Off the Cuff with Jacqueline Ross | Father’s Day

By Jacqueline Ross

Greetings, Humans!

Not only is it twelve days before I usually submit my column, I managed to get the finishing touches compiled before Father’s Day!  My Grandfather would be so proud of me right now.  He must be grinning in his columbarium.  He was the type of guy that would tell you to meet him for dinner at 5pm. He’d be there at 4pm and would be highly irate that you didn’t show till 4:45pm.  Laughing as I type this, I can hear him now, ”Where the hell ya been!? I’ve been here for almost an hour!’‘  

Jacqueline and her dad, Joe Ross. | Bigwave photo

Without further ado, this one is for all the Fathers of the world.  Whether they be blood related or a strong male figure in one’s life.  Especially, the Moto Dads.  The ones who become your best friend, coach, stand-in psychiatrist, trainer, mechanic, and sponsor.  The ones who stay up half the night making sure our dirt bikes are top notch.  Can’t forget about them being professional drivers.  The way they are able to execute when it comes to parking the motorhome and trailer or truck and trailer at the races is astounding.  Especially, if you’re Italian and your Mom and Dad are in a full blown screaming match because she wanted to park over there and Dad wants to make sure he can park where the trailer can be levelled. If you know, you know! How about pulling into and out of gas stations, rest areas, and restaurant parking lots…that deserves an award in itself. 

The Fathers who taught us to always do more than is required.  To become a hard worker and earn what you want to achieve in life, rather than wait for a handout.  The ones who saw something in us before we saw it in ourselves.  The Dads who always pushed us passed our comfort zones, not just on a dirt bike, but in life.  The Dads who raised us to be amazing human beings. The Dads who taught us the importance of going with your gut and having integrity.  Standing up for yourself and what is true, even if you are standing alone.

Unlike the dirt bikes we ride, we kids don’t come with owners’ manuals.  Yet somehow, you guys figure out what makes us tick, believe in us, encourage us after a defeat, or call us out when you know we could do better.  The Fathers who know us best. Our #1 fans, who have our backs no matter how many years it takes to stay on the quest toward our dreams.  

Happy Father’s Day!  


Joe Ross, thanks for being the best.  I’m grateful to be your kid.