Photo Report | Gopher Dunes Amateur Racing | Race Tech

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Race Tech

Here’s a look at some of the winners from two solid days of amateur racing at Round 4 of the AMO Ontario Provincial Championships at Gopher Dunes.

#99 Austin Kukielka won the youngest class on the big track, the 50cc (4-6) class.
#109 Cody Meatherall was undefeated in 50cc (7-8) and 50cc GP.
#27 Alek Guadagno took 65 (7-9) and 65 Open without losing a moto.
#22 Jonathan Bergeron ran the table in 65 (10-11).
#800 Grayson Kemp took the win in 65 Open B with 1-4 motos.
#753 Lillyan Turner won Girls (4-8).
#99 Bella Morgan went 1-1 in Girls (9-16).
#1 Eve Brodeur won Ladies A 12+.
#138 Dylan Rempel won 85 (12-16) 2-1 and Supermini 1-1.
#147 Hayden Jameson was the one to beat in both Junior classes and the Schoolboy class. He was 6 for 6!
#212 Sebastien Racine and #164 were fun to watch battle in 250 Intermediate with Sebastien taking it 1-1. He also took Open Intermediate ahead of #292 Payton Morningstar.
#211 Jack Wright won the 2-Stroke class 1-1 ahead of #810 Travis Roberts.
#888 Jesse Morgan went 1-1 to take Vet +30B.
#445 Marc Dionne won Vet +40A with 2-1 scores when #99 Brett Cormier was a DNS in moto 2.
#89 Keith Murray and #501 Nick Jovanovik went 2-3 to #114 Travis Ferguson in Vet +40B.
We hope #95 Evan Stewart is doing OK after hard hit he took over the finish line jump. See you at the races…

Full results can be found HERE.

See you at Sand Del Lee this weekend.