(Ontario, Canada – October 13th, 2020)
MATT GOERKE – THE CELEBRATION OF A SUCCESSFUL CAREERFollowing the announcement of professional racing retirement for Matt Goerke, the Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit race team would like to celebrate all of his success.
With over 17 years of pro motocross & supercross racing, Matt accumulated numerous victories, podiums, holeshots and championships. Lining up with the best in the world and racing all across North America, Matt has been a big part of the motocross community through the years. He didn’t leave anything untouched, racing AMA Supercross, winning an AMA Motocross event and accumulating multiple CMRC titles & RTC wins. These accomplishments were more than enough for him to earn a special place in the elite circle. In a real Goerke way, Matt event concluded his impressive career with a win at his last race.
We know that one email would never be enough to go through all of Matt’s achievements, but we decided to pick some of our favorite photos of his racing journey. With these images we hope to bring light on his long and successful career, especially his time in Canada where our team had the chance to work with him.Matt made his first Canadian outing at the 2010 Montreal Supercross. At that point, the US rider was mostly known for his achievements in the AMA Motocross series.In 2011, Goerke kicked-off his first full season of racing on Canadian ground with some berm blasting in Kamloops, BC.Matt discovering Gopher Dunes back in his first full season in Canada. Little did he knew how many times he would return to this infamous track and dominate the field.Young Matt Goerke at Wild Rose MX, Calgary in 2012. It didn’t take long for Matt to become a household name as he grabbed the red plate early on that season
Matt is all smiles as the 2012 winning streak continues in Sand Del Lee, ON.The first of three, very well deserved, championship wins. There is a really satisfying feeling that comes with being crowned the King of Walton and winning your first Canadian title.After heading back south to race in the US in 2013 and 2014, Matt returned to Canada in 2015 and made it happen to grab his second Canadian title in Walton, ON.After a more difficult season in 2016, Matt came back swinging in 2017 and claimed his 3rd CMRC championship in Barrie,ON.Coming into the 2019 season, the Huber Motorsports teams partners with Monster Energy & Canadian Kawasaki Motors, and welcomes Matt to the team. As the series switched from CMRC to RTC, Matt gets to show his indoor skills. Matt would end up winning 2 out of the 4 rounds and finishing 2nd overall in the SX Tour series.It doesn’t take long for Matt to establish himself as a top contender in the MX Tour as well. He is shown here grabbing yet another win at Sand Del Lee.
2019 VS 2012 – Same track, same jump, same results. Things change but they stay the same!2020, a global pandemic and a lot of hard work to finally get to the racing part. Matt battled for the lead all season long and put his KX 450 on the podium on multiple occasions.Gopher Dunes 2020 – Last round of the SX Tour series and last professional race for Matt. Ending it all on the highest note possible, with a win!With over 10 years spent in Canada, we would like to thank Matt for his riding ethic, his numerous & impressive racing battles as well as giving us the chance to get to know him on a personal basis and create lifelong bonds.Thanks for everything, Matt. See you on the beach!

All Photo Credit: James Lissimore (@lissimorephoto)

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