Sam Gaynor Injury Update

FXR PreMix podium: Sam Gaynor, Jack Wright, Gavin Forsbrey.

After winning the FXR PreMix title Sunday morning, #28 Sam Gaynor from Erin, Ontario, went out to compete in the 250 class.

In moto 1, he was coming out of a hooked rut in the corner before the Pro finish line and lost control of the bike. The bars swapped and he went to the ground hard on his left side.

Sam crashed before the finish line at the same time Tyler Medaglia was getting looked at.

Tyler Medaglia was being attended to just over the next jump and Sam managed to roll himself off the track and then remount the bike just as medic Ron Cameron got to him.

Sam knew the medics were busy at the time and so he just rode himself back to the pits. Not long after, he started to cough up a lot of blood, so it was determined an ambulance would meet him at the front gate and take him over to Seaforth Hospital.

He was complaining of a sore neck and was transferred to Stratford Hospital to get more checks where it was determined nothing was broken.

His entire left side is sore today but there was no concussion in the crash. He’s been told to take a week off work and two weeks off the bike.

He’s also going to see his surgeon this week to make a plan to get his wrist worked on more from his previous injury.

Good luck with everything, Sam.