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Hayden Halstead Injury Update

Hayden Halstead Injury Update By Billy Rainford Hayden Halstead is the fun-loving rider from Waterford, Ontario, who you’ll find at the races pulling driving and racing duties for the Royal Distributing FXR Yamaha team. He’s now a month into recovering from a nasty leg break suffered while riding his BMX bike at an indoor facility in Hamilton. I grabbed him for a quick talk Tuesday as he was driving to

Privateer Profile | #62 Michael Da Silva

Privateer Profile | #62 Michael Da Silva By Billy Rainford Let’s learn a little more about #62 Michael Da Silva and see what he’s got planned for this coming season. Name, Age, Hometown, and how did you get into Motocross? Michael-Francesco Da Silva ( bet you didn’t know that haha ). I am 22 years old and my hometown is Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC. I originally got into motocross from the very

McThoughts | Seattle SX – 450 Class

McThoughts | Seattle SX – 450 Class By Jeff McConkey Photos by Bigwave This year’s 450 class has been super exciting. There are honestly 5 guys that can win, maybe 6. It makes it fun to watch when it isn’t just one guy dominating week after week. Marvin Musquin has been hot lately. He got out front early and made it happen. Unfortunately for Marv, he jumped on a red

McThoughts | Seattle SX – 250 West

McThoughts | Seattle SX – 250 West By Jeff McConkey Photos by Bigwave Saturday night in Seattle was once again some very good racing. The two fastest in the class went at it with Dylan Ferrandis edging out Adam Cianciarulo. They gapped the field and are clearly on another level. Other riders are riding well, but to be honest, they aren’t in the same conversation. For the rest of the

The Story Behind the Photo | #92 Adam Cianciarulo 2011

The Story Behind the Photo | #92 Adam Cianciarulo 2011 By Billy Rainford Traditionally, I get the person in the photo to tell the story about what’s going on in it, but this time I felt I’d take over and tell the story how I saw it. I got the chance to spend 3 months down in Florida living in a motorhome back in the winter of 2011 thanks to

Monday Morning Coffee

By Billy Rainford Hey, guess what happened since the last Monday Morning Coffee column. It’s spring! It’s almost time to get Mondays started with a coffee outside on the front porch while I think about random stories that may or may not entertain DMX readers.We’re not quite there yet, but we’re close. I was fortunate enough to spend a large portion of this past winter in warm climates – California