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By Billy Rainford

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Week #5 belongs to Tyler Medaglia who calls Brookfield, Nova Scotia, home. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #5 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update brought to you by RP Race Performance. I’m currently in Detroit, Michigan, ready for my first Monster Energy AMA Supercross of the 2024 season. We had Jessica Longname from Tree Three Media on site for the first 4 rounds out in California, and now it’s my turn to get in the trenches and report on the races from the track. I’ll have Matt Huggett from Two Twenty Six Media along with me at Ford Field with his first photo pass for Supercross. He shot some AMA Pro Motocross for DMX last summer and had some fun writing his road trip stories.

Tyler said he and Heidi discussed him choosing #13 as his career number but decided against it in the end. | Bigwave photo

If you look back over my career behind the lens in motocross, there’s nobody I had taken more photos and video of than this week’s rider of honour. Career #5 Tyler Medaglia has been around a long, long time, and we’ve shared some pretty funny memories together.

With so much history, I decided to do a longer interview with him and post it up as a podcast instead of going through the agony of two-finger typing my way through a nearly one-hour interview. It wouldn’t be finished until Week #12!

Tyler will race just about any dirt bike discipline. | Bigwave photo

Tyler is a rider who will line up to race anything from GNCC to Pro Motocross and is known for his never quit attitude and approach to racing. He’s basically Canada’s Ryan Sipes.

His team from last year closed its doors, and so he was really left without a ride looking ahead to the 2024 season. But with a rider of Tyler’s level, it didn’t take long before another team came knocking. We go into how it actually happened in the interview, so be sure to listen to it.

Tyler Medaglia on the #3 Suzuki. | Bigwave photo

Derek Schuster from the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team fired him a text and the rest was history. With their 250 rider #4 Jake Piccolo out until further notice with his nagging shoulder injury, the team needed a 250 on the track and Tyler was quick to fill the spot.

We talk about this next video and shenanigans from GPF back in 2012:

Tyler is a two-time 250 MX National Champion (2010, 2011) and looks forward to getting the chance to be the first rider to make it 3X in the modern era. He finished 3rd in the 450 MX portion of the series in 2023.

Here’s a look at his season:

And we talk about this next video clip right away in our conversation, so I thought I’d include it here too:

So, like I said, there was just too much chatting for me to type it out, so click below or find our conversation wherever you get your podcasts:

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#75 Marshal Weltin at Press Day for the Detroit Supercross. | Bigwave photo

Matt and I were at Press Day this afternoon and I had the opportunity to talk with #75 Marshal Weltin. I know his name was on Kevin Tyler‘s hit list for possible 450 riders at MX101 this coming season so I did an interview (it will be up ASAP) with him and asked about it. He also said that KT is on a very short list of people who can call him “Marshy.”

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Marshal up in Canada this summer.

And who was having the most fun at Press Day today, you ask? I’m going to give the honours to #38 Haiden Deegan and #69 Coty Schock.

I spoke with Mike Bonacci from Club MX and he told me a great story about how they came together with Coty for the season. I did an interview with him and will have that up ASAP, too.

#38 Haiden Deegan. | Bigwave photo
#69 Coty Schock | Bigwave photo
Tyler Gibbs heads into the final weekend of T Arena Motocross racing. | CREO KTM photo

Canadian #22 Tyler Gibbs is in Springfield, Missouri, for the final weekend of the GT Arena Motocross Series on his CREO KTM team. After this week, Tyler will turn his attention to the 250 East Supercross series, so watch for that.

Be sure to check back later when Matt and I have a chance to get some interviews, videos, and photos up on the site and on our social media pages.

Have a great weekend. We won’t have any actual Canadians on the track this week at Ford Field but we will have a bunch of riders who’ve spent time up north in our series: Mitchell Harrison, Logan Leitzel, Josh Cartwright, Marshal Weltin, Kyle Chisholm, Cade Clason, and Chris Blackmer, among others. And PRMX has Dominique Thury on the roster this week.

Hey, Brad from FXR, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo
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