Faces at the Races | 2022 TransCan and Walton 2 National

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford (Yell at him)

It’s finally time for ‘Faces at the Races‘ from the 2022 TransCan and Round 9 of the Canadian Triple Crown Series MX Nationals at Walton Raceway 2. It’s a long one, so get a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let’s drop the gate.

How could we not start with Jamie on the bagpipes ushering in the 2022 TransCan?! We couldn’t, that’s how.
Sure, we’ve had our differences in the past (all of 2009, for example…), but I’ll be the first one to say how good a job Ryan Gauld does on the microphone at these big events. I think parenthood has softened that heart of his.
And look at this, he’s now 66% of the photo content of this column! These shots are of the opening ceremonies.
Mel and Brett Lee safely tucked away behind the stage waiting to welcome everyone to their farm for the week. Brett looks like he already feels the weight of the previous 29 years of the TransCan.
They pulled up 4 of the Fox Bronze Boot prospects for 2022. That’s Izack Guadagna, Crayden Dillon, Blake Davies, and Tanner Scott (left to right).
Tanner Ward came out to talk about the Tanner Steffler Foundation and his Ride with Me charity race…I mean ride for Mental Health Awareness.
There are a lot of racers having babies these days. You can add Zeb Dennis’s name to that growing list.
The track at Walton always has a face of its own.
I don’t want to make this Faces at the Races all about podium shots, but I really like throwing some black and white at them, so here are a bunch. That’s #58 Blake Davies.
#147 Hayden Jameson.
If you hadn’t heard the name Brennan Schofield before you got to Walton, you definitely had by the time you left! I don’t remember the last time we had a Canadian in World MX News like we just did with Brennan. There can’t be any of you reading this and scratching your head, can there?
#2 Brandy McLarty.
#5 Tyler Medaglia raced the TransCan.
Look, there he is again!
#161 Justin Burge.
I remember when someone told Brett they wouldn’t pay him to kick rocks down a gravel road. And I’m still not sure what that even means! Lol
Yep, this one will come back on a Thursday in the future. That’s Braxton Zeitner.
You won’t escape the future either, #40 Brock Kehler.
Knuckles between Zeitner and #213 Hayden Dupuis.
More knuckles between #613 Cole Pranger and #1W Jayden Riley.
#141 Danny Robertson’s speeches were instant classics.
As was this haircut on #19 Deagan Gibney.
Young #29 Beckett Burke was really good on the mic, too. I’m guessing we’ll see lots more of this guy on podiums.
We all feel better knowing this English sheep dog, AKA Ron Cameron, is patrolling the grounds. “Morning, Sam…Morning, Ralph…”
Mhmm, sure, Ron…
I always forget just how young #111 Gavin Forsbrey is, and then he takes his helmet off. This kid’s got potential.
Oh, don’t worry, his tee shirts get better…
I wish we had 2 awards to give out because #7 Bobby Gravel was a warrior at the TransCan.
And this guy, #28 Sam Gaynor, was one all summer!
He waved and now Hayden Dupuis is the only name mentioned in this shot. It’s that easy, everyone!
That’s #130 Quinlan Hart.
And that’s #327 Connor Etches.
“Hey, KT, would you mind taking over the interview duties? Your first assignment will be pulling teeth from the 50cc kids…” He did a great job.
I’m just gonna go ahead and assume young Hayden Belan picked #45 because he knew it was my first race number back in…1981. Ouch!
The chance you’ll see this photo of #34 Wyatt Kerr in his Frid’Eh Update interview this week is high…very high.
Riders and families will always come and go in sports, so you really need to enjoy seeing everyone while you can. Good to see you, #10 Keylan Meston.
I’m not exactly sure how he did it, but #573 Chris Blackmer gained popularity here in Canada in a very short time. The fans love this guy!
#630 Mason Murdy.
I remember going out for dinner with Jeff McConkey at a nice bar/restaurant in downtown Calgary. He looked at me and said, “This place it too nice…I have a dirt bike on my shirt!” She has a dirt bike tattooed on her shoulder. That’s commitment!
You just know there’s a great story that goes along with this tattoo.
#3 Malia Garant has to get some bonus points for handling the big bikes like she does.
Who was it that said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing!”? OK, I’m back from the Google machine. It was UCLA Bruins football coach Red Sanders back in 1953.
I saw the Racines holding hands and said, “Aw, isn’t that cute.” They said, “You mean the dog?” Nope.
Chad Goodwin and #138 Dylan Rempel.
Keep an eye on these guys. The awnings will just keep getting bigger, for sure.
Westen Wrozyna is a reason #454 Ben Leclair looked so good this year.
This classic TransCan pose brought to you courtesy of Cole Pranger.
It’s not often you see two brothers on stage..with mullets. That’s #810 Travis Roberts. Last time it happened in these parts may have been the Bigelow brothers back in the 1980’s!
#807 Drew Roberts.
There was some obvious tension after the 2-Stroke final but Sam said the important title would be on Sunday.
Someone remind me about this Connor Etches photo in about 10 or 12 years, please.
#216 Aaron Henry was one of the memorable stories from this year. If he races again in 2023, remember that name.
#15 Talon Medaglia answering one of Brett’s questions with a simple shrug of the shoulders.
#213 Hayden Dupuis.
Another classic look from Talon.
Malia Garant and #47 Blair Nauta.
Making my job look pretty damn easy.
Watching #9 Chandler Powell on stage.
Chandler got passed at the very end and thought he’d lost the title. He still got it and gave us this classic TransCan moment.
Fox Racing Canada’s Danika White.
There, we owed him a good one.
It’s probably different when you’re on the other end, but I like the tight ship Tim Lee runs as Head Referee.
8-time champ Eve Brodeur “volunteered” to help on the mic. She did a good job.
Ooh, wait, I think she may have put #18 Hannah and herself to sleep!
She bounced back with Brandy McLarty.
Now that’s a kid being a kid!
I don’t think he’s coming back.
Steve Shore with Hayden on the line.
#71 Josh Bryan had a very solid week.
But everyone’s with yellow plates would have been better if these guys hadn’t shown up! Lol.
I get that look a lot, Deagan, don’t worry.
And that one…
Glamour shots on the WMX podium.
I never spoke to this kid but his name was something like The Devil in Italian and he had this on the back of his bib. He has to be a character!
#138 Steve Shore did it for the 2-stroke lovers out there.
#120 Jim Frederickson held him off in the final moto but Steve took the title.
#161 Jamieson MacDonald got himself up on the stage once.
Sebastien Racine’s new profile pic.
Blake went down hard and fought through the pain to take the title.
Evan Stewart did the same and took our ‘DMX Total Devotion Award Presented by Club MX’ honours.
Different but still a classic.
Even Chris knew Colton Facciotti won that first photo finish race at the Shift Holeshot Challenge. I hope he shared the $600 with 6-Time.
This was #26 Ayrton Pomeroy’s first trip onto the podium at the TransCan.
It was great to see Jake Tricco at the track cheering on his brother.
We’ll definitely see this #27 Alek Guadagno smile more in the future.
That’s #22 Jonathan Bergeron on stage in the 85 (7-11) class.
#20 was Enduro guy Shane Cuthbertson. I’ll be seeing him this weekend at the Red Bull Outliers event in Calgary.
The Tricco guys.
#22 Payton “Moon Unit” Morningstar was genuinely pumped to make it up onto the stage in a moto on Saturday.
Tanner Scott rode in pain to take a title after getting taken down in the first turn by Dylan Rempel.
Team Scott.
And let’s not forget the great job done all week by Dave Bell up in his ivory tower.
They’re cheering for you, Dave.
Chris Lee enjoying TransCan “retirement.”
Sorry Fox Racing Canada’s Jeff Fullerton, I didn’t really try very hard here, did I…
It was also great to see #52 Luke Tricco back on the track after a few years away.
Then it was time for the awards, but we won’t go into that here, but that’s John Roney from Xtreme Toys in London.
That’s what it looked like at sundown.
#943 Noah Viney up from California for the final Pro National on Sunday.
We don’t see him very often, so he gets another one.
#26 Westen Wrozyna is leaning on his 450 but he rode the 250 for the team again at the final round.
#3 Shawn Maffenbeier only needed 8th to secure 3rd in the 450 championship.
Tanner Ward qualified in both classes but then only raced his usual 450 class. It was one of those days.
Hey, I think Joe Kremkow is syphoning oil out of this bike!
I told you it was coming!
The injured girls are always popular at school, just ask Saturday Night Live.
That’s impressive.
It was cool to have Zach Osborne here for a weekend, but I never actually spoke to him.
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I bet that shot was properly exposed, composed, and something else that rhymes.
This is how Tyler Medaglia ended his final round. He’d already secured 2nd in the 450 class so he dropped down to help Mitchell Harrison in the 250 class.
I don’t know who Paul is but I almost got run over taking this one.
Chris fell before the stepdown and this was the result.
Now what?
Don’t worry about it, Allison, you look fine.
I bled for this photo. Literally.
Justin Petker won the inaugural Kevin Scott memorial award for his willingness to help out anyone and everyone.
I can still see Kevin sitting cross-legged in his lawn chair at the races. Congratulations, Justin.
#533 Josiah Natzke crashed as hard as you’re going to see and then still managed to take 3rd. Be sure to cheer for him on Team New Zealand at the MXON.
I managed to get on stage without falling for this one.
Dylan and Ryder celebrate a very good day.
#33 Jeremy McKie pulled a full on George Costanza and left on a high note, too.
No caption needed. Wait, does that count?
Brayden and Colton taking it all in.
My mom always contorted herself to take a photo, too.

I think Dan Stenning took these next few with one of my cameras.

What a burnout! I’m talking about the actual burnout, folks.
It was a good one, wasn’t it.
I’m not above stealing one of James’s angles.
I definitely didn’t take this one. As Shaggy would say, “Wasn’t me…”
It was great to hang out with my old friend, Cary Hitchen, at the races again.
OK, I need to go cool down after all these captions. I hope you enjoyed our look at the TransCan and Round 9 at Walton 2. See you at the races…

Bring on AX/SX.