5 Minutes with

5 Minutes with…#85 Derek Ouimet

5 Minutes with…#85 Derek Ouimet By Jeff McConkey #85 Derek Ouimet is from Carlisle, Ontario, and is currently traveling the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals with his parents and his brother, Travis. His results have been steadily improving and he had his best-ever finish at round 7 in Pleasant Valley in Truro, Nova Scotia. We grabbed him for a quick chat to learn a little more about the friendly Honda

5 Minutes with…Lane Gagne

5 Minutes with…Lane Gagne By Jeff McConkey Foreword by Billy Rainford Most of you are aware of Brittany Gagne‘s story of moving from New Hampshire to Montana last year and still making it all the way back for the Women’s East Nationals. She’s back this summer and competing in all 4 rounds, but did you know there is another Gagne racing? 19-year-old Lane Gagne is also competing in a select

Hey, what are you doing this summer…#29 Jeremy Pronovost?

Hey, what are you doing this summer…#29 Jeremy Pronovost? By Billy Rainford We’ve gotten to know the friendly Quebec duo of Jeremy Pronovost and his dad, Guy, quite well over the past few years. Jeremy will admit that 2015 didn’t go as well as he would have wanted (he crashed and had to deal with some post-concussion issues) but it usually takes more than that to wipe the smile from

5 Minutes with…Dave Blanchet

5 Minutes with…Dave Blanchet By Billy Rainford #418 Dave Blanchet from Quebec has been doing his best to qualify for the very competitive night program in the 450 class at the 2016 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. It would be pretty safe to say, he may have picked the toughest year to do this. With his PR-MX Strikt Gear Kawasaki team he has had some ups and downs along the

Post-Race Interview: #527 Jake Tricco

Post-Race Interview: #527 Jake Tricco By Billy Rainford Canadian Motocross has a few very fast young riders to keep an eye on right now. Collingwood, Ontario, rider, #527 Jake Tricco, is definitely a rider on that list. Jake was down at GPF practicing for the upcoming season and then headed south to Daytona to race the RCSX this past Sunday and Monday. We found Jake in the pits ready to

5 Minutes with…Tommy Dallaire

5 Minutes with…Tommy Dallaire By Jeff McConkey Foreword by Billy Rainford Some riders have such smooth and fluid style they just stand out on the track. Quebec racer, Tommy Dallaire, is one such racer. Tommy lined up for the eastern rounds of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals in 2015 and plans to do more of the same in 2016 as a Pro. We caught up with the stylish rider as

5 Minutes with…Shawn Maffenbeier’s New Mechanic, Josh Cox

5 Minutes with…Shawn Maffenbeier’s New Mechanic, Josh Cox By Jeff McConkey Erin, Ontario, mechanic, Josh Cox, has been going to the races for a long time. He is a pretty good rider in his own right but spends most of his time making sure others can go fast on the bike. He won the overall at Ulverton MX in 2014 as the mechanic for #732 Kyle Chisholm and will now

5 Minutes with…Westen Wrozyna

5 Minutes with…Westen Wrozyna By Jeff McConkey Newtonville, Ontario, rider, Westen Wrozyna, has had the eyes of the Canadian motocross nndustry fixed on him since he was a very young amateur rider. He moved up through the ranks and turned Pro the same year that saw Dylan Wright and Jess Pettis do the same. After a couple years with support from the GDR Honda Team, Westen will now make the

5 Minutes with…Guillaume St. Cyr

5 Minutes with…Guillaume St. Cyr By Jeff McConkey One of the coolest things about Pro sports is the route athletes take to get there. Everyone has their own story, but the goal is always the same. When a rider makes the move from Amateur to Pro, it usually comes with a lot of ups and downs as they get acclimated to the increased pace and longer motos. Quebec rider, Guillaume

5 Minutes with…John Dowd

5 Minutes with…John Dowd By Billy Rainford Yes, THAT John Dowd. John hit three rounds of our Rockstar Energy MX Nationals: Gopher Dunes, Sand Del Lee, and Ulverton. He finished 17th, 10th, and 8th overall. That’s pretty impressive for a guy who was about to turn 50 the following day! He was trying to leave the pits and drive home but got trapped in a tight 90-degree corner we happened