Hey, what are you doing this summer…Davey Fraser?

By Billy Rainford

As I scrolled through social media, it became clear to me that there are a lot of fast Pro riders who haven’t made their plans for summer racing clear or concrete. Most recently, I saw a photo of Enfield, Nova Scotia’s Davey Fraser railing a rut this past weekend and it gave me this idea to just give him a call and see what’s up, and so he is our first subject in, “Hey, what are you doing this summer?

Davey Fraser 2

Davey Fraser will be #36 for 2016, but what are his racing plans? Well, here ya go. – Photo lifted from his Facebook page with permission

Enfield, Nova Scotia’s Davey Fraser was at work when I called him this afternoon. In fact, he was 30 feet in the air! Davey works as a carpenter and today’s job had him elevated to dangerous level, and yet he was still taking calls. Classic.

We hadn’t heard a lot from the likeable rider from just outside Halifax, lately. Davey tells us he has done something this past winter he’s never done before…TRAIN. He’s always relied on natural talent and raced himself into shape, so to speak. This year, he’s working with the same trainer as fellow Husqvarna rider, Tyler Medaglia.

Katie MacDonald Farris at KMF Athletic Therapy in Lower Sackville is the one who is making this big change in Davey’s program, and it sounds like it’s already paying off. Davey said he has never felt so good on his first ride of the season…which was just last weekend. He’s even purchased a road bike and has been putting int the miles. The most noticeable change has been the fact that when he put his knee braces on for the first time this spring, the straps wouldn’t even make it around his newly-sculpted calves! #results

Davey Fraser 3

Davey got himself a trainer and will be racing MX2 on a Husqvarna 250 2-stroke at all 10 rounds of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals. – Bigwave photo

Davey will compete in all 10 rounds of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals in the MX2 class (He competed in MX1 in 2015). He is putting his own program together with his buddy, Dave Butler, who will act as mechanic, team manager, and man-friend.

At this point, Davey will be driving west on his own in his pick-up pulling a cargo trailer. Dave will fly out to help in Kamloops and then be at all of the eastern rounds.

Davey is eligible to race a 250 2-stroke so that is what you’ll find him racing this summer. He plans to race 2 local races in the weeks before Whispering Pines.

Watch for the official Press Release from Team Fraser as soon as we receive it here at Direct Motocross.

Thanks for the chat today, Davey. Now get back to work and try not to fall out of your perch!