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Walton TransCan Pics from Monday

Walton TransCan Pics from Monday By Billy Rainford Made it to Walton Raceway for the start of the TransCan this afternoon. New for me this year is that I’ll be staying onsite all week and living in a nice trailer over by Mel and Brett Lee‘s house. I wandered around earlier this afternoon and shot some photos of some new and old things. Opening Ceremonies start at 7:00pm Eastern from

Need to Know Links for the TransCan

2019 TransCan Grand National Championship – The Heartbeat of Canadian Motocross Friday, August 9th, 2019 – Brigden, Ontario TransCan Amateur Grand National – Walton Raceway, Walton Ontario – Promoted By WLTN/MRC August 12-17, 2019 Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC) is always humbled by this time of year. The celebration of Canadian moto is about to begin. For nearly 30 years the grounds at Walton Raceway have proven to bring the very

Yamaha bLU cRU MX Trackside Support Returns to Walton

Yamaha bLU cRU MX Trackside Support Returns to Walton August 7, 2019 (Walton, ON) – Amateur Yamaha racers attending the 2019 Walton TransCan Grand National Championship on August 13-17 will once again have the exclusive convenience of bLU cRU MX Trackside Support, an initiative introduced in 2018 to assist up-and-coming Yamaha racers during the gruelling four-day amateur portion of the TransCan. A broad selection of YZ replacement parts will be

2019 Walton TransCan Schedule

2019 Walton TransCan Schedule Race Schedule 2019 Walton TransCan Grand National Championship > Race Schedule DRAFT – Subject to change   Day 1 – Monday   2:00PM – 6:00PM Amateur Sign In   7:00PM Opening ceremonies, Press Conference & Mandatory Riders Meeting       Day 2 – Tuesday   7:00 am Roll Call 7:00:00 AM     7:20 Heading to gate 7:15:00 AM     7:30 Honda/Husqvarna Juniors (125cc and above) 7:30:00 AM

2019 MRC Walton TransCan Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) Schedule

2019 MRC Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) Schedule Walton TransCan MRC Canadian Amateur Motocross Grand National Championship (GNC) 2019 Registration is Open May 6.2019 www.waltontranscan.ca Walton, ON  – Beginning in April, there will be Thirty Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) races spread across all Motorsports Racing Canada (MRC) regions throughout Canada. Thousands of participants will be competing for a spot on the gate in hopes of being crowned a 2019 MRC Canadian

Photo Report | Walton TransCan – Friday

Photo Report | Walton TransCan – Friday By Billy Rainford There was nothing but championships handed out Friday at the Walton TransCan GNC. It was the final day of competition for the event that had taken a year off, and it was a good one. Here’s a look at the winners from a day that started out pretty messy. For full results, click HERE.

#24 Cameron Wrozyna Wins 2018 DMX Total Devotion Award at the TransCan

#24 Cameron Wrozyna Wins 2018 DMX Total Devotion Award at the TransCan The Directmotocross.com Total Devotion award focuses on the rider at Walton TransCan that shows the ability to overcome adversity and shows total devotion to the sport of motocross on and off the track. We’ve been awarding this ‘TDA’ since 2005 at the TransCan and it has given to some pretty deserving riders through the years. Here’s a look