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All-New 2024 YZ250F – Yamaha Motor Canada Media Ride Day at Sand Del Lee

All-New 2024 YZ250F – Yamaha Motor Canada Media Ride Day at Sand Del Lee By: Richard van der Westhuizen Photos by: RYDE TV What do you do when you get a call from Direct Motocross asking you to spin laps on brand new 2024 YZ’s at Sand Del Lee for the Yamaha Motor Canada media ride day? You do what any self-respecting motocross rider would do: drop everything and make

Leatt Trail 3.0 MTB Helmet Review

Leatt Trail 3.0 MTB Helmet Review By Billy Rainford I’ve been enjoying this new helmet from Leatt. Technically, it’s a mountain bike helmet but I’ve been simply removing the visor and riding it on my road bike and on my gravel bike. Historically, I’ve worn anything on my head that fits without any regard for actual comfort or safety. With this new Leatt Trail 3.0 helmet, I’m finally wearing something

Leatt | Head-to-Toe Long-Term Test Results

Leatt | Head-to-Toe Long-Term Test Results By Jared Stock Photos by @grizzmotophoto One season of testing… Moto 9.5 Carbon Helmet When it comes to helmets in 2021, we think the first thing everyone needs to prioritize is safety. Next up we would have to say it would be comfort and fit and then, obviously, we all want to look good. Leatt’s roots were developed and driven by safety and now

Race Tech/AGR Suspension Review

Race Tech/AGR Suspension Review By Greg Poisson As you know, Honda completely redesigned the CRF450R in 2021. For 90% of us mere mortals a 450 machine is more motorcycle than any of us will ever need. So what’s the main focus we should focus on for upgrades? Suspension and handling. Putting that power to the ground and making it manageable. We took my 2021 CRF450R provided by Barrie Honda Powerhouse

Ryno Power Test Ride and Review

Ryno Power Test Ride and Review By Billy Rainford First off, thank you to Trevor Unger at Ryno Power Canada for setting me up with a package of Ryno Power Hydration Fuel, Fruit Punch (non-GMO) flavour. It comes in a soft package of 2 pounds (907 grams) and is listed as a “Dietary Supplement.” The specifics on the outside of the package list (per serving): 3 grams BCAA’s (branched-chain amino

2020 Leatt Gear Review

2020 Leatt Gear Review By Billy Rainford Photos by Emily Nicholson OK, nobody is fooling anyone here…Jeff McConkey was the biggest gear nerd in the history of gear nerds. He lived for new gear to try out. He was the guy for the job of trying out new stuff, no doubt. You may have heard me say this before, but I could be looking at a random photo from 12

SECO Seat Cover Review

SECO Seat Cover Review By Greg Poisson I’ve ridden with a lot of aftermarket seat covers in the past, so when SECO Seat Cover out of Quebec offered up a new cover for our 2021 Husqvarna FC350 media bike, we were stoked. I’ve always been a guy who rode with my legs and gripped the bike a ton, so having any additional traction to help with this made sense. They