Out of the Blue: Emily Cole

By Jeff McConkey

Name: Emily Cole

Birth Date: September 21 1987

Hometown: Torbay, Newfoundland

Occupation: Childcare/ Horseback riding instructor

Number: 487

Bike: 2012 crf250

Classes: Ladies


Let’s get to know Newfoundland’s Emily Cole. – Kim Snelgrove photo

How did you get started in racing?
I always loved to watch Supercross on TV and my brother rode dirt bikes growing up. I rode horses so I didn’t have time for bikes. When I was 22, I went out and bought my first bike ever… A 2007 crf100. I moved up to a 2007 crf150rb within the first year and once our new motocross track, Riverview Motocross, was opened up I knew I wanted to try racing. So, myself and a few of the other lady riders got together and formed the first women’s class here on the island and the rest is history.

As a little girl, did you ever expect to be this deep into a sport like motocross racing?
I never expected to race motocross or even have my own dirt bike. It’s challenging learning something new as an adult and I’ve had to overcome many obstacles in the last couple of years. I am so happy to be part of such an exciting sport and have met so many people all over Atlantic Canada. Also, been so fortunate to ride many different tracks and see many cool places.

Do you think motocross racing is harder for a female to compete in?
I don’t  think being a female makes it harder to compete in. There are women’s/ladies classes and if a female feels like she can do it then she can race with the boys! Racing and riding is a great confidence builder, and an awesome way to meet new people.

Who is your favourite rider and why?
My all-time favourite rider is Ricky Carmichael. He is one of the first riders I can remember watching as a kid and I also really like his riding style, and his attitude.

Is there one lady racer out there that you think has paved the way for other girls to be successful in the sport?
Jolene Van Vugt. She is doing things no other woman has done on a dirt bike and also on pedal bike. She’s a great racer and a very talented and brave rider. I think she’s awesome, she’s tougher than the boys and shows there are no boundaries just because we’re girls. Be yourself and push your limits!

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?
I look up to Canadian pro Colton Facciotti. He’s got a great attitude and I like his riding style.


Emily’s hero? “I would have to say I really admire Ashley Chaffin. Not many females really throw it down on a sled. I admire her because she is a successful business woman, is awesome on a sled, and is a positive role model.” – Ray of Light photography photo

What is your favourite track and why?
My favourite track is Mount Thom in Nova Scotia. It’s my favourite because I love the long sandy start and I also love the wide open berms, you can carry a lot of speed on that track.
Who is your hero?
Although it’s hard to pick just one, I would have to say I really admire Ashley Chaffin. Not many females really throw it down on a sled. I admire her because she is a successful business woman, is awesome on a sled, and is a positive role model.
What were your goals for this season?
Although I didn’t race this season, my goals were to get comfortable on my bike again and to get as much seat time as possible.

What are your biggest accomplishments?
Biggest accomplishment is just learning to ride as an adult and actually riding and racing! Also, I did get a third place finish in my first motocross race in 2013 on my crf150rb!
What is your favourite part about going to the races?
The atmosphere at the motocross track on race day is pretty exciting. Seeing all of your riding friends and meeting new people.  I’m looking forward to a fresh bike and the 2016 season!


Emily enjoys horseback riding, photography, sledding, and snowboarding when she isn’t riding. -David Penton photo

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?
I haven’t raced since 2014, but I have put more time on my dirt bike in one season than I did the past three! Riding in the sand and trail riding, I am an avid photographer, snowmobile during the winter, and recently I have picked up snowboarding!

Is it important to have a motocross racer as a boyfriend/partner, or just a bonus?
Not necessarily someone who races but definitely someone who rides and enjoys working on the dirt bikes on a Friday night!

If you ever have children, will they be motocross racers?
If that’s something they were interested in, yes.
Who do you want to thank?
I’d like to thank my family for letting me use their garage and for all their support. All of my riding buddies for all their tips, help with maintenance, and for pushing me to be where I am now. I’d like to thank Atomik nutrition in Dieppe, NB for their knowledge and guidance. Dave Parsons and Rodi Short at Peak Performance Training for their support and guidance with fitness and nutrition.