update

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ve lost Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki rider #5 Teddy Maier for the rest of the season. You never like seeing something like this happen to anyone, but when it happens to someone like Teddy who is in the twighlight of his career, it makes it that much tougher. “Will we ever see Teddy line up at another Pro race here in Canada again?” has to be asked. Here is the latest from the almost-Canadian from Iowa:


Teddy Maier Injury Update. – Bigwave photo

Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki rider, #5 Teddy Maier from Iowa, had a rough day in Deschambault last Sunday. During the first MX1 moto, a fuel line came off his 450. He managed to put it back on himself but wasn’t able to pop it back on solidly enough so he pulled into the mechanics’ area to have the team take the time to do it properly.

After heading back out onto the track a couple laps down, Maier said he wanted to at least go back out and learn a few lines and continue trying to get the bike set up better to head into the second moto stronger.

Unfortunately, an uncharacteristic fall by the past Canadian MX2 champion has taken Maier out of action for the rest of the season.

The result is a sprained left thumb/finger and a broken index finger metacarpal bone in the right hand. He was told the bone is very slightly displaced but that it doesn’t require surgery. He will be in a cast for 4 weeks.

When asked if we will see him back in action here in Canada in the future, all he could tell us was that we’ll see him on the sidelines at the final round at Walton Raceway in two weeks.

Good luck, Teddy.

Jared Stock is Back on the Road…So be Careful

I saw this over on Jared Stock‘s Facebook page and thought it was funny enough to include here:

Jared VanOh I am so happy to be back in a van! I always expect a flock of girls to be waiting when I get back into the parking lot…hmm. Girls love vans though.

Haha, live the van lifestyle proud, my friend!

Ryan Villopoto in Lommel, Belgium this Weekend


Villopoto will be in Belgium this weekend to hang out with the team and greet fans. – photo

From Kawasaki Motors Europe:

A few weeks after he announced his retirement from the sport, American MX star Ryan Villopoto will attend the fourteenth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship at Lommel in Belgium this weekend.

Of course Ryan will not be racing aboard his #2 Monster Energy Kawasaki, as the ten-times US champion has packed up his boots after sustaining an injury at the MXGP of Trentino in April. But Ryan has decided to fly to Europe to attend the GP of Belgium and various other events where he will meet thousands of fans and of course his long-time partners.

Lommel is not an unknown destination for him as he was based in the area earlier this season, training there on several occasions during his brief career in Europe. Ryan will of course visit the Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team in Lommel, where he will also support long-time friend Tyla Rattray. He will be available to sign autographs for the fans (the timing of the sessions will be posted at the KRT awning in the paddock) during the weekend; he will be one of the guests of TV commentator Paul Malin in the Studio Show, hold a press conference on Saturday afternoon and will also join the Monster athletes at the Monster rig on Sunday at 10.15 am.

Ryan Villopoto: “Returning to Belgium this week is bitter-sweet. It was our home base for a couple of months earlier in the year, so it will be nice to return and say goodbye to the folks that helped us out. Unfortunately, the year didn’t go as planned but I was looking forward to racing Lommel; it’s a tough track… kind of like Southwick in the US but with even deeper sand. But I’ve always liked riding in that stuff so it would have been fun. I’m excited to see my team and the fans and look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.”

Steve Guttridge (Kawasaki Europe Racing Manager): “It’s an exciting concept to welcome RV back over to Europe. In his new role he’s naturally going to be more relaxed and give a lot of good feedback to the team, our riders, the press and ultimately his fans.”

François Lemariey (KRT team manager):It will be great for the Monster Energy KRT team members to meet up with Ryan again, as we all enjoyed working with him earlier this season. Unfortunately our racing story ended too early, but that’s also part of racing.”

Canadians at Loretta Lynn’s

We’ve got a bunch of Canadians competing this week at the Loretta Lynn‘s Amateur Championship in Tennessee. I used my computer skills to make a spreadsheet to keep track of how everyone is doing. There will be riders racing throughout the day but I will be staring at the dotted lines through New York State, New Hampshire, and Maine and so won’t be able to keep it updated. We’ll be sure to pull over somewhere to get it up to date at the end of racing today. Good luck to all the Canadians who’ve made the journey south. This sheet was current at the end of Day 3 on Thursday:

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Cannella Wins at Loretta’s!

Congratulations to Marco Cannella on his victory at Loretta Lynn’s in the ultra-competitive Schoolboy 1 (12-16) class.

The third moto results and overalls weren’t posted on the MX Sports site at the time of this Update but according to all the buzz online, Marco is a Loretta Lynn’s champion!

2016 Husqvarna Off-Road and Dual-Sport Range

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Casey Keast Injury Update

It’s been 6 full weeks since young up-and-coming superstar, Casey Keast, broke his right humerus on Amateur Day at Calgary. The Monster Energy Cup is fast-approaching so we wanted to find out how the Kelowna, BC rider’s recover has been coming.

We caught up with him as he was watching Day 4 of Loretta Lynn’s and trying to enjoy the racing despite the fact that he should be there fighting for wins with the other Canadians.

He said he’s still about 3 weeks before he should get the OK to start riding again. He’s not in a cast anymore but still uses a sling. Full range of motion in the elbow isn’t there yet but he’s working on it.

The goal is to get ready in time for the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, October 17th. They’ll shoot for the Top Gun race Labour Day Weekend at Washougal before that and then head to California before The Cup to put the finishing touches on prep.

Best of luck, Casey. We’ll watch for you when the Monster Cup gets closer.

© Clayton Racicot Photography (CRP)

It’s been 6 weeks since Casey Keast broke his right humerus in Calgary. © Clayton Racicot Photography (CRP)

Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Standings

The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross series takes a week off before heading to the famed Unadilla track in New Berlin, NY next weekend. Here’s a look at the current standings:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.14.57 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.14.44 AM

Walton National Questions Answered

There are always questions about the final week at Walton Raceway, so Brett Lee sent over this info sheet that should answer them all for you:

Pro Rider Information Sheet for

2015 Parts Canada TransCan GNC at Walton Raceway


Racers wanting to compete in the 2015 event are eligible for YOUTH, +25, Vet Master and +40 as long as they are not currently TOP 20 in MX1 or TOP 10 in MX2 current points standings of the Rockstar Energy Pro Nationals. Entry information can be found at . Do not hesitate to sign up immediately, classes do fill.


The Parts Canada TransCan will be hosting the first ever – Walton Raceway Fan Fest Pit Party – on Saturday, August 18 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. All Pro Riders and Teams are encouraged to participate in this by being available for autographs and social interaction with fans. Please confirm participation, as your attendance will be advertised to the public. To confirm your attendance please email or call 519 384 1067.

ALL riders, mechanics and crew personal MUST have their credentials. There will be NO exceptions. NATIONAL CREDENTIALS will allow access into the event for Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY. Walton does their own wristbands and WALTON WRISTBANDS will be required any time prior to Friday (Monday to thursday) at the following price per additional day. Regular Camping Fees of $30 per vehicle per night do apply.
A Pro Credential Week Pass (Monday to Friday) is available at: Adults $40, 7-11 yr old $20

*ALL PRO PARKING IS ASSIGNED. Please enter through GATE A.

Pro Pits Open:
Tuesday Not Open – (Closed to Public)
Wednesday Not Open – (Closed to Public)
Thursday 10:00am – (Closed to Public)
Friday 6:30am – (Closed to Public)
Saturday 6:30am – (Open to Public at 5:00pm)
Sunday 6:30am – (Open to Public)

Friday Night Country Music Concert – Performance by Brett Kissel

Following Fridays Motocross Races the Infield Area will be cleared and re-opened at 6:00pm for Brett Kissel Concert. Concert will be complimentary for all Racing Participants, Full Event Spectators and Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Spectators.

Generators must be out by 10:30pm each night. This will be enforced by security.

Any rider who is interested in participating in the 2015 Amateur Trophy Presentation please contact Mark Perrin (519) 384-1067 or Brett Lee at 519 525 6409. We invite any PRO rider to be part of this. The presentation is Saturday 7:00pm – 10:00pm, with a Fireworks Show to follow. Riders can join in for as much or as little of the presentation as they wish.

Directions – From Toronto: Take Hwy 401 West to Kitchener, take Hwy 8 west to Seaforth, then go N on Country Rd.12, then go E on Country Rd.25 to Walton or from London, go N on Hwy 4 then E from Blyth on Country Rd 25 and follow signs.


GPS for Walton Raceway – RR # 3

42852 Walton Road, Walton ON N0K1Z0
Lat-Long: 43° 40′ , -81° 17′ or 43.678 , -81.287
Local Tracks Open For Practice

RJ Motosport (Wedesday)                Motopark                                            Gopher Dunes
2 hrs from Walton                               1 hrs from Walton                               1.5 hrs from Walton

Cabs – Star taxi (519) 725-2888

Truck Repair – Ryans Truck Repair 42686 Blyth Rd. Walton, (519) 887-6901

Miscellaneous and Welding – McGavins Farm Equipment Local calls: 519-887-6365
Toll Free: 877-887-6365 Fax: 519-887-6381 Email:

Fabrication and Aluminum welding – TS Fabrication. 42822 Blyth Rd. Walton 519 887 9378

Hardware Stores – Brussels McDonalds Home Hardware, Seaforth Sills Home Hardware

Food Stores – Blyth Scrimageours, Brussels, Seaforth Foodland, Zehrs Goderich

Tire Repair – Townsend Tire MGM 519-523-4742 Londesborough

Mobile Wash – Jeni Mobile Wash Monkton, ON N0K 1P0 519-347-2341

Scissor Lift Rental – Battlefield Rentals – Will Bradley (519) 725-2888

Hospital – 24 Centennial Dr Seaforth, (519) 527-1650

Blyth Inn – Jason Rutledge                                        Pine Ridge BBQ
422 Queen Street Blyth, ON N0M 1H0                               164 Queen Hensall, ON N0M 1X0
(519) 523-9381                                                       (519) 262-3409


Scott Saunders Rollin Roaster

Seaforth, Ontario



Benmiller Inn                                                              The Parker House Motel
RR. 4, Goderich, ON Country 21 Hotel                                RR 5, Clinton, Ont N0M 1L0 Johnny Mores Motel
(800) 265-1711 (519) 524-2191 RR 2, Goderich, ON    (519) 482-3469 Hwy 8 West, Clinton, ON
(888) 564-5111                                                                   (519) 482-1234

Bedford Arms Motel                                                   Dunlop Motel
242 Bayfield Rd, Goderich, ON                                             RR 5, Goderich Motel The Bluffs Motel
(519) 524-7396                                                                   (519) 524-8781 RR 2, Goderich, ON

Hotel Bedford
92 The Square, Goderich, ON
(519) 524-7337

Brussels on east side before the bridge, beside Cinnamon Jim’s restaurant or Seaforth just west of Municipal building on main street

Nearest Airports
London, Kitchener-Waterloo , Hamilton or Toronto International Airport.

Fuel   – Propane tanks exchanged at Walton Variety

– Diesel at Radfords Blyth or Seaforth Shell (24 hour), Seaforth UPI

– Regular gas Brussels

– Premium Fuel at Seaforth and Blyth


Beer / Alcohol – Brussels liquor store 6 miles

– Blyth beer sales at Scrimageours Food Market downtown 8 miles

– Seaforth liquor store just north of lights 10 miles


Contacts:     Brett Lee –

Mark Perrin –


Social Media

Instagram @waltonraceway

Twitter @transcan and @waltonraceway


Nathan Bles IN for Redemption Racing this Weekend on the #10 KTM 250 2-Stroke

Nathan Bles will be back on the Redemption Racing Fly Dragon KTM team this weekend in Moncton but in the MX2 class. He wasn’t planning on racing but when Seth Rarick left the team he jumped at the chance to ride the 2-stroke in the MX2 class. We’ll be sure to have a chat with him when we get there. Good luck, team.


Watch for Nathan Bles in MX2 this weekend at Riverglade in Moncton, NB. – Bles Facebook photo

OK, I’ve just made it through Friday afternoon, rush-hour, long weekend, Toronto traffic. It was about as enjoyable as it sounds. Jeff and I are pulling an all-nighter to get to Moncton through the USA. Like the old saying goes, “You don’t have to be crazy, but it helps!” Have a great weekend and be sure to check us out on Twitter @DirectMX and Instagram @Direct Motocross for updates throughout the weekend from Riverglade in Moncton, NB.