Hey, what are you doing this summer…#29 Jeremy Pronovost?

By Billy Rainford

Jeremy Pronovost

Montreal, Quebec, rider, #29 Jeremy Pronovost. – Bigwave photo

We’ve gotten to know the friendly Quebec duo of Jeremy Pronovost and his dad, Guy, quite well over the past few years. Jeremy will admit that 2015 didn’t go as well as he would have wanted (he crashed and had to deal with some post-concussion issues) but it usually takes more than that to wipe the smile from their faces.

Jeremy finds himself in that large group of riders who have a ton of potential that will only be realized with the right amount of support. Pro motocross is an expensive quest and usually takes more than passion to make this dream a reality. We hadn’t heard from him for a while (and it was his birthday Monday) so we got in touch with him and asked, “Hey, what are you doing this summer?

Jeremy Pronovost

“Hey, what are you doing this summer…Jeremy Pronovost?” – Bigwave photo

2016 #29 Jeremy Pronovost:

This winter I did my first snowcross season. It was pretty sick, I won some heats and got second in some finals. It was a pretty good way to stay in shape. When that was over I went down south to check out the tracks in Florida and vacation a little. After that I went to JWTF to train for a month.

This year we are only doing the east cost nationals because it’s pretty tough to go out west by yourself and trying to get on the box every weekend. Last year was pretty awful. I was struggling with a concussion but this year my head is feeling good and my dad told me I could stay away from the roofing company and focus on my training and races. So as of now I feel pretty confident to get back on the podium this year.

I’m racing the 250 class on a 2-stroke again this year. We will try to find what was in Kaven‘s (Benoit) bike last year. That bike looked fast (Laughs)!

[Race rig and who traveling with] We don’t know yet. I hope it’s gonna be has flashy as it was last year (Laughs). I’m going to have my mechanic with me and my dad. He can never miss a race. He loves it just as much as me.

I would just like to thank my mom and dad for still believing in me after last year’s races, Jimmy Weinert, EVO suspension, Oakley, Duroy, David Fortin, Soudure MotoX, Usinage Brodeur, and the Lebel Family.