Heath Harrison Continues Clash for Cash Winning Streak in Murfreesboro, TN

Johnny Moore Wins both AX Pro and AX Pro Lites Main Events


Fountain, FL, (Sunday, January 11, 2015) – Heath Harrison was able to continue his Clash for Cash winning streak in front of a packed house at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, TN. Johnny Moore improved on his results from the previous round to come back and win both pro class main events and battle with Luke VonLinger for podium positions in the Clash for Cash race.


Heath Harrison set the fastest lap of the day in timed qualifying with a 26.13 in the AX Pro class. Johnny Moore wasn’t far off his pace with a 28.01 in the AX Lites timed qualifying session.


In the AX Lites Pro main event, Johnny Moore battled with Luke VonLinger for the lead. Moore was able to hold VonLinger off and take the win. Zachary Bishop-Burnett worked his way into third. Jared Lesher finished fourth and Jud Wisdom was fifth.


In the first heat of the AX Pro Class, Jansin McCoy was able to grab the hole shot, however Luke VonLinger quickly moved into the lead. Johnny Moore recovered from a first turn wreck to work his way into second. Tim Badour finish third in the heat race behind Moore. Heath Harrison led heat two of the AX Pro class, with Zachary Bishop-Burnett finishing second and Cameron Stone in third.


In the AX Pro main event, Johnny Moore was able to lead the pack from the gate drop to the checkered flag. Heath Harrison worked his way into second after passing Jud Wisdom. Luke VonLinger made his way into third after a mid pack start. Jud Wisdom and Zachary Bishop-Burnett rounded out the top five.


In the Clash for Cash, Luke VonLinger got his first hole shot of the night with Heath Harrison and Tim Badour running in the top three. Harrison made the pass into the lead and maintained that position to take the win and make this his sixth consecutive Clash for Cash win. Bishop-Burnett passed Badour to move into third. Johnny Moore worked his way into third behind VonLinger after getting a mid pack start. Bishop-Burnett held off Jared Lesher and Tim Badour to finish fourth.


AX Pro Lites Top Ten Overall:

  1. Johnny Moore, YAM
  2. Luke VonLinger, HON
  3. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  4. Jared Lesher, SUZ
  5. Jud Wisdom, KAW
  6. Tyler Nowlin, YAM
  7. Trey Launis, HON
  8. Eric Moore, KAW


AX Pro Top Ten Overall:

  1. Johnny Moore, YAM
  2. Heath Harrison, KAW
  3. Luke VonLinger, HON
  4. Jud Wisdom, KAW
  5. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  6. Timmy Badour, YAM
  7. Jared Lesher, SUZ
  8. Cameron Stone, KAW
  9. Jansin McCoy, KAW
  10. Trey Launius, HON


Clash For Cash Overall:

  1. Heath Harrison, KAW
  2. Luke VonLinger, HON
  3. Johnny Moore, YAM
  4. Zachary Bishop-Burnett, KAW
  5. Timmy Badour, YAM
  6. Jud Wisdom, KAW
  7. Jared Lesher, SUZ
  8. Jansin McCoy, KAW
  9. Cameron Stone, KAW
  10. Tyler Nowlin, YAM


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