Night 1 at the Calgary Arenacross

By Billy Rainford

As we headed into the final weekend of racing in the 2022 Canadian Triple Crown Series at Nutrien Western Event Centre in downtown Calgary, we were missing points leader Cole Thompson.

Cole is currently competing in the Fox Australian Supercross Championship and would be missing the final rounds and the chance to take this title.

Close behind him in points (-7 in 250 and -2 in 450) was GasGas Cobequid Callus rider #229 Mitchell Harrison. Most would assume it would be Mitchell who capitalized on Cole’s absence and took the title, but it wasn’t going to be a foregone conclusion, as you’ll see.

Returning to racing was Parts Canada Thor KTM rider #15 Jess Pettis from Prince George, BC. Jess was essentially out of this title chase, but finishing the season on a high note wold do wonders for the oft-injured speedster.

Another race winner who wouldn’t be making the trip to Alberta was Thor Kawasaki Pro Circuit’s #84 Tanner Ward from Woodstock, Ontario. Tanner crashed with #130 Devyn Smith while racing the Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships in Chilliwack, BC and injured his knee, so he is on the mend.

The fastest riders early were Pettis and Harrison, so the crowd was ready for some bar-banging action that would never really materialize, as you’ll see.

250 Main

Interestingly, the top riders would line up towards the outside of the gate in order to enter turn 1 with more speed and the ability to hit the outside berm and carry speed into the first rhythm section.

Holeshot to to Harrison followed by Pettis and Partzilla PRMX Kawasaki rider #12 Julien Benek, who was back from injury in Chilliwack and ready to go after podiums.

Pettis would slide out on lap 3 and drop to the back of the pack.

Out front, Benek was showing good speed and staying with Harrison at the front while behind them Manluk Racing Yamaha’s #14 Quinn Amyotte, #66 Tyler Yates, Manluk Racing Yamaha’s #61 Tee Perrott, MX101 FXR Yamaha’s #26 Westen Wrozyna, Carlson Racing Callus Husqvarna’s #11 Davey Fraser, Pettis, and Holeshot Racing Fox KTM’s #18 Parker Eales gave chase.

Yates was showing nice speed and made it difficult for Pettis to make the pass on his way back towards the front.

Benek would fall and hand 2nd place to Amyotte as the race neared the end of its 15 laps.

At the flag it was Harrison with a nice lead followed by Amyotte and Benek, wheel-to-wheel. Pettis charged his way through the pack and finish in 4th place at the checkers.


  1. 229 Mitchell Harrison GAS
  2. 14 Quinn Amyotte YAM
  3. 12 Julien Benek KAW

450 Main

Again, the faster riders would line up towards the outside of the gate with Harrison and Pettis swapping places.

The holeshot would go to Benek who was lined up in the same spot, one in from the very outside.

Behind Benek early was Mechanique Plus Peak KTM rider #27 Guillaume St Cyr, Pettis, and Carlson Racing FXR Husqvarna’s #10 Keylan Meston.

Harrison and Meston would go down together with Meston’s bike on top of the #229. Both would drop back with Harrison taking a long time to get going. It turned out, Meston’s spinning rear wheel removed the gas cap of Harrison’s GasGas 250 and the team didn’t know if he’d have enough fuel to last the race after losing half the tank. He’d rejoin the race but was at the back of the pack.

Pettis would make the pass on Benek on lap 2 and never look back.

Benek was in 2nd with a gap back to a nice battle between Wrozyna, St Cyr, and Amyotte.

Benek would have issues and get himself stuck behind a track marker, allowing the group of three to close in as the 15-lap Main wore down, but hold on for 2nd.


  1. 15 Jess Pettis KTM
  2. 12 Julien Benek KAW
  3. 26 Westen Wrozyna YAM

*Live timing wasn’t working for this Main or the next.

Super Final

These 12-lap Super Finals are races unto their own, they don’t pay series points but do give out cash.

Holeshot to Harrison followed by St Cyr, Wrozyna, Amyotte, and Benek. As Benek came from the top of the berm in turn 1, there was some contact with Pettis who would fall with Eales, leaving Jess and Parker well back at the start of this one.

Harrison would lose the front end and go down, handing the lead to St Cyr, who was looking for his first win.

Behind #27, Wrozyna and Amyotte were in a good fight ahead of Benek.

Amyotte would make the pass for 2nd ahead of Wrozyna, as St Cyr led the way.

Meston and Benek would get together with Benek getting the worst of this one and going down.

Harrison and Pettis were together for a short while mid-pack, but it wasn’t the battle for wins the crowd was expecting.


  1. 27 Guillaume St Cyr KTM
  2. 14 Quinn Amyotte YAM
  3. 26 Westen Wrozyna YAM

Racing action resumes tonight for the final round of the season.

NB: Results and points were not posted on the official site as of this recap.