Devyn Smith / Tyler Gibbs Injury Updates

By Billy Rainford

Friends #130 Devyn Smith and #22 Tyler Gibbs, both from Mission, BC, came together in 250 moto 1 at River Glade MX this past Sunday and crashed hard.

Tyler went to the hospital on a backboard while Devyn managed to finish the race but went later when the pain in his stomach proved too much.

Here are the results from each:

Devyn – torn bowel requiring surgery that went well. He’ll stay in the hospital in Moncton for 3-4 days before being released. His racing season has come to an end early.

Tyler – fractured T4 and T12 with damage also done to his shoulder and collarbone. All of these will heal in 4-6 weeks. Great news.

Heal up, guys.