Throwback Thursday: 2102 Nanaimo National

By Billy Rainford

With round 2 of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals set to take place this weekend in Nanaimo, BC, I figured we’d have a quick, tongue-in-cheek look back to see how things were different 3 short years ago:


In 2012, there were 3 Allison brothers to watch for on the track.


Brett Lee was still happily crisscrossing the country to get yelled at and play in the mud.


A young upstart named Kyle Keast was fresh on the scene and looking for results. OK, it wasn’t THAT long ago.


Adam Turner had yet to know the joys of marriage and parenthood. Hahahaha…


Fox Canada’s Jay Moore was barely ‘reaching out,’ ‘posting copy,’ and using other jargon of the marketing world. I miss that Jay… 😉


Kyle Beaton could still be found lining up to challenge for podiums in the MX2 class..and barely limping.


Pat O’Connor (left) and Donk weren’t lost in the ‘Where are they now?’ file.


Like this year, Matt Goerke had come into the season healing an injury but would soon dominate the series. Wait until you see this guy at Gopher Dunes!


Like 2015, the Medaglias were as much about their hair as they were about going for wins. Of course, I’m just jealous.


Remember this guy? Tyler Villopoto came up and showed the world how to scrub the heck out of a 450.


These two youngsters (Shawn Maffenbeier (left) and Kyle Carruthers) were having fun traveling across the country. One still is and the other is MIA.


Nicky Beatty was doing the entire series and would later win new wheels for his truck by grabbing both holeshots in Moncton.

That was all for fun, folks. Let's see what kind of memories 2015 has in store for us...

That was all for fun, folks. Let’s see what kind of memories 2015 has in store for us…