2023 ECAN Motocross Deschambalt

Pre-Registration Open for 2023 ECAN at Deschambault | New Format, Classes, Timing/Scoring

The EAST Canadian Amateur National Championship (ECAN) presented by Dion Sport, Sinto, Yamaha Canada, Fox and ADM Sport is back for an 11th edition. This year, the ECAN will take place from July 22 to July 29 with a new race formula on 3 days of racing which will allow qualifications in classes where there will be more than 42 registrations.

However, classes with qualifications will have a group A and B in which there will be 3 heats anyway.

Don't forget the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX National which will take place on Sunday, July 30 with the best riders in the country.

We have worked in collaboration with the AMO Racing to create a new version of the ECAN with class changes and a new race schedule that will please everyone. 

The AMO will be in charge of the lap-timing during the ECAN. However, we invite all riders from ALL associations in CANADA to pre-register for the ECAN and try to come and win the EAST National Championship title in each of the respective classes.

Pre-registration for the ECAN began on May 9th at 12:00 p.m. and will close on Sunday, July 16 at 00:00 a.m.

Why pre-register?

- The registration cost per class to participate in the ECAN on the big track is $52.18 + tax instead of $60.89 + tax and on the small track $34.79 + tax instead of $43.49 + tax
- By pre-registering for the ECAN you will get 50% off your July 22 and 23 practices.
- In addition, it will be FREE to practice on Monday July 24 thanks to FXR.
- Tuesday, July 25, 50% discount on your practices, day presented by ADM Sports
- Wednesday, July 26 get $10 off the practice day per rider, presented by Motosport 4-Saisons KTM.

By pre-registering you will save $125 on your trip.

News for 2023

- Transponders on the small track
- 3 days of racing
- Qualification in classes that have more than 42 registrations
- New national level lap-timing team
- Registration 100% online https://www.livelaps.com/event?11484