McThoughts|Red Bud National|450 Class

By Jeff McConkey


Red Bud is that one track that everybody – from the racers, the mechanics, even the truck drivers – looks forward to. It has the most perfect layout, perfect dirt, and even better track prep. It’s a motocrosser’s dream. This past weekend, the fans and racers were treated to yet another perfect Red Bud. #94 Ken Roczen was dominant, once again, but the racing behind him was very good throughout the pack. No real big surprises, just great racing. Let’s take a look at the results and see my thoughts.

450 Class

1st Ken Roczen (1-1): This guy is on another level, plain and simple. His starts are great and once he gets out front it’s hammer down. He looked so calm and effortless late in the moto, almost like he was on the sight lap.

20160702-Ken Roczen

#94 Ken Roczen|McConkey photo

2nd Eli Tomac (2-2): Eli got good starts and pushed hard both motos. People would be talking about how great his wins were, except for the fact that Ken Roczen was there. Eli, honestly, looked really good though.

3rd Broc Tickle (4-3): This guy just constantly moves forward. No flash, just hard work and drive. Broc is on quite a roll now, and will be knocking on the podium door every round with all of this confidence.

#20 Broc Tickle|McConkey photo

#20 Broc Tickle|McConkey photo

4th Justin Barcia (3-4): Was I ever relieved to see Barcia put in a good day at Red Bud. He’s looking like the Justin of old. Let’s hope he can keep the ball rolling.

5th Marvin Musquin (5-6): Marvin needs better starts. If he had them, he would be right there with Tickle.

#  Marvin Musquin|McConkey photo

#25 Marvin Musquin|McConkey photo

6th Blake Baggett (7-5): Good ride for Baggett. He’s only going to get stronger as he gets back into the flow.

7th Christophe Pourcel (6-7): It amazes me how this guy can just crank it up and set the fastest lap almost anywhere. It’s also nice to see two solid back to back rides for the Frenchman.

#377 Christophe Pourcel|McConkey photo

#377 Christophe Pourcel|McConkey photo

8th Matt Bisceglia (8-8): Matt does not look like a fill-in rider with zero 450 experience. 2 great starts and 2 great finishes. They need to keep him on the squad for the rest of the season.

9th Justin Bogle (10-9): Bogle made zero passes, and got passed 17 times in both motos. Still a respectable finish, but he needs to get over whatever his issue is. You can’t pull both holeshots and barely stay in the top 10 at his level.

#19 Justin Bogle.

#19 Justin Bogle|It’s a Spikman!

10th Benny Bloss (11-10): Great rides for the rookie. This guy is a monster at 6’5, and still looks good on the bike. Props to Benny for not looking like a squirrel out there.

Biggest Stud: You’re not going to not pick Roczen as your stud. Take a way the mechanical earlier this season and Kenny goes 24 straight.

Biggest Dud: Injuries are my dud. Thankfully, there’s so much talent in the AMA. Even with guys like Ryan Dungey, Dean Wilson, Trey Canard, Cole Seely, Josh Grant, Wil Hahn, and James Stewart out, the series is still stacked.

Biggest Surprise: Matt Bisceglia looked awesome out there. Great starts both motos and was in the top 5 at one point. Suzuki would be crazy not to let Bisceglia continue after the return of James Stewart. I’m a huge Stewart fan, but let’s be honest, this late in the season, there’s no chance of him beating Bisceglia.

#32 Matt Bisceglie|McConkey photo

#32 Matt Bisceglie|McConkey photo