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Frid’Eh Update #17 belongs to MX and SX rider Julien Benek from Mission, BC and is brought to you by RP Race Performance.

By Billy Rainford

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Brought to you by RP Race Performance
Week #17 belongs to Julien Benek from Mission, BC. (This photo will make sense soon…) | Bigwave 2020 photo

Welcome to Week #17 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update brought to you by RP Race Performance. I always start out with a bit of a weather report and I can finally say that spring is here in southwestern Ontario! With a forecasted high of 25 Celsius on Sunday, we can all come out of hibernation and do great summer things. For example: I went to fire up our BBQ a few days ago only to find quite an elaborate mouse nest. Sure, the nest cleaned out pretty easily, but the mess left behind with all the mouse poop sent me to the nearest store with a sale and we’re the proud owners of a brand new one. Until recently, I don’t think I’d ever seen a new barbecue!

We’re heading up towards 20 C this afternoon, so I just grabbed the fixings for some burgers on my way back from grabbing coffee with Emily on her break. Like I said, cool summer things.

Of course, it’s April so we can expect some rain this weekend. That means Greg Poisson, Jamie Ruddock, and I are going to take advantage and get out to Fanshawe Lake for a double loop this afternoon.

Not having gone to California for January and part of February this season, I’m a little behind where I’d like to be, riding-wise, but when you’ve been on two wheels as longs as this old-timer has, it comes back relatively quickly. Having said that, the older you get, the lower the final bar seems to be! But you have to keep trying, right?!

Our Champ, Dylan Wright, and I have been trying to time a ride together this week, but he’s got something about another title to win or some damn thing, so he might be on his CR450 and not his Trek this afternoon. We’ll see…

If he does make it, it means his new 250 teammate, #143 Tiger Wood from Australia, may also make the trip to the lake. I noticed in the GDR shop that he currently has the exact same Scott Addict I had the past couple years. He said he does lots of cycling on the road but not in the trails. Lucky for him, Fanshawe isn’t the most technical or hilly loop to get his feet wet on.

Anyway, it’s fun to get yourself back into shape and I hope everyone is doing the same thing as we head into another MX season.

It must seems weird to anyone reading this from the southern states. Yes, we have a season up here when you can’t ride your dirt bike. We like to go indoors to play hockey or hit the slopes on skis and boards. To be honest, I enjoy the different seasons we get here in the east and wouldn’t change it.

Julien Benek is career #17 here in the Canadian Triple Crown Series. We’ve all watched Julien grow up and work his way through the ranks as an exciting and fast rider. There is definitely no quit in this kid as is evident from his last couple years of Supercross where he’s been riding injured for most of his races. Hurt or not, this guy just wants to race and that’s not something you can teach.

Most recently, he’s been battling through a broken thumb that he had surgery on. He was supposed to be off the bike for…hahaha…sorry, I couldn’t finish that sentence without laughing. Read on…

Julien will line up for the final 2 rounds of Monster Energy AMA Supercross in Denver and Salt Lake City on his Kawasaki 250 before he gets back on his new ride for the summer, a Husqvarna 450 with Al Dyck‘s MVP racing team.

Here’s a look at Julien’s 2023 Canadian results:

450 Triple Crown points

Here’s what he had to say this week:

Here’s what Julien had to say when we contacted him this week. | Bigwave 2023 photo

Direct Motocross: Hey, Julian. It’s week number 17. First off, I’m not sure if we talked about this already, but, why number 17? Is there a history of that number or is it just what was available?

Julien Benek: I was 170 when I was younger and 70, so 17 kind of made sense.

Okay, yeah, that makes sense. So, you’re coming back from the thumb injury, how’s your body, how’s your thumb?

The thumb is all right. It’s still not 100%. I’m still not even supposed to be riding, actually. It hurts here and there. When it’s hot out, it hurts. When it’s cold out, it’s not too bad. Other than that, I’m feeling basically 100%. It’s been a while since I felt this good.

When I’m not using it, it doesn’t hurt, but when I ride, that’s when it hurts.

And how did the ride with Al Dyck come up for this summer?

It was kind of a last-minute thing. Al was going to start up a team with (Jake) Piccolo and they got all these bikes ready. And I guess he wanted a full team, so he called me and asked me if I wanted to ride the Husky. I was like, okay, that’s not a bad idea. And then he said, he can get me two bikes for the summer, both supplied by International Motorsports. So I was on my way back from that Horn Rapids race when Al texted. He texted me and then I called him and yeah, just went from there.

Julien in the mud this year at the San Francisco Supercross. | Tree Three Media photo

Hey, you just mentioned that Horn Rapids race, who was the guy you were battling and how’d that go? Did you take all the wins?

Yeah, only guy I was really battling with is like Spangle, Braden Spangle. But I was just going at different speed than everybody. I didn’t really push super hard. I just needed to find the good lines and take off, and that was all I needed to do to get a win. .

Nice. Those always feel good. Okay, it’s tough enough for people to be switching from, you know, Supercross to motocross suspension and stuff, but you’re actually switching suspension and brands. What’s it like going from those bikes going back and forth?

Yeah, it’s definitely weird. The Huskies are really low bike. It’s like 10mm lower than a KTM. So that’s already a low bike, so to go from my Husky to my Kawi the Kawi has the tall seat. It’s a taller bike, it’s more meant for Supercross than Husqvarna, just because of how the bike turns. The Kawi turns better on a sharper angled corner. The husky is really good in the long, low corners, but it’s definitely a weird transition. I’m still trying to get used to the Kawi again.

Right. Hey, where, where are you right now?

I’m at my house in Vancouver, well, Mission.

Are you riding that track you have in your backyard?

Yeah, yeah, it’s pissing rain here and figured I should ride. So yeah, we’re going to ride the backyard.

Julien at the Gopher Dunes Supercross last summer. | Bigwave photo

Who made that track? Is that you out there doing it and maintaining it or Oliver?

I built all the track, everything. My dad doesn’t know how to build a track at all. So that’s all me.

What kind of equipment do you have there at the house?

Uh, just the skidsteer. Jason he has a 200 that I used here and there, but the bulk of the track I’ve built with the skidsteer and a smaller dozer. It took me about four months to build the track. And I just kind of piece little things together here and there as I get bored with it.

Last weekend you raced Kamloops. I know your teammate Blake Davies took the win, but how’d the racing go?

Yeah, I had good speed. I just couldn’t hold it together. I was also still trying to work the bike out. It wasn’t feeling how I wanted it to feel till about the second-last moto and the last moto was when the bike felt good, but I went down in the second-last moto. I washed out in a fluffy corner then the last moto my throttle got stuck on the table and I launched 20 feet past the landing onto the flat, and I pulled off, just trying to figure out what was going on with the throttle, but it fixed itself totally fine. I think it just got a rock like what happened to (Chase) Sexton‘s bike, the throttle got stuck because of a stone or something.

The kid has always had style. | Bigwave photo

I know you’re just trying to get used to that Husqvarna, do you have race bike parts yet or was it just pretty stock?

It’s a bone stock bike. All I have on is suspension, a set of bars, a little bit taller bars.

Now I assume you and the Davies family are pretty close, right? So it’s going to be a good summer traveling with these guys.

Yeah, definitely. I’ll be going with Davies and their truck and Al’s trailer. And I think we’re going to go to (Dylan) Rempel‘s house and stay there for a bit, for the three-week break in between Manitoba and Gopher (Dunes). Should be good.

So you’re doing both Denver and Salt Lake City Supercross, right? Is that your plan?

Yeah, we’re leaving probably Wednesday to leave for Colorado and then I got a buddy that lives in Salt Lake. He’s a, he’s an American, but I’m going to go stay at his place. Me and my dad are going to get some air mattresses and sleep in his living room. We’ll take the van down there. We were going to take the motorhome, but it’d be too expensive, so we’ll take the van.

We’ve got an off weekend. Are you racing anything this weekend? What bike are you riding this weekend?

There’s a Campbell River race. I don’t think I’ll be racing anywhere this weekend. It’s just too close to leaving for Colorado. I’m just going to ride as much Supercross in the mud or in the dry in my backyard as I can. Just get as much seat time as possible before Colorado because I’ll be driving for about two days before we get there.

You’re riding the 450 this summer, right?

Yep, 450.

Watch for Julien and Oliver to be fighting for podiums this summer in the 450 class. | Bigwave photo

What are you hoping for? Where do you think you’re going to slot in?

Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, it’s always, for me, every year I’ve come in injured and I am never in the shape I should be when the season starts, so I have to race myself into a good enough physique to race for almost 30 or 35. But this year, you know, I feel really good. I’ve been really focusing on my not just working out, but discipline and all that, so I feel really confident with where I’m at right now. And I mean, there’s still a month to go and you can do a lot in a month.

So I think I’ll be ready to go. And I want to get top fives this year. Tanner‘s (Ward) going to be tough to beat, Josiah (Natzke) and Jess (Pettis), but those are the guys that I’m gunning for this year. That’s my goal. I have the speed, I just need the endurance.

Is Oliver (Julien’s Dad) spinning the wrenches for you this summer?

I think that’s the plan. Yep. He’ll be at the races. Him and Brandon Davies are gonna fly in between every round for me and Blake. And I think they’ll be flying with Jason Gravelle as well. Dawson‘s (Gravelle) doing the Nationals, so all the three dads will fly together to all the rounds. Should be good.

OK, thanks for doing this and good luck in Denver and Salt Lake City. I won’t be there but we’ll send someone around to chat with you, so watch, for that and good luck.

Definitely. Thank you.

Preston Kilroy Coming to Canada?

All winter we’ve all been following along with Kevin Tyler‘s attempt to replace the retired Shawn Maffenbeier on the MX101 Yamaha team. So much so that KT has enjoyed the added exposure his team has been getting because of it.

Like every other team on the Canadian grid, they’re trying to find an available rider who can challenge the dominance of Dylan Wright. That’s not and easy task.

Anyone on the same lap as Dylan is already riding for a factory team in the USA or MXGP or they’re concerned about missing the chance to go after the big money in the SMX Playoffs. It’s definitely not an easy replacement for Kevin.

The latest name being floated around is that of Preston Kilroy, originally from Wyoming and now calling Utah home. I’m told Steve Matthes recently put it out there that it’s a done deal. I spoke with Kevin and all he said to me was:

In case you didn’t know, that drawing is called “Kilroy.”

Nothing has been announced yet, so we don’t want to step on any toes, but the smart money says the press release is coming very soon.

In fact, we’ve even heard that if this “new rider” for MX101 gets up here and gets some seat time next week that he may even show up at Auburn to get a couple gate drops with the rest of the top-tier Pro riders expected to be on the line at Round 2 of the AMO Ontario Provincial Championships.

But as Benita Butrell would say, “But I ain’t one to gossip so you ain’t heard it from me.

Preston is in his early 20’s and raced the World Mini’s in Nevada and went back and forth with Marshal Weltin, so we know he’s got some speed. Also, check out his pedigree on the Racer X Vault:

He busted out a 10th in a moto at High Point in the 250 class last summer as Club MX‘s 250 rider.

Is he as fast as Dylan? No, but he should be battling for podiums every weekend.

We’ll keep our eyes out for a press release on this “potential” signing… 😉

2024 Team Canada MXON Mixer in Calgary

Join us for an exciting in-person event to kick off the 2024 season of Team Canada MXON! Get ready for an elevated gathering filled with motocross enthusiasts and riders from all over. We’ll be gathering at 1206 20 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1M8, Canada. It’s going to be an epic celebration of our love for motocross, with plenty of games, food and good vibes.

The space which has an old speakeasy vibe gives us a rare opportunity to get dolled up, mingle and to spend some time with all of your favourite athletes from the Triple Crown Series. The riders have each created their own signature cocktail which you will get to try, which will all be included with your ticket. That means 5 signature cocktails included with your ticket. A live band will be there to keep the vibes going all night while you mingle, hit up the silent auction or play some of the many games we will have. 3 venue spaces will ensure we have plenty of room and different themes depending on your mood.

Vitto the barber will be there doing men’s mini facials and trims which is also included in your ticket price.

The caterers have come up with a wonderful menu with so many different options to suit everyone’s tastes and dietary restrictions. Servers will be coming around with all sorts of culinary goods for you to try and we will also have stations setup around the rooms in case you are not hungry when they come by, you will still get a chance to try it all. We will have soft drinks and water included in your ticket so any time you are feeling parched you can help yourself to any of those. Additional cocktails and mocktails will be available, drink tickets will be sold and utilized throughout the night.

On the patio level of the space we will have giant games such as Jenga, Bean Bag Toss, Yardzee and Giant Dominos. We will have arcade games inside the space, located in the Hemmingway Room. The Parlour Room will be transformed into a Prohibition Style Speakeasy with smoky cocktails and h’orderves with couches for lounging and catching up with old (and new) friends. The Hemmingway Room will have more action, a stage alongside the bar with high top tables.

The riders will be there to answer all of your preseason questions and of course for photos and autographs. Photographers and videographers will be there to catch all of the candid moments and all of the images will be available at no extra charge for you to use and share and cherish. We will have some pretty rare silent auction items, door prizes and of course Team Canada merch for sale.

The venue has its own free parking so you will not have to try and find parking nor pay for it like many venues in the City. Located just 8 minutes from Wildrose MX and the Hotel Blackfoot.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with fellow riders, share stories, and get pumped for the upcoming season. See you there!

Tickets are $100.00 each

Calgary, Alberta

RussOgraphy at the Philadelphia Supercross

We’ve got Jordan Wilsey from RussOgraphy at the Philadelphia Supercross this weekend. The New York State native will take the reins for DMX Friday and Saturday, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he can come up with for us.

Supercross hasn’t been to Philly since they hosted a double-header back in 1980. That’s 44 years, folks. Heck, I was still dreaming of having my own dirt bike in 1980! (I got my first in 1981)

I’ve never been downtown Philly so I was looking forward to being there, but it just wasn’t in the cards with what we’ve got going on around here, so let’s all keep an eye on what Jordan has for us.

Round 1 of the AMO Ontario Provincial Championships

I spent last Sunday at Gopher Dunes for Round 1 of the 2024 AMO Ontario Provincial Championships. You can check out some of the coverage here:

And here’s a pretty extensive Photo Report from the day:

Race Report | 2024 AMO Ontario Provincial Championships Round 1

April 23, 2024 No Comments FeaturesPhoto ReportsBigwave

Race Report | 2024 AMO Ontario Provincial Championships Round 1

Photo report from Round 1 of the 2024 True North Motorsports AMO Ontario Provincial Championships at Gopher Dunes

By Billy Rainford

I decided to stay local and check out some racing action at Round 1 of the 2024 True North Motorsports AMO Ontario Provincial Championships at Gopher Dunes. I’d heard that there were going to be a number of our top pro riders taking advantage of an early-season gate drop at one of our Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals tracks so that’s where I thought my attention should be.

Added to that reason, I’d also heard we were going to have our multi-time national champion, Dylan Wright, there to show the newly acquired Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing 250 teammate, Australian 17-year-old Tiger Wood, on the track for the first time too, so I had to be there!

I had family commitments to attend on Saturday, so I missed the racing that took place in the cold and sometimes snowy conditions on Day 1, but managed to be there for every race on Sunday.

With over 300 riders and 765 entries, it was a race-filled day that saw the Pro Am class able to show up a bit later and race their 3 X 15:00 motos in the afternoon program. I remember this is how it was done way back in the day, so it jst seemed normal to me.

With coffee in hand and a full tank of gas in the #DMXVan (at $1.64/litre, 10 cents cheaper at Costco than other places) I hit the 401 east and made my way to the track.

Let’s do this, Tim Lee! Unfortunately, you can’t see his greasy mullet and moustache in this shot.
WLTN Kawasaki had their team rig on siteso it was nice to pop in and say hello to everyone.

Speaking of big rigs, #21 Nathan Fraser was there all the way from Nova Scotia! He drove his little Golf and met up with the team’s rig and full-on trailer! They were heading back to the maritimes after the races! That’s commitment and now I feel bad because I told myself I’d take a photo of the set up “later” and never did. Then they were loaded up and gone when I went looking at the end of the day.

Nathan won our DMX Total Devotion Award at the TransCan this year and is just now back from taking advantage of his free week at Club MX. I hope he had a great time and learned lots.

I was also amazed at how many people have been reading some of my Monday Morning Coffee ramblings. I only know this because there were a lot of people asking me how the renovations were going and shared hired hand horror stories of their own to match ours. I guess I’ll have to keep on ramblin!

Let’s get to the racing, shall we? I’ll go through them as they went through them on race day. Thank you for printing out a race order for me.

You can look at the full results HERE.

Right off the bat I was impressed with the riding I saw from #667 Tyler Kirby. He finished 2-1 for the overall after #22 Anthony Voghell won moto 1. but was a DNF in moto 2. #313 Nyck Burnside was 2nd and #521 AJ Beth was 3rd. Kirby also won the Schoolboy 1 class (1-1).
I like the progression and the aggression I’m seeing from young #630 Mason Murdy. He’s got an 85 but is still beating up on the 65cc kids in the 10-11 and Open classes. I also enjoy our interviews and look forward to many years of them to come.
Not to mention his dad wore this huuuge cowboy hat. I hope it’s not like the old cliché: All hat no cattle.
#2 Tyler Gravel took the older 85 (12-16) win with 1-1 motos over #32 Ethan Stys and #750 Grady Mansfield (2-4).
It’s great to see #324 Dylan Kaelin back on the track and competing. He finished 1-1 in +25.
I like what I’m seeing from #613 Cole Pranger in the Intermediate classes. He took the win in the 250 class (1-2) over #111 Gavin Forsbrey (2-3) and #7 Bobby Gravel (7-1) who saw more than his fair share of the ground on Sunday.
#26 Ayrton Pomeroy had to make some passes to take the win in the 250 Junior class that had 2 divisions, almost like the old days when we sometimes had 4! #61 Ben Mistelbacher was 2nd (2-2) ahead of #354 Thor Geisbrecht in 3rd (3-3).
#99 Austin Kukielka dominated the younger 65 (7-9) class (1-1).
This is Mason Murdy getting 3rd in the Supermini class (3-3) but he also won the 65 (10-11) and 65 Open classes without anything but 1’s on the score sheet.
#347 Damien Godbout came all the way from Quebec to take the Vet 30 Open class 1-1.
This is a shot of Bobby Gravel in the Pro Am class, but I think he’ll like to see a shot of himself ahead of #14 Quinn Amyotte! He had to make some passes in Open Intermediate to take the class 1-1. Pranger was 2nd (2-2) and Voghell (4-3).
Uh oh, I didn’t get a shot of Vet 40 Open winner #311 Mike Banks (1-1) but I think this might be their start.
#2 Brandy McLarty won the Ladies A on Saturday (1-1).
I shot video of the Supermini class, so here’s all I have of class winner (1-1) Tyler Kirby. 2nd was Gravel (2-2) and 3rd was Murdy (3-3).
#161 Jamieson MacDonald won Open Junior (1-1) ahead of #365 Mason Snively (2-2) and Pomeroy (3-3).

At the end of the first run-through of amateur motos, the Pro Am class took to the track for the first of their 3 15:00 motos. The sun came out right on queue too!

Here’s a look at some of the riders in the Pro class:

I didn’t see what happened to Enduro ace #991 Ryder Heacock, but his 25-27-DNS score tells me something was up.
Bobby Gravel struggled in this class too. His 31-26-DNS will attest to that.
Dario “Teach” Zecca was out and having some fun in the sand with super-wrench Brayden Kalte helping him out. He was 26th.
#136 Derek Hamm is coming back from a car accident injury and finished 24th. They have a house for sale too if you’re interested.
#39 Max Filipek gave us all one hell of a scare when he fell after the first turn in moto 2 and got absolutely nailed by #41 Ryan Derry in the chaos. He took a little nap and said the end result was a broken collarbone to go with the tweety birds above his head.
#187 Leith Ness spends a lot of time behind the camera these days. He’s back in action and finished 17th.
I was really impressed with what I was seeing from #75 Tyler Shewchyk on Sunday. Unfortunately, he got caught up with Filipek in moto 2 and wasn’t able to race the 3rd. He was a very solid 9th in moto 1 though. Keep an eye on the #75 this summer.
#73 Tristan Dares was solid late in the day showing he’s ready to go. 22-13-13 put him 15th.
Anyone remember the time #211 Jack Wright agreed to drive to California with me with one night’s notice a few years back? Jack said he suffered some arm pump and finished 14th.
I don’t know when I last saw #104 Kyle Keast, but it’s been a while. He’s always loved the sand and The Dozer…er, maybe The Bob Cat now finished 11-12-14 for 13th overall. I’m sure he’ll be fine with that comment…
I have to admit, I had no idea who #55 was! Hayden Jameson’s new digits were not computing. Regardless of my problems, he finished a solid 12-10-11 for 11th overall.
#21 Liam O’Farrell isn’t chasing the nationals anymore, but he still loves to race and came out to have some fun. He sounds like he’s always a gear higher than everyone else. He’s getting old and worries about mileage now, I guess. 10-9-9 put him 10th. At one point, he was in the same corner as Keast and Kaelin leaving me wondering if I’d had one of my spells again! “What year is this?!”
I think #33 Tanner Scott was working out some bike gremlins early on and it affected his first moto. He kept getting better and ended up 9th (15-7-6).
Kind of a quiet afternoon for #30 Austin Jones, I’d say. He ended up on his own out there at times. He was 8th (7-8-10).
I’ve known Dylan Kaelin since the MX Forum days. We cycled together in Alberta over 10 years ago! It’s great to see him back. He is already back up to competitive speed and is heading to Loretta’s this summer. 8-5-8 put him 7th.
We got our first look at Australian #143 Tiger Wood who will ride for the GDR team this summer. He’s not a sand guy but did very well, finishing 6-6-7 for 6th. He showed good speed staying with Amyotte and Kaelin, so that bodes pretty well for the summer.
It’s going on 3 years since I’ve talked about #1 Dylan Wright anywhere but in 1st place in Canada, so this seems weird. He didn’t get good starts but passed his way to wins in motos 1 and 3. In moto 2, he broke a chain on the first lap and was out. 1-28-1 put him 5th, but I don’t think anyone should be too worried…oh, except the competition, of course.
#14 Quinn Amyotte was one of the very few riders out there on a 250 and so he had to work extra hard for every position. He looked good and finished up in 4th place with 3-4-5 motos.
This guy cracks me up. No matter where I go, #573 Chris Blackmer might just show up and race.He was super solid off the starts and rode well all day. 4-3-4 put him 3rd. I don’t think I knew he was this good in the sand!
#84 Tanner Ward expects a lot from himself. Get this, after finishing 5-2-2 for 2nd overall, he hit the track at the end of the day to do some more testing! You gotta want it, folks!
#12 Sebastien Racine is a beast on a 450! If he were a little older, there’d be no search for a 450 rider for the MX101 team. Dylan was the class of the field, but Sebastien is turning heads every time he throws a leg over the big bike. 2-1-3 gave him the overall on the day and the lion’s share of the prize money.
PRO-AM – Overall Finish Positions View Laptimes  View Laptimes Moto 1 Moto 2 Moto 3   Points for this class
Overall NameHeatSemiMoto 1Moto 2Moto 3Points Earned1st#12Yamaha SEBASTIEN RACINE
 Casselman, On  –
  –2nd1st3rd672nd#84Kawasaki TANNER WARD
 Woodstock, On  –
  –5th2nd2nd603rd#573Unknown CHRISTOPHER BLACKMER
  –4th3rd4th564th#14Kawasaki QUINN AMYOTTE
 Blackstock, On  –
  –3rd4th5th545th#9Honda DYLAN WRIGHT
 Drummondville, Qu  –
  –1st28th1st506th#143Yamaha TIGER WOOD
 Australia  –
  –6th6th7th447th#324KTM DYLAN KAELIN
 Grand Bend, ON  –
  –8th5th8th428th#223Yamaha AUSTIN JONES
 Perth, ON  –
  –7th8th10th389th#33Husqvarna TANNER SCOTT
 Oromedonte, On  –
  –15th7th6th3510th#21KTM LIAM OFARRELL
 Paris, On  –
  –10th9th9th3511th#55KTM HAYDEN JAMESON
 Woodstock, On  –
  –12th10th11th3012th#89Yamaha KEVIN SULLIVAN
 Sutton West, On  –
  –13th11th12th2713th#104Husqvarna KYLE KEAST
 Cavan, On  –
  –11th12th14th2614th#211Yamaha JACK WRIGHT
 Port Perry, On  –
  –14th17th15th1715th#73KTM TRISTAN DARES
 Rockwood, On  –
  –22nd13th13th1616th#75KTM TYLER SHEWCHYK
 St Thomas, On  –
  –9thDNSDNS1217th#187KTM LEITH NESS
 Blackwater, On  –
  –17th15th23rd1018th#34KTM RYAN DERRY
 Thornhill, ON  –
  –18th14th25th1019th#155Yamaha SPENCER DELEYE
 , ON  –
  –24th18th16th820th#43Yamaha BROCK KELLY
 , ON  –
  –30th16th18th821st#514XKTM SHELBY REMPEL
 Ariss, ON  –
  –20thDNS17th522nd#39KTM MAX FILIPEK
 Grimsby, On  –
  –16thDNSDNS523rd#781Gas gas ZACK ZAGER
 Melbourne, On  –
  –19th20th22nd324th#136Honda DEREK HAMM
 Brownsville, On  –
  –28th21st19th225th#118cYamaha CHRISTOPHER DA SILVA
  –23rd19th24th226th#415Honda DARIO ZECCA
 Midhurst, On  –
  –29th24th20th127th#118Honda CHRIS COLENUTT
 Maidstone, On  –
  –27th22nd21st028th#451KTM RICKY CONWAY
 Gorrie, On  –
  –21st23rdDNS029th#464KTM CARLOS PONCE
 Pefferlaw, ON  –
  –26th25thDNS030th#17bYamaha BOBBY GRAVEL
 Fauquier, On  –
  –31st26thDNS031st#991Beta RYDER HEACOCK
 Pontypool, On  –
Both Bobby Gravel and Brenner Lammens spent a little too much time in the sand on Sunday. Brenner crashed hard in the rollers but seemed to be OK.
He may not have been racing but you’re not going to keep Sam Gaynor away from the races.
That smile says it all.
Chris DaSilva is back from his injury and now we have to wait for his older brother, Michael DaSilva, to come back from his.
What year is this???
Marc-Antione and Maddox Generoux came from Quebec.
The results sheets will be filled with familiar surnames in the future. That’s Beckett and Jay Burke.
Colton Facciotti cheering on Keagan Facciotti. Keagan has moved up to the 85.
Ryan and Peter Derry made the mistake of parking next to me and were tasked with putting up with Olive the one-year-old AussieDoodle while I was away from the van. Thanks, guys.
And that was it! Maybe I’ll make the drive up to Auburn for Round 2 in a couple weeks. Mr. Wood says, “See you at the races…mate!

We’ll leave it here for this week. We’re also hearing that American rider #300 Drew Adams will be along with the Partzilla PRMX team when he shows up to race in Calgary, but we’re still not sure if the team is planning to race the Canadian series or not. I really hope they are because they’ve got some fast riders who would make things interesting up here. Again, there’s the whole SMX conflict so we’ll have to wait and see a little bit longer on this one.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and thanks for reading DMX.

2015 Jamieson MacDonald says, “See you at the races…” | Spikman photo
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