Frid’Eh Update #5 Presented by the Toronto Supercross

By Billy Rainford


Week #5 belongs to 2015 #3 Tyler Medaglia. ~ Bigwave photo

It’s Week #5 here at the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by the Toronto Supercross. If you either made it out to any of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals last year, you know just how tight the racing was in the MX1 class up near the front. Tyler Medaglia finished 5th in the series and was the rider who was always there to capitalize if any of the other top 4 riders faltered.

He started the season off with a 3rd place podium finish at Whispering Pines in Kamloops, BC with 4-2 motos behind eventual champion #101 Matt Goerke and past champion #123 Brett Metcalfe. With #1 Colton Facciotti and #148 Cole Thompson finishing 4th and 5th at the season opener, everyone knew this was setting up to be one of the best seasons ever in Canadian moto. It didn’t disappoint.

Tyler’s season:

3-5-7-5-3-5-5-4-5-5 = 438 points (-89)

Keep in mind, #761 Cade Clason and #7 Bobby Kiniry tied for 6th behind Tyler and were 189 points behind! The top 5 put on an amazing show in 2015.


You won’t find any moss growing on Tyler Medaglia. He’s competed at almost every level in off road, including this 2013 Team Canada MX team in Germany. ~ Bigwave photo

Tyler also proved in 2015 that he has the skill and speed to compete at the highest level in offroad racing. He tested himself in a few rounds of the Geico GNCC series. He also raced the final round of the AMA Outdoor schedule at Ironman in Indiana–he’s not one to sit idle for long.

We got in touch with the Brookfield, Nova Scotia, rider to get his thoughts on all of these things and find out what the future holds for the likable rider  originally from Kemptville, Ontario (near Ottawa).


Let’s find out what Tyler thought about the 2015 season and what he has planned for the coming year. ~ Bigwave photo

Direct Motocross: Hello, Tyler. You finished 2015 with the #5 in what looked like the most competitive season we’ve ever seen in Canada. You grabbed 3rd at round 1. How did you feel after that and did you realize just how competitive last summer was going to be?
Tyler Medaglia:
I felt really good about that ride. Second in moto 2 and leading a bunch of laps at the opener is always a plus. I knew going in it was going to be very deep class so it was important for me to come out swinging.

You got on the podium twice. I know you’re not happy not challenging for wins. Can you describe how your season went?
Even without being on the podium as much as normal, I was still happy with my season. It was new program for me with Husqvarna so we had a bunch of things to learn but had zero DNF’s, led laps, and had a lot of holeshots. Also, I used one suspension setting all season at every different track, so I think there were some areas where there could have been improvements. Safe and happy overall and I can’t really complain.

What was your best or favourite race of the Canadian season?
I think River Glade was my favourite.  To put in a great ride in front of my friends and family after sucking there the previous year was good redemption. I also passed Metty (Brett Metcalfe) there and if you look at all the laps from the season he only got passed 2 other times, and both were by (Matt) Georke at Gopher.

All 5 of the top riders will be back again in 2016. Will you do anything differently to battle for wins? What do you think it will take?
I think this year coming in my bike will be better switching to the 350. I’ll be able to ride faster longer and from the time I’ve recently spent on it I’m pretty pumped on my decision. Every year it’s tough competition so you have to make changes to give yourself a chance at doing better.

You also raced a handful of GNCCs. Is that where you see yourself after moto? Are those races fun?
ell, it’s a lot more physically demanding, so after moto doing something harder seems kinda strange?  But, I’m going to do some more this season again and try to better my 5th place finish.

So, you’re saying it’s even tougher! What would you say is the biggest difference between moto and GNCC-style racing?
Well, at the top end of the XC1 class it’s close to moto pace as far as effort goes, only it’s for 3 hours.  So, go out and do 6 30-minute motos back to back and see how it feels (Laughs).


Tyler raced the final AMA outdoor round at Ironman MX in Indiana and jumped the huge uphill triple on the first lap they were allowed. ~ Bigwave photo

You also raced the final AMA outdoor round in Indiana. Can you describe that day for us? Were you happy with the results?
I was happy with qualifying 5th and coming through the pack in moto 2 to 13th. I think moto 1 could have gone a bit better but that sort of racing takes some time to adapt to; it’s hard just jumping in and pinning it with the fastest guys.

A lot of people seem to forget that you had a great season of Arenacross a few years back. Who were you riding for and how did that series go for you?
es, in ’09 I won the Lites West Coast title. That was pretty cool, I rode for GPF on Kawis. Josh Woods helped me a lot when we were teammates on Suzuki and that carried into Areacross. After that year, I went to Blackfoot so my indoor riding basically stopped to focus solely on outdoors.

I have to ask you about the Toronto Supercross coming up. Are you racing it? Would you race it? Are you still interested in Supercross (I mean racing it)?
Ya, I am interested in it and would totally race if had a bike properly set up. Right now, I’m focused on the first GNCC, March 5th, and it takes a lot of dedication to prepare your body for riding competitively for 3 hours. I think it would be easier to show up for Toronto with no preparation than the 1st GNCC, so that’s my primary focus.

The series will have two stops out in your neck of the woods in 2016. Are you excited to race at Pleasant Valley? What’s the track like to race?
It’s really exciting. The track is a unique dirt and it takes finesse to ride it really fast. I can hear the bikes from my bedroom and ride there a couple times a week, so I’m pumped the Nationals are coming to Brookfield. Also, having one less flight is nice too and gives the people traveling out here for River Glade more of a purposeful trip. There are a lot of awesome things to do on the east coast and now the racers have some time to check things out.

What are your winter plans?
I’m actually down in Tallahassee now starting my training. My trainer, Katie from KMF Athletic Therapy, has me on a great program and I’m staying with Josh Cartwright until Jeremy decides to come down. I’m typing this at Carmichael’s Farm as we are headed to the AX Tour in Tennessee this weekend and are piking up Josh’s bike.


Tyler answered these questions today from down at Ricky Carmichael’s farm in Florida. ~ Bigwave photo

Is Heidi riding these days or is she going to concentrate on cycling and triathlons?
She will be riding a bit more now that I’m riding 350’s and she can actually enjoy riding one of my bikes. I think she wants to race Ulverton so that will be exciting as well. Of coarse, she is focused on her running and trying to look after me and the kids too (Laughs).

Are your kids going to be racing soon? Are they showing an interest yet?
Ya I think Talon will be riding this summer. It’s up to him if he wants to race. He enjoys the bicycle races we take him to so I can’t see why he wouldn’t. As far as Millie goes, well, she’s a little diva and likely will be happy just hanging out eating anything she gets her paws on.

Well, have fun this weekend at the races, Happy birthday, and thanks for chatting with us today. Who would you like to thank?
Thank you very much. Thanks to Husqvarna Canada for having my back and believing in me, Parts Canada, 100%, HAF Skate and Tattoo, Brookfiled Bakery and all my friends, family and fans who continue to support.

Good luck this weekend, this winter, and next season, Tyler.


Update #5 is brought to you by the Toronto Supercross, March 12th.

Our resident Supercross ‘expert’ Jeff McConkey is still away soaking up some Caribbean sun but will be back in time to do his ‘McThoughts‘ column for Phoenix. Nothing like going away in the winter only to find out it was 16/65 degrees at home! Sorry, Jeff. Don’t worry, he’ll be home just in time to catch the winter blast that I assume has to be coming…eventually. Climate change is alive and well here in Ontario. I’m supposed to be waist deep in snow here in what has always been called the ‘Snow Belt,’ but I’m looking out the window at green grass. It’s just not right. My hometown of London, Ontario, sits just southeast of Lake Ontario and we usually get ‘Lake Effect’ snow that gives us more than our share. Not this year. I hope dealers in the area can limp their way through the ‘winter season’ and make it to the spring when people start shopping for new bikes! They aren’t selling oil out west and we’re not selling sleds here in the east. There will be some great deals to be had on 2016 sleds, that’s one thing for sure.


Injuries, injuries, injuries. Hey, it’s Supercross – it’s not supposed to be for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing either of the Factory Yoshimura Suzuki riders – James Stewart and Blake Baggett – in Phoenix this week.




James Stewart undergoing tests, Blake Baggett Nursing Shoulder

Chino, CA (Feb. 3, 2016) – Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing will miss this week’s round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, FIM Championship at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The reason for the absence this weekend is that both Yoshimura Suzuki riders are sidelined. Rider James Stewart is undergoing a series of tests to better understand the source of the blurred vision he experienced in last week’s race. He should find out more after getting those results about his schedule to return to action. Teammate Blake Baggett bruised his shoulder in Oakland and needs a bit of healing time.

Yoshimura Suzuki will return as soon as either rider is ready to ride and hopes to back in some capacity in San Diego.

“After retiring from the race with vision problems in Oakland, we encouraged James to undergo further testing and make sure he is 100 percent healthy before returning to racing,” said Mike Webb, team manager for Yoshimura Suzuki. “And Blake took a big hit to the same shoulder he just had surgery on this past weekend. Fortunately, he hasn’t re-broken the shoulder, however it is deeply bruised and at this point he only has limited range of motion. Blake is fairly confident that he should be ready to go by the following round in San Diego.”

The team will issue further updates when additional information is available.

Team Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing is grateful for the support of their sponsors: Yoshimura R&D, Suzuki Motor of America, Dunlop, Motorex, Showa, Renthal, Vortex, Shorai, Elf Racing Fuels, Seven, Hinson Clutch Components, RG3, Matrix, Works Connection, GET, Excel, NGK, D.I.D., Twin Air, Moto Tassinari, Roy’s Cyclery, Guts Racing Products, Mechanix Wear, Kokusan Denki, N-Style and Ogio.

#41 Honda Racing rider Trey Canard will also sit this one out due to his hand injury suffered at A2. He rode Press Day in Arizona but the team has decided he’s not ready yet.

“It’s disappointing to miss another race, but after riding today it was clear I don’t have the strength I need to compete,” he said in a statement. “My hand is getting better but it’s still not 100%.”

Dean Wilson has had knee surgery in Belgium and is, of course, out for the season. Dean summed it all up in an Instagram post:


  • deanwilson15 Sitting here in disbelief asking myself how is this happening to me again? How many people wash there front tire mid turn and just pick there bike back up? This one really stings me as I gave up everything this offseason. With training, sleeping, eating, riding, testing and doing everything in my best possible way to be prepared for the season. I started off the season strong and I felt by round 5 I would be where I wanted to be.

    So came A2, I was putting in a fast lap in timed qualifying which would be my last lap of that practice as I only had a minute 30 seconds to go on the clock. I had a solid lap going all the way until I got to the turn before the finish and my front tire washed nothing crazy but I felt my knee pop and buckle. At that very moment I put my hands together prayed to God and asked him that I didn’t just blow my knee again. I hobbled up went to the truck just praying and unsure what was wrong but I wanted to see if I could ride the next practice.

    So I went out for the next practice and new rite away my knee was blown. As tears ran down my eyes under my goggles I pick up my mechanic Matt ride through the tunnel and back to the pits. I went into the truck and pretty much just broke down. Feeling that this was a year for me to make it happen and come back strong and show KTM why they hired me in the first place I feel like I let all of my sponsors down and including myself. Feeling like this could be the last time I ever race a supercross for a factory team.

    Monday came by and I got MRI and results where a torn ACL, MINISCUS and sprained MCL. My trainer @tylarattray and team came up not to mess around and see the best knee dr there is Dr S.Claes in Belgium. So I have had that surgery done now and recovering.

    This injury has not discouraged me and I am going to do everything I can to come back strong for outdoors. I hope that I can set a good example for people and kids that have unfortunate luck and injuries who feel like they want to quit that just because there are some bumps on the road we push through them and become successful. For me I believe the light is still shining at the end of the tunnel and I am willing to do what ever it takes.

Supercross Points


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.46.53 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.47.12 AM


Superbowl 50

With all these ‘Newton Salutes’ being thrown around lately, it makes me wonder if there are ANY motocrossers cheering for Denver this week! Well, I have to admit, I am. I don’t watch football very often anymore, but when I did Peyton Manning was at the helm of the Colts and so I’m cheering for Denver this week.

Not only that, remember the 2010 MXON at Lakewood? Team Canada was there and so I’ll use that connection to give me a reason to care this Sunday night at my buddy’s Superbowl party.

2010 MXON at Lakewood – Team Canada MX | ‘Inside the Fence’

Sometimes these segues just write themselves! I got my hands on a copy of Randy Ericksen‘s video called ‘inside the fence – team canada at motocross des nations.’ That year, Team Canada consisted of Kaven Benoit, Kyle Keast and Jeremy Medaglia.

Considering how some of our guys were feeling, we actually did pretty well:

Motocross des Nations Team Results:
1. USA, 23
2. Belgium, 30
3. Germany, 44
4. Great Britain, 45
5. Italy, 50
6. Australia, 54
7. France, 71
8. New Zealand, 90
9. Portugal, 94
10. Puerto Rico, 99
11. Switzerland, 102
12. Austria, 109
13. Spain, 115
14. Finland, 116
15. Estonia, 118
16. Canada, 119
17. Latvia, 121
18. Brazil, 123
19. Japan, 128
20. Ireland, 142

I’ll get this full-length production up on the internet and post the link. It’s an interesting watch and sets up this next segue, perfectly.

CMA Names Kourtney Lloyd Team Manager for Team Canada MX at MXON in Italy

Motocross of Nations

I’m sure the biggest thing on most of your minds is how they got their hands on a Bigwave photo for this Press Release, right? No? Just me? Haha. Anyway, this is terrific news for the simple fact that it means the wheels are in motion to get Team Canada back on the World Stage for 2016 and beyond.

Cycle North’s Kourtney Lloyd from Prince George, BC has proven these last few years that she has the skill and the passion to get the team what they need and I think this will be a terrific fit. Congratulations to Kourtney and the CMA for putting whatever problems they had a couple years ago and moving forward again in 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.10.19 AM

We grabbed Kourtney for a quick chat this morning as she was opening the popular shop in ‘The Peeg.’ I was curious how the process works and she told me that she applied for the position at the end of November/beginning of December. She had “no expectations” but was contacted by the CMA’s CEO Marilynn Bastedo after Christmas. The two had lengthy talks about what Kourtney would do for the team and how she would handle certain scenarios.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago that Kourtney was contacted and informed she had, indeed, been chosen for the position. There were several others in the running.

A huge part of running Team Canada MX is raising the necessary funds to make it all work. Kourtney’s main income stream will be a very attractive Raffle. For the ticket price of $100 prizes will include such things as a paid trip to the TransCan for a parent and a racer, $5000 cash, or an all-expenses paid trip for 2 to the 2016 Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas.

At $100/ticket, only 500 tickets are scheduled to be sold, which means two things: A potential of $50000 for the team and really good odds for people to win some great prizes! We’ll have more details on the fundraising as we get it.

It’s going to be good and fresh, and should build some momentum for 2017 in the USA which should be great!” Kourtney concluded.

There’s a new Facebook Page started up for the team. Go check it out: Team Canada Motocross des Nations 2016 and give it a LIKE.

Toronto Supercross 4-Pack of Tickets WINNER


We asked you to send in and tell us why you think you are deserving of FREE TICKETS to the Toronto Supercross, Saturday March 12th. After looking over the emails (a surprising amount came from Maritime provinces) we decided Cassidy Brennan from New Brunswick will receive the tickets this time.

It was a difficult decision because there seemed to be a lot of people willing to make the long drive from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or PEI to be at the event. The fact that we are giving out 4 tickets and there are exactly 4 die-hard moto fans in her hometown, helped.

Anyway, congratulations to Cassidy. We’ll be in touch and get these tickets out to you. Here is Cassidy’s letter:


My name is Cassidy Brennan and I am 16 years old. I’m from a small town in New Brunswick that holds about 800 people. Pretty small, I know. Motocross isn’t a big thing here and there’s not a whole lot of kid’s that are into it. There are 4 in total if you’re wondering.

I’ve had a passion for things that go fast ever since I was small. First it was NASCAR, then I had racing quads and for the past 6 years, it’s been dirtbikes.  I watched my first supercross race on tv when I was 10 and from there I was hooked.  I begged my parents to buy me a bike and let me race but the threat of being thrown off a two wheeled bike scared them…so they got me a quad instead.  Of course it wasn’t what I wanted but I cherished it like it was Ryan Villopoto’s 450.

Now 6 years later I’m still crazy about the sport. If you ask my friends I’m pretty sure they will say that’s all I talk about.  I’ve grown up watching Adam Cianciarulo battle it out with the top racers, cried when he got hurt and any time a new video of him came out, I took a little heart attack inside ( I’m a big fangirl for AC)

Being able to meet my idol or just see him race would be a dream come true. I’ve tried for so long to be able to go to Toronto and see him and all the other amazing racers in both classes fight for first place; but every time the race came close I was always injured. (The last time the supercross series was in Toronto I decided to throw myself off a treadmill in a laundry basked…I ended up with 3rd degree burns all over) I’m kind of a dare devil.

Anyways I probably made this way longer than I should have.. I just really want you guys to know how passionate I am about the sport. I saved up for 3 years just to buy myself my own dirtbike…which I got for my birthday a few months ago. (Of course I made sure it was a 2 stroke.) so I hope you guys consider me for the tickets cause it would be super rad and such a cool experience.


Cassidy, the small town motocross fanatic.

Poll Question – Results

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.58.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.35.19 PM

% of votes

Head over to the site to participate in this week’s Poll Question: Will you be heading south to train this winter?

Kieran Doherty – ‘Across the Pond’ Podcast Series

Let’s check in on the latest podcast from Kingston, Ontario, native Kieran Doherty. He’s living in England and competing in the Pro Lites class in the ArenacrossUK series. Kieran has been producing two podcasts per week, outlining the racing and the lifestyle as he races his first series as a Pro rider. Here’s the latest:

Keep it up, Kieran.

Toronto Supercross Parties

With the Toronto Supercross back on the schedule, it means so too are the DMX Pre and After Parties! We will be at The Houton on Yonge Street again both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday will be a casual night of bench racing and socializing while Saturday will be the night to give prizes away and rub elbows with some SX stars. We will have more details and an official event poster up as soon as we have it. David and Ben Toye are our ‘social conveners’ so it’s shaping up to another great weekend, on and off the track. See you there, but get there early!


See you at the DMX Toronto SX Pre and After-Parties Friday and Saturday nights March 11-12!

Get Fox Sports Racing to All in Canada

From Joel McDonald:


Everyone that has been putting CHANNEL REQUEST to their provides, great job! The rest of you need to help us flood the BELL call centers and for SHAW customers get those e-mails sent! Don’t just complain to your friends, the PROVIDERS need to hear it from all of you!

Visit these sites/publications/organizations, share the information/story with your friends and anyone that shares this passion for Motorsports.
Here is a list of the sites/publications/organizations that have been helping so far. THIS IS A COLLECTIVE EFFORT! Thank you to all!

Check out these sites and spread the word with the #racingforcantv

Direct MX :                                                          
Racer X :                                                             
CMRC: Canadian Motosports Racing Canada:  
MX :                                                
Inside track:                                                         
Inside Motorcycles:                                             
Guaranteed MX :                                                 
MX and Offroad:                                       
OCMC : Oshawa Competition Motorcycle Club: 
MMRS : Maguires Motocross Racing Series:     
GP Bikes:                                                            

Motorsports on Canadian TV– Facebook (5600+)

The Toronto Star By Norris McDonald:


If you are a SHAW CUSTOMER  just simply copy and paste this template to this

and fill out your information


Subject Line: [Channel Request for: City]

Name: [First] [Last]

Account Number: [11 digit Shaw account number]

City: [City],[Province]

Channel(s) Requested: [channel information]


This will go right to the people that need to see it.(the channel planning department)

If you are a BELL CUSTOMER call (1-866-310-2355) and put in your CHANNEL REQUEST.

We also will have the CANADIAN MOTOCROSS SERIES on FOX SPORTS RACING again this year, so put in your CHANNEL REQUEST!

For the customers from the smaller providers you may have to contact them directly.

Thanks Again

Joel McDonald

AX Tour Heads into Tunica, Mississippi, for Final Round

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.19.16 PM

The Arenacross Tour heads into Tunica, Mississippi, Saturday for the final round of the series. Canadian Brock Leitner is poised to finish this series out in the top 3 in the Lites class. Congratulations, Brock.

AX Lites Pro Points

1 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 163 Kaw 828 Mathew Weakley 4 18 7 14 89 0 6 15 3 20 5 32 1 50 149
2 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 3639 Kaw 497 Brock Leitner 7 14 10 11 11 10 7 14 5 16 3 40 2 44 149
3 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 3744 Hon 84 Jesse Wentland 3 20 4 18 2 22 1 25 2 44 129
4 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 2645 Ktm 7 Travis Sewell 2 22 1 25 1 25 1 25 97
5 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 3250 Hus 803 Marcas Nilsen 89 0 2 22 1 50 72
6 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 3115 Hon 393 Daniel Herrlein 1 25 2 22 2 22 69
7 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 2589 Hus 334 Parker Fleming 89 0 8 26 5 32 58
8 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 3673 Yam 643 Jake Oswald 6 15 4 36 51
9 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 305 Yam 519 Josh Cartwright 4 18 3 20 11 10 48
10 AXTour 20 AX Lites Pro 3798 Yam 35x Hunter Hilton 9 12 6 30

AX Pro Points

1 AXTour 24 AX Pro 1623 Ktm 1 Heath Harrison 2 22 2 22 2 22 4 18 6 15 1 50 1 50 199
2 AXTour 24 AX Pro 163 Kaw 828 Mathew Weakley 7 14 9 12 6 15 7 14 3 20 5 32 2 44 151
3 AXTour 24 AX Pro 3744 Hon 84 Jesse Wentland 4 18 3 20 2 22 1 25 2 44 129
4 AXTour 24 AX Pro 2645 Ktm 7 Travis Sewell 1 25 1 25 1 25 1 25 100
5 AXTour 24 AX Pro 3639 Kaw 497 Brock Leitner 11 10 89 0 89 0 9 12 12 9 11 20 5 32 83
6 AXTour 24 AX Pro 3115 Hon 393 Daniel Herrlein 3 20 3 20 7 14 54
7 AXTour 24 AX Pro 2589 Hus 334 Parker Fleming 89 0 12 18 4 36 54
8 AXTour 24 AX Pro 3798 Yam 35x Hunter Hilton 8 13 4 36 49
9 AXTour 24 AX Pro 305 Yam 519 Josh Cartwright 7 14 9 12 2 22 48
10 AXTour 24 AX Pro 3673 Yam 643 Jake Oswald 5 16 7 28

Clash for Cash Points

1 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 1623 Ktm 1 Heath Harrison 3 20 2 22 4 18 3 20 2 22 1 50 1 50 202
2 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 163 Kaw 828 Mathew Weakley 6 15 9 12 9 12 6 15 5 16 10 22 2 44 136
3 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 3744 Hon 84 Jesse Wentland 7 14 1 25 2 22 1 25 2 44 130
4 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 3639 Kaw 497 Brock Leitner 7 14 12 9 9 12 8 13 11 20 4 36 104
5 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 2645 Ktm 7 Travis Sewell 1 25 1 25 2 22 1 25 97
6 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 3115 Hon 393 Daniel Herrlein 2 22 3 20 3 20 62
7 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 305 Yam 519 Josh Cartwright 5 16 8 13 3 20 49
8 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 3673 Yam 643 Jake Oswald 5 16 5 32 48
9 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 3250 Hus 803 Marcas Nilsen 7 14 6 30 44
10 AXTour 42 Clash for Cash 2589 Hus 334 Parker Fleming 12 18 8

OK, everyone have a great Family Day long weekend. For lots of you, that will mean quality time at the practice tracks across the country. Enjoy! I hope everyone in Canada finds a way to enjoy the Supercross action live tomorrow night. Steve, start cooling the beverages and ready the snacks!


The last MXON I went to in Germany, I drove my rental car into a cash grab ‘pedestrians only’ section in the centre of Prague. This cop asked me if I’d not seen the signs. Um, yes, but what the heck do they say???!!! My Czech no es bueno. See you at the races…