Frid’Eh Update #19 | Quinn Amyotte | Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Yamaha Motor Canada
Week #19 belongs to Quinn Amyotte from Blackstock, Ontario. | Bigwave photo

Welcome to Week #19 of the DMX Frid’EH Update this week presented by Yamaha Motor Canada. In the immortal words of Barry Manilow, it “Looks like we made it!” to summer here in Southwestern Ontario where the DMX World Headquarters are located. It’s been a long past couple weeks with below seasonal temperatures and the COVID stay-at-home/lockdown orders still in effect here in Ontario.

For 2021, Quinn Amyotte chose #19 as his career race number. Quinn comes from a racing family. He’s a Pro, his sister, Jensen Amyotte raced and writes our ‘Out of the Blue‘ WMX column presented by Schrader’s, his brother, Mitch Amyotte, may just be the most stylish person you’re going to see at the races, and his other brother, Bennet Amyotte, is also a racer and may or may not be the one and only Larry Enticer. These guys deserve a TV show!

Quinn will ride for the Manluk Merge Racing Rock River Yamaha team in 2021. | Bigwave photo

Quinn recently signed to race the 250 class with American Ryder Floyd as his teammate on the Manluk Merge Racing Rock River Yamaha team here at the Canadian Triple Crown Series. With the progress he’s made and the potential he shows, this added support should be exactly what Quinn needs to get into the upper echelon of racing.

He spent a pretty amazing winter down in Florida training with Cullen Park, Alex Martin, and Ken Roczen (sort of) at Sandbox MX.

Check out our video interview from a couple days ago below. | Bigwave photo

Here’s a look at Quinn’s 202 results:

When we found out he was going to be riding an old team race bike at Jack Wright‘s Wright MX Training track, we thought about it and decided we could go and get some coverage of it from a safe distance, so we went for it.

Here’s a ‘Tailgating‘ video interview we did with Quinn at the end of the day:

Good luck to Quinn and his team this coming season.

Casey Keast Headed for Team PRMX for 2021 and Beyond

Casey Keast MX/SX deal in the works. | Bigwave photo

We’ve learned that Kelowna, BC racer Casey Keast is very close to inking a deal to race on the PRMX team for 2021 and beyond.

Casey is the rider who has a ton of natural talent, is still improving, and has skills on the Supercross track, too.

At this point, it looks like there is a plan in place to get Casey to the 2021 Canadian Triple Crown Series in the 250 class with the added goal of racing Monster Energy AMA Supercross in 2022.

Casey would likely be the only rider in the usually-full stable of PRMX riders this summer for the Canadian campaign, but would later join the rest of his teammates down south to prepare for the 2022 SX season.

The deal would be a combination of support through PRMX and Carlson Racing. At this point, they are still working out the bike brand.

We’ll let a few more details get ironed out before we grab Casey or PRMX team owner Julien Perrier for an interview on the subject, but this deal would be a great boost for Casey and his MX/SX career..

First Look | Keylan Meston on MX101 Yamaha

Last week, we reported that Calgary, AB rider #10 Keylan Meston had indeed signed to race on the MX101 FXR Yamaha team with assistance from Carlson Racing MX. Today, Kevin Tyler from MX101 posted a photo of Keylan getting comfortable on his new ride on their Instagram page.

Check it out:

Keylan joins close friend Shawn Maffenbeier in the 450 class with Marco CannellaAustin Jones, and Jamie Powell in the 250 class.

Shelby Turner 2nd at J Day Off Road

Combined Moto Results – Women’s Pro
Moto 1Moto 2
PlaceBike#Rider NameBrandPlaceLapsTotal
150Shelby TurnerKTM160:28:28160:28:11
2215Marina CancroYAM260:29:09260:29:51
3928Savannah KippSHE350:26:16350:26:41
4504Haley BourdonHUS450:27:23450:27:46
5418Ciara BernardKTM650:29:11550:29:08
6247Talia DauphinHUS550:28:12650:29:29
7224Rachel SullivanKTM820:13:01750:30:43
8683Miranda MullenYAM750:30:00840:25:53
Moto 1 Women’s Pro – Cumulative Race Times by Place
PlaceRider#Rider NameBrandLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5Lap 6
150Shelby TurnerKTM0:04:25 (1)0:09:02 (1)0:13:44 (1)0:18:41 (1)0:23:35 (1)0:28:28 (1)
2215Marina CancroYAM0:04:30 (2)0:09:14 (2)0:14:09 (2)0:19:03 (2)0:24:10 (2)0:29:09 (2)
3928Savannah KippSHE0:04:43 (3)0:10:18 (3)0:15:38 (3)0:20:52 (3)0:26:16 (3) 
4504Haley BourdonHUS0:05:17 (5)0:10:41 (4)0:16:15 (4)0:21:54 (4)0:27:23 (4) 
5247Talia DauphinHUS0:05:25 (7)0:11:04 (5)0:16:35 (5)0:22:08 (5)0:28:12 (5) 
6418Ciara BernardKTM0:05:24 (6)0:11:17 (7)0:17:12 (6)0:23:07 (6)0:29:11 (6) 
7683Miranda MullenYAM0:05:11 (4)0:11:09 (6)0:17:32 (7)0:23:48 (7)0:30:00 (7) 
8224Rachel SullivanKTM0:05:28 (8)0:13:01 (8)    
Moto 2 Women’s Pro – Cumulative Race Times by Place
PlaceRider#Rider NameBrandLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5Lap 6
150Shelby TurnerKTM0:04:18 (1)0:08:54 (1)0:13:36 (1)0:18:33 (1)0:23:20 (1)0:28:11 (1)
2215Marina CancroYAM0:04:36 (2)0:09:26 (2)0:14:23 (2)0:19:25 (2)0:24:36 (2)0:29:51 (2)
3928Savannah KippSHE0:04:58 (3)0:10:30 (3)0:15:52 (3)0:21:13 (3)0:26:41 (3) 
4504Haley BourdonHUS0:05:29 (5)0:10:54 (5)0:16:22 (4)0:21:51 (4)0:27:46 (4) 
5418Ciara BernardKTM0:05:33 (7)0:11:20 (6)0:17:17 (5)0:23:11 (5)0:29:08 (5) 
6247Talia DauphinHUS0:05:20 (4)0:10:45 (4)0:17:57 (6)0:23:40 (6)0:29:29 (6) 
7224Rachel SullivanKTM0:05:32 (6)0:11:31 (7)0:17:59 (7)0:24:15 (7)0:30:43 (7) 
8683Miranda MullenYAM0:05:36 (8)0:13:22 (8)0:19:39 (8)0:25:53 (8)

Burg Gilliomee to Race Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Round 1 at Fox Raceway

Burg has been training all winter down at Grindstone MX in California and hopes to make it into the motos in the 250 class at round 1 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships at Fox Raceway in Pala, California, on May 29th.

We’ll be sure to get in touch with him as soon as we can to talk about his journey from the off-road world into the deepest pool in the Motocross world – The AMA Pro Nationals.

Official Mad Skills MX 3 Release Trailer

WE’ve been playing this game in one form or another for almost a year here in Canada, but Mad Skills MX 3 is about to be released to the world at the end of the month.

We were told that there was a “soft launch” of the game in Canada and the Philippines a while back but that this finished product should have some changes not yet seen or played.

I’m not great at Mad Skills MX 2 and don’t seem to be improving, but I’m going to get the chance to preview the finished product here before the launch, so I’ll be sure to post an article on my thoughts. Game release date is set for May 25th.

For the record, saying I’m not good at a video game really hurts because I was actually the world record holder of Star Castle for a very short period of time, wayyyy back in the day.

If nothing else, this trailer is pure gold:

OK, we’ll leave things there for the week. It’s time to go meet a couple moto heads for a loop of the Fanshawe Lake MTB trails. Have a great weekend, everyone.

How’s this for Canadian?! “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo