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McThoughts: Atlanta 2 SX

McThoughts: Atlanta 2 SX By Jeff McConkey The second of 2 rounds in Atlanta went off on Saturday night. The track looked pretty tricky and lap times were a little longer. The start bottled in big-time making a good start crucial. Atlanta 2 was a ‘retro race’ and some of the teams went all out with some great looking old-school graphics. To go along with the retro bikes, a few gear companies jumped

McThoughts: Atlanta 1 SX

McThoughts: Atlanta 1 SX By Jeff McConkey Round 8 of the Monster Energy AMA SX Series went off Saturday night in Atlanta, Georgia. Normally, this round is packed to the rafters with 77000-plus screaming fans. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that this season Atlanta will house 2 rounds back to back, but the place looked half empty. Don’t get me wrong, the Georgia Dome half empty is

McThoughts: Dallas SX

McThoughts: Dallas SX By Jeff McConkey Hey, guys.  The Monster Energy AMA Supercross series was in Arlington, Texas, this past Saturday night. It was round 7 for the premiere class, but it was round 1 for the 250 East class. The West 250 riders take a break and we get a whole new crop of racers ready to move up the SX ranks. This season, the East has a little

McThoughts: 250 East Lites Preview

McThoughts: 250 East Lites Preview By Jeff McConkey The Monster Energy AMA East Lites is fast approaching. It just won’t be the same without its one and only Canadian stop in Toronto. I understand the call, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Atlanta gets 2 stops back-to-back which is cool. They get 77000-plus in the Georgia Dome, so it makes sense. Maybe I can talk Bigwave into getting me

McThoughts: San Diego SX

McThoughts: San Diego SX By Jeff McConkey Round 6 took place this past Saturday night and the action was fantastic as always. San Diego will be the last West round for a while as the East Coast 250 series starts this weekend in Arlington, Texas. Most riders want to head into  the break on a good note, and that almost didn’t happen for points leader Cooper Webb. Webb had a vicious

Vicki Golden Will Attempt to Qualify for East Coast Lites SX in 2015 – REACTIONS

Vicki Golden Will Attempt to Qualify for East Lites SX in 2015 – Reactions By Jeff McConkey As most of you are aware, female rider, Vicki Golden, will be racing the 250 East SX for 2015. I hit up a few different people from the moto community to get their thoughts, concerns and predictions. Let’s hear what they think: Mitch Cooke (Retired Canadian MX Star and Former SX Racer for

McThoughts: A3

McThoughts: A3 By Jeff McConkey Round 5 took place this past Saturday night and it didn’t disappoint. Sure, there was hardly and bumping, but there was another “flag” issue. No, not another black flag, but this time a red flag. Yes, red flags are fairly common in SX, but not on the 6th lap. It’s kind of funny, John Gallagher can make an instant black flag call on Chad Reed

McThoughts: Oakland SX

McThoughts: Oakland SX By Jeff McConkey Hey, guys. For the fourth week in a row, we were treated to another great Saturday night. In 250 action, we saw another first-time winner in Malcolm Stewart. Nearing the end off the off-season, Malcolm had nothing on the go. He was forced to fund his own efforts for Red Bull Straight Rhythm and the Monster Cup and it paid off with a fill-in ride with Gieco

McThoughts: A2

McThoughts: A2 By Jeff McConkey Round 3 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross went off Saturday night with lots of bangs. And by bangs, I mean bar banging. The racing had already been hot leading into Round 3, but you can bet that it is going to get a lot hotter as the series progresses. The track this week was a little more technical and traction was hard to find.

McThoughts: A1

McThoughts: A1 By Jeff McConkey We have been waiting impatiently for it, and we finally got it. This past Saturday, Supercross was back, which I am sure made a lot of ‘moto dorks’ happy. I, myself, have been counting down the days, and A1 was more exciting than New Year’s Eve: You have riders on new teams, new bikes, and one of my favourite things…new gear! How can you not