McThoughts | San Diego SX | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Bigwave



Saturday night’s 450 main had 2 riders destroy the field. Usually, races like that are boring — not his one. We got to see the best 2 racers in the world go at it for 20 minutes plus one lap. That doesn’t normally happen, but I’m thinking this is going to be the routine for the next 15 weekends.

With a stacked class like we have, there have been good battles all around the track and San Diego was no different. The track had some technical spots that really separated the talent. It’s been wet out in California over the last few weeks, so let’s hope it’s past us. Anyway, here are the results and my Thoughts.

450 Class 

1st Ken Roczen: 2 wins in a row is a great start for Ken. Everything looks great, and everything is clicking. The big question is, can it keep clicking for 15 more rounds? He doesn’t have to win every weekend, but he can’t have a bad race against Dungey. He just did it outdoors, now it’s time to do it indoors.

Ken Roczen San Diego 17 Win

#94 Ken Roczen


2nd Ryan Dungey: One small mistake may have cost Ryan the win. Can you fault him? Absolutely not! Ryan rode great and he and Ken put it to everyone else. He didn’t settle, and he fought until the end. It was a great ride even though Roczen bettered him.

20170114 Ryan Dungey

#1 Ryan Dungey


3rd Marvin Musquin: Marvin’s round 2 (and maybe even season) could have ended on the 3rd corner of the main. I could not believe that he didn’t loop out, and that he still held down 3rd after getting super squirrelly early on. He shouldn’t be mad at his past 2 finishes, but he is. The top 2 gapped him and the pack bad. He needs to latch on and get used to the leaders’ pace.

20170114 Marvin Musquin

#25 Marvin Musquin


4th Jason Anderson: ‘La Flama Blanca’ has the speed and intensity, he just needs the start. It’s plain and simple. He can’t be spotting the top 3 leads like that and expect to get podiums.

20170114 Jason Anderson

#21 Jason Anderson


5th Cole Seely: Cole is riding well, very well. I know he wants to win and be on the podium, but in all honesty… he’s the number 2 guy on the team, and HRC Honda has got to be loving 2017 so far.

20170114 Cole Seely

#14 Cole Seely


6th Eli Tomac: To me, things aren’t looking good for Tomac and Monster Kawasaki. Something seems off, and they need to fix it ASAP before Eli starts doubting himself. He still has all of the tools, but it hasn’t been a good start for him. I can’t see him losing battles like he has been 3 weeks in a row.

20170114-Eli Tomac

#3 Eli Tomac


7th Weston Peick: Weston is doing much better than I had expected. I didn’t think that he would be the top finishing Suzuki in both mains this season.

20170114- Weston Peick

#32 Weston Peick


8th Davi Millsaps: Davi has been riding great and I still expect him to get better. His starts have been solid and he’s starting to look like the old Davi. Very impressed with him so far.

20170114 Davi Millsaps

#18 Davi Millsaps


9th Chad Reed: Over the years, we have counted out Reed… and then he proves everyone wrong. It hasn’t happened yet in 2017, but it will. He always finds away to get on the podium. Just wait and see.

20170114- Chad Reed

#22 Chad Reed


10th Justin Bogle: Solid ride for Bogle in this stacked class. He needs to keep on putting in good rides like this and better. He’s beating quite a few guys with better resumes and the RCH boys have got to be liking that.

20170114- Justin Bogle

#19 Justin Bogle


MX101 Logo

Biggest Stud: Roczen and Dungey are my studs for obvious reason, but I’m also going to throw in FXR Racing’s Alex Ray for winning his first LCQ, and Cade Clason for making the main in his first round of the season.

20170114- Cade Clason Weston Peick

#80 Cade Clason

Biggest Dud: I’m a big Tomac fan, but this is going backwards for Eli.

Biggest Surprise: Again, I was shocked by Cooper Webb. I’m still waiting for his greatness. It’s coming.

20170114 Cooper Webb

#2 Cooper Webb


Thanks for reading. I’ll see you at A2.