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Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

It felt great to be at a Monster Energy AMA Supercross race again this past weekend in San Diego. Actually, it would have felt great to be anywhere in San Diego last weekend after leaving the ice and snow storm behind us back in Canada! After a 40-hour drive across the continent, Jack Wright and I were ready to catch some racing action.

With all the rain leading up to Saturday, nobody got a chance to ride the track for Press Day. In fact, the chance to watch a few riders on the track and interview them before this round was essentially canceled. 

Anyway, the racing was some of the best we’ve seen in both classes. However, ‘Faces at the Races‘ isn’t about the racing on the track, it’s about the people on and around it. So, here’s our first edition for the Supercross season.


First things first…find the Canadian pits! That’s Rick and Lori Leitner surely checking out a DMX post of some sort while trainer, Sean Hamblin, enjoys a moment of calm.

20170114 Julien Perrier

Team PR-MX’s Julien Perrier was all the way out west with #471 Logan Karnow set to race his 250F in the 450 class. Unfortunately, Logan’s night ended early when he came up short on the triple and broke his wrist. Heal up, Logan, and we’ll see you on the east coast.


A quick cruise through the pits to see what was going on…


Cooper Webb is still trying to get things sorted out to be able to finish up where he feels he belongs.


Jason Anderson’s sweet Husky.


I wonder if Chad Reed still gets the pre-race butterflies?

20170114 Seth Rarick

And the award for ‘Mr Congeniality’ goes (as always) to our friend Seth Rarick who spent a lot of time touring the grounds handing out hugs. Oh, he’s also making a strong case for ‘Haircut of the Event,’ too.

20170114 Andy Wilson

I found Andy Wilson in his happy place working on Dean’s bike in the pits.

20170114- Musquin

Mathilde Musquin TCB but perhaps breaking a ‘Distracted Driving’ law.

20170114- James Lissimore

Steve Matthes was being side-kicked by a strange lumberjack person.


Nice to meet you, Mike.

20170114- Jess Pettis

Jess Pettis was in San Diego as a spectator. He’s at the doctor’s as I type finding out if he can get back on the bike today after his fractured shoulder blade.

20170114 Kevin Urqhart

He’s living at Kevin Urqhart’s ‘Bulldog Training Facility’ in Menifee. Thanks for the hospitality, Kevin.


Track walk is always the best time to through the camera over your shoulder and get awkward!

20170114-Brock Leitner

Brock Leitner’s new profile pic.

20170114- Brock Leitner


20170114-Brock Leitner

Hey, when you’re the sole Canadian at a Supercross you get more than a couple shots!

20170114- Brock Leitner Potter

Brock just missed making the night show in San Diego.

20170114 Brock Leitner

Unfortunately, he crashed while practicing yesterday and will miss a bit of racing.


Here’s how you do this rhythm section, Austin.

20170114- Austin Forkner

Austin Forkner considers it.

20170114- Jordan Bailey

Future star, Jordan Bailey, was there checking out the scene.

20170114-Tim Ferry

“Steve, I said I want my car right HERE when I get done…HERE!”

20170114 Justin Bogle

You can’t see it here, but I’m sure Justin Bogle has some leg swag going on just out of this shot.

20170114 Josh Grant

“Leg swag is for…..”


Little guys walking the track are easily distracted.

20170114- Tyla Rattray

Tyla Rattray walking with his guys.

20170114-Jake Wiemer

Jake Wiemer in Canada in 2017? I do declare… (said in a southern belle voice)

20170114 Jake Wiemer

Seriously though, could it happen?


Still running it.

20170114- Weston Peick

I heard what Weston Peick said to Vince Friese after the main event at A1 and it was something about almost lapping him.

20170114- Martin Davalos

Martin Davalos gets a lot of flak for still being in the 250 class, but where would you go if you were him?

20170114- Seth Rarick

Seth ponders Martin’s options for a spell…

20170114- Brett Metcalfe

I asked Brett Metcalfe how he’s going to race full-time in Australia and still do our series. He joked, “It’s going to be a lot of travel.”

20170114- Vince Friese

Vince Friese studies a section.

20170114 Josh Grant

“Studying is for……”

20170114- Aldon Baker

Aldon Baker doesn’t even rest on race day.

20170114- Ryan Dungey

Everyone was happy to see Ryan Dungey has the pace to stay with Roczen… except maybe Kenny.


Not a great way to get your Pro career rolling.

20170114- Mitchell Oldenburg

Just when Mitchell Oldenburg was getting ready to strike…

20170114- Chris Howell

“What’d you just say to me?!”

20170114 Chris Howell

Chris Howell checking things out.

20170114 Noah McConahy Kevin Urqhart

Noah McConahy was fighting some bike issues in San Diego and is also an illness. A2 will be better.

20170114- Jimmy Decotis

“Does anyone else smell that?” Sorry, Jimmy, I just thought that was funny.

20170114- Marvin Musquin Ken Roczen

2/3 of the 450 podium.

20170114- Alex Ray

Alex Ray was about to get some interview love.

20170114- Mitchell Oldenburg

Note to the photographer who was snapping shots of Mitchell Oldenburg before he was moving… let’s wait until we know he’s OK to get your shots. This isn’t TMZ.


Hiding her enthusiasm well.

20170114 Josh Grant

“Hiding is for……”

20170114- Jack Wright Davin Grose

Jack Wright and Davin Grose didn’t see me lurking.


Thank you for the amazing Supercross Dog, Wienerschnitzel. See you this weekend!


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20170114- Ken Roczen

Top dogs get sound checked early in the evening.


Cole Seely gets the treatment too.

20170114 Jimmy Decotis

Jimmy Decotis warming up before the night show.


Then it was opening ceremonies time!


Not bad.


Military Appreciation Night was pretty special. There were quite a few watery eyes down where I was standing.

20170114- Josh Grant

“Crying is for……”


The trick was going the appropriate speed to slap hands.

20170114- Davi Millsaps

Davi Millsaps gets a little cross-rutted.

20170114- Eli Tomac

It’s not easy! You know how fast an idling 450 goes.


Cole Seely gave a way a helmet.

20170114 jason Anderson

Jason Anderson.

20170114- Marvin Musquin

Marvin Musquin and his lit up Leatt Brace.

20170114- Ken Roczen

Kenny came in hot and missed a few hands.

20170114 Ryan Dungey

Ryan gave away a jersey to this soldier who lost his legs. It was quite a moment.

20170114- Justin Hill

Justin Hill talks to the booth after winning his heat.

20170114- Blake Baggett

Look at all those jerks over there looking at the great shots they got of Blake Baggett’s loop out while I stand on the wrong side.

20170114 Jason Anderson

Jason after his heat win.


Davi getting things just right at the line.

20170114 Cade Clason

Canadian #7 Cade Clason.


Time for another heat race.

20170114 Cade Clason

I saw Cade do his traditional pre-race ritual twice before this one.

20170114- Ken Roczen

Just another night of winning for this guy.


“Hey, good luck in this holeshot challenge…”


“Thanks, man…”

20170114- Cade Clason

Other than a tennis major, is there anywhere else you feel more alone when you’re really not?

20170114- Jimmy Decotis

Jimmy ready for a great start to this one.

20170114- Alex Ray

And there it is. Alex gets his moment.

20170114- Shane McElrath

A hard-fought win for Shane McElrath.

20170114- Shane McElrath


20170114 Aaron Plessinger

“Mmm, yes…I’m thinking of a word…” Anyone remember Johnny Carson’s “Carnac” bit? No? I’m alone again here, aren’t I?

20170114- Jenny Taft

Jenny Taft does a great job.

20170114- Justin Hill

One more lap, Justin…

20170114- Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson keeping it light on the inside gate for the main.

20170114- Davi Millsaps

Davi is NOT “keeping it light.”

20170114-Broc Tickle

Sorry, Broc, I’m just doing my job!

20170114 Eli Tomac

Eli checks the big screen before his main.

20170114- Ryan Dungey

Ryan keeps his breathing in check before the main.

20170114- Aaron Plessinger

Aaron Plessinger is fun to watch on and off the track. Is it “ger” or “ger?”

20170114- Shane McElrath

Now THAT is a happy face.

20170114- Shane McElrath

And yet he was still able to take it up a notch.


Haha Is anyone going to mention where the girl on the right is looking because I’m not!

20170114- San Diego Podium

When you have a sore shoulder and so only bring 1 camera down with the big lens, this is all you get for a podium shot. McElrath, Hill, Plessinger.

20170114 Marvin Musquin

Mathilde runs to congratulate Marvin on his 3rd place finish.

20170114 Ryan Dungey

In case anyone wondered if Ryan was happy with his San Diego performance.

20170114 Ryan Dungey

Roger: “But you didn’t win, Ryan.” Ah crap…

20170114- Ken Roczen

A lot of high fives for Kenny.

20170114- Ken Roczen

And hugs…



And closer hugs…

20170114- Blake Savage

And awkward hugs…

20170114- Blake Savage

Just kidding, Blake Savage.

20170114- Marvin Musquin

Marvin was a little off the leaders’ pace but way ahead of the rest.

20170114- San Diego Podium

450 podium: Roczen, Dungey, Musquin.

20170114- Ken Roczen

Will this guy keep the ball rolling at A2?


On my way to the boring DMX Van, I spotted this little gem in the parking lot. I could see a collaboration in the future…

20170115- Davin Grose

We’ll let Davin say it this time. “See you at the races…” Surf’s up, bro!


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