ICYMI | Catching Up with Quinn Amyotte | Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Yamaha motor Canada

In case you missed it, we caught up with #14 Quinn Amyotte in our Frid’Eh Update:

Catching Up with Quinn Amyotte. | Bigwave photo

Quinn Amyotte is the rider who earned #14 for 2022. We’ve known Quinn for a long, long time as the brother of Bennet AmyotteMitch Amyotte, and ‘Out of the Blue‘ contributor Jensen Amyotte. We’ve got a close relationship to the Amyotte family around here. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, Bennet doubles as Larry Enticer.https://www.youtube.com/embed/LZXZO1zPb7E?feature=oembed

Here’s a look at Quinn’s 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series season:

Here’s what he had to say when we got in touch with him this week:

Here’s what Quinn had to say this week. | Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Quinn. I guess we have to back it up and talk about 2021 quickly. You finished 10th in 250 MX points, but I’m sure you’d agree that you should have been up higher in the standings. Can you sum up the MX portion of the series for us?

Quinn Amyotte: Hey, Billy! Yeah, I definitely agree. We had a lot of bike problems last year that held me back from being higher in the standings but I definitely learned a lot from my first year being on a team and I now know where I should be. I still had some really good moments to take from 2021. 

Quinn finished 10th in 250 MX last season but mechanical issues held him back. | Bigwave photo

And then you were 7th in the SX portion. How did that go for you?

Supercross was pretty good for me! It was pretty hectic with like the top 7 guys being relatively the same speed so it was all about who got the start and stayed off the ground. I was so close to a couple podium finishes but some mistakes stopped me. It was awesome knowing I could podium and I’m trying to carry that momentum into this season.

Are you a rider with his eyes on AMA Supercross in the future? 

Yes, I would love to do some AMA Supercross. I wanted to do it this winter but I just didn’t have enough practice and I want to be fully comfortable before jumping into that. I am planning on going for it next winter!

Then he finished 7th in SX. | Bigwave photo

What did you get up to when the series ended last year?

I spent a couple months working and just having some fun with my friends and family while getting things set up to come down south. 

What is it you do for a job away from Moto?

I work as a millwright with Aide Industrial. I can’t thank my boss Jesse enough for letting me come and go when I need to for motocross and always letting me come back when I am in the off season. It’s always nice making extra money and possibly giving me a future after racing.

Quinn has his sights set on AMA Supercross in 2023. | Bigwave photo

I haven’t seen you in a while but your Instagram shows a lot of training down south. What have you been doing this winter? Where are you and who are you with?

Yeah, I have had an amazing couple months training with Tyla Rattray out at his facility in Florida. I’m training with a lot of fast guys and getting to ride with Ryder McNabb every day was really good for me and helped me a lot to get my speed up.

Your last post talks about doing some woods riding. What’s that all about? Just mixing things up?

I spent the last couple month just training in sand which is all I ride at home as well so I decided to come to The Shoals MX for a couple weeks and get myself comfortable oh hard pack and deep ruts! We had some rain the first couple days so we had to head into the woods and I honestly think it is a really big advantage to work on technique and bike skill. I am riding with some top GNCC riders who are super fast and I have been learning a lot from them!

He will also have a 450 teammate on the Manluk team this summer. | Bigwave photo

When will you head home and will. You line up for any pre-season races before Kamloops?

I am planning on heading home in a couple weeks and yes hopefully hit up some local races to get some gate drops in before the season!

Speaking of this coming summer, has Manluk signed a 450 rider to go with you yet?

Yes, we will have a 450 teammate this year which I am really excited about to have someone there with me to talk about the track and relate more then just having the team members with me.

[NB: Since our conversation, we’ve learned that #737 Tee Perrott from Alberta will ride a 450 for the team.]

Loose lips sink ships, I guess. Haha. Assuming you guys have your reliability issues sorted out, what are you hoping for this summer in the series?

Yes, we are coming into this season much more prepared with a lot more time with testing and practice on the bike which I am really happy about. Honestly, my goal for this season is to just be a top 5 guy every race battling for podiums. I have worked hard this winter and I am feeling really good.

Hard to believe this little dude is now a millwright in the “off season.” He knew an old photo was coming! | Bigwave 2013 photo

Are you looking forward to the new tracks on the schedule? Does one of them look most enjoyable to you?

Yes, I am so excited to head out west again and get the entire series back!! It will feel much more legit and I can’t wait to be traveling racing my dirt bike. It’s hard to say any other track than Gopher Dunes. It is always a favourite for me and I love how rough it gets.

OK, thanks for your time and good luck with your training. Who would you like to thank?

Of course. Thank you, Billy. I would like to thank my entire Manluk Rock River Racing team, TEAM LTD, BLUD lubricants, ROOST FACTORY, HOOSIER tire, GUTS seats, Matrix Concepts Canada, Rekluse, my entire family, Miles and Andrea Atkinson for letting me live with them during my time in Florida – it honestly wouldn’t be possible without them.