Off the Cuff Jacqueline Ross

Off the Cuff with Jacqueline Ross | April 2024 | Dream On, Dreamers

It’s time for our monthly ‘Off the Cuff’ motivational column by former Canadian WMX Champion, Jacqueline Ross: Dream on, Dreamers.

By Jacqueline Ross

Dream on, Dreamers.

Greetings, Humans,

As I’ve matured mentally and spiritually over the last few years I’ve come to a lingering thought…As we grow older do we lose the ability to listen to our heart and pursue our dreams or do we choose to stop listening and following our heart because of the suffering that comes along with the journey of pursuing a dream?

There is a park near my home that I frequent often. It’s a beautiful, looped pathway carved through the woods that is about a half mile (.805KM) in length. This nature trail offers a sense of peace and stillness, a connection with the divine. While I was on my walk the other day, I started hearing voices of children. As I got further along the pathway I saw that there was a group of about 20 kids, probably ranging from the ages of six to eight. They were filled with so much enthusiasm; laughing, talking, and making noises trying to summon the animals to the pathway. They were hilarious! I started to slow down my walk, to hopefully, become one with the group!

One of the chaperones happened to look back and notice me. She immediately had the kids move to the side of the trail, then she apologized for holding me up. I responded, “Are you kidding?! I want to be part of the gang! These kids are having a blast!” Everyone laughed.

As I walked by, I smiled as I told the kids to have fun and continued my walk on the pathway. It was in that moment I had an epiphany to my lingering thought from above. Those kids that I witnessed were dreaming out loud and following them through. They were trying to talk to the animals, plotting out ways to climb the biggest tree on the trail, and if they could build a tree house out there to live in.  They were living their dreams, literally out loud on a random Thursday. They weren’t worried or concerned about what anyone thought about their dreams nor were they holding onto the memories of the past or did they care what the future may bring. They were present and in the moment doing anything they possibly could to bring their thoughts to reality.

Perhaps the voice within our heart never goes away, we just get caught up in the day and forget to listen. May we all remember our childlike spirit.

Dream on, dreamer,