5 Questions for Tyler Medaglia | Cobequid Mountain Sports and Callus Moto

By Billy Rainford

#515 Tyler Medaglia is headed to High Point Raceway in Pennsylvania this weekend to race Round 3 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships. We’ll have Lake Kilpatrick there to capture his day and bring it to us, so we wanted to check in with Tyler to see how things are going into this weekend.

He raced a borrowed woods Gas Gas with parts he brought with him at Round 1 at Fox Raceway but this time he’ll have his race bike with him.

Since he’s headed into a busy weekend, we made it easy on him and kept the questions to 5:

5 questions for Tyler Medaglia as he heads to High Point Raceway this weekend.

1. What did you learn at round 1 in Pala, California?

I learned that the 450 class is very very competitive. Probably, the toughest that I’ve ever ridden against down there as far as talent-wise goes. Everybody was healthy and it was round 1, so everybody was there. It was intense, I definitely learned that.

I also learned that my speed and fitness is really good right now. And the feeling I have riding is really good. That’s something that’s hard to get most seasons, so it’s enjoyable.

2. What did you concentrate on heading into High Point this weekend?

For the most part, I worked on some technique stuff. We had a race bike built up from Cobequid, so I was back on my motocross bike and just put some more time in at Callus Raceway. I’ve just been working on speed stuff. For the most part, it’s been getting this race bike dialled in and coming to a gun fight with a proper gun.

3. Tell us about your race bike and the differences you’re going to notice from the woods bike at Round 1.

Alex from Cobequid was in charge of building up the bikes. Joe Skidd did my suspension which is the same suspension that I raced with. I’ve tinkered with it just slightly but that’s just marginal. He got a full race motor from PR2, a regular size tank, Pro 6 race gas, instead of T4. It’s going to be noticeably faster.

I just did the heat cycles on it this morning at my parents’ place out back and it’s going to be good. I just want to be up there in the starts and latch onto somebody that’s really good and get into a rhythm. It’ll help with proper equipment.

4. Leaving High Point Saturday evening, what would you consider a success?

Um, goals have to change but getting a top 15 would be good with the way the class is. I think that’s reasonable. I think the track will be similar to Walton (Raceway), I guess. I was there once when I was a kid in amateurs but the track was significantly different and it was quite a bit muddier. Well, maybe not! Maybe this will be a mud race, but it was a mud race that I raced there so it was hard to get a feel for the track.

If it’s anything like Walton, that’s one of my favourite tracks so I’m looking forward to it with some long, deep ruts.

5. After High Point, what’s next for you?

After High Point, I’m probably going to head back to Nova Scotia again and maybe do the first round of off-road at the FMSQ series and then probably get ready for Walton 1 and bring Talon up for that.

I don’t know, I might do the cross country race, the moto race, and then the UTV race. I might race it all, for crying out load. So, I’ll hopefully bring Talon up for that and I think we’ll have the race trailer for that race, too, so that’s sort of the short-term schedule.

I’d like to thank Cobequid Mountain Sports, Callus Moto, My PitBoard, Gas Gas Canada, Joe Skidd (SSS), Migration Unlimited, Heidi and my family, the bakery, Oakley, and everybody that cheers me on and supports me. I’ll be out there waving the Canadian flag and trying to make everybody proud, so thank you.