Video | Cash Class Moto 2 from Gopher Dunes

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech

We went Facebook Live for the Cash Class moto 2 at Gopher Dunes Sunday at Round 1 of the AMO Ontario Provincial Championships.

Cell service is spotty at best and so I had to climb the big mound of dirt to get any reception at all.

All 3 home team riders – Dylan Wright (moto 1 – leg), Tanner Ward (moto 1 – leg), and Ryder McNabb (moto 2 – first turn crash) – were out of action in moto 2 and moto 3 after each of them took their turn falling. The team decided they should sit out the rest of the action to focus on being 100% ready for the start of the Canadian Tripe Crown Series that begins in 2 weeks at Walton Raceway.

Open Cash Class from Gopher Dunes – Moto 2

Posted by Direct Motocross on Sunday, June 13, 2021