Alberta Riders Dominate in Chilliwack

– The Future Looks Bright for Alberta Motocross

By Billy Rainford

Round 2 Supermini Main start. | Bigwave photo

There’s no denying the correlation between racing the Future West Moto Canadian Arenacross Championships at a young age and excelling at the Pro level. History shows that riders who make the effort to race the longstanding indoor series do very well throughout their careers.

Being trackside at the first two rounds of the new series at Chilliwack Heritage Park this past weekend and witnessing the domination of riders from Alberta in the Supermini class tells me that future results at the top level will be full of riders from the Wild Rose Province.

Let’s have a look at the top 4 riders in the Supermini standings after two rounds of racing in Chilliwack, BC:

1st #50 Wyatt Hasil YAM 1-1 Langdon, AB

#50 Wyatt Hasil. | Bigwave photo

I’ve seen Wyatt race before and was impressed with his speed. He’s got a look in his eye that exudes the confidence and swagger needed to excel in our sport. He’s a big kid and also raced the 250 Junior class.

2nd #48 Jayden Riley HSK 3-2 Red Deer, AB

#48 Jayden Riley. | Bigwave photo

Jayden stood out to me as soon as I saw him ripping around the track. He’s got an aggressive style that is fun to watch, but can also cause problems at times. However, as they say, you’ll take someone with raw speed and aggression and work with them on controlling that, any day. He’s also got a younger brother who rides, and it was great to see Jayden out there giving him support.

Jayden’s younger brother, #25 Cash Riley, has the coolest name in the game and leads the 50 Open class. | Bigwave photo

3rd #15 Dexter Seitz KTM 2-3 Calgary, AB

#15 Dexter Seitz. | Bigwave photo

I’ve seen lots of Dexter racing in the past and he keeps getting faster and faster. He was riding with an injury but never gave up, and that’s something future sponsors always love to see. He gets good starts and will be a rider we’ll be hearing from in the future, no doubt.

4th 247 Tegan Kortenbacker KTM 4-8 Yellowhead County, AB

#247 Tegan Kortenbach. | Bigwave photo

Tegan’s aggressive style also stood out immediately to me. With the #247, I’m guessing he’s all about the sport, and that will pay off down the road. He had some trouble in the Round 2 Main and could only snag an 8th place at the flag, but don’t be fooled.

Whether these strong results prove as foreshadowing remains to be seen, but history shows that the top kids in the Supermini class go on to pretty great things in our sport. One thing is for sure, we’ll be there to watch it all unfold.

See you at rounds 3-4 November 27-28.