Catching Up with…Jessica Patterson

By Jeff McConkey

When word got to us that 5-time WMX champion, Jessica Patterson, was possibly coming to Ulverton to compete in the third and final round of the 2015 CMRC Women’s East Nationals, we were pretty excited. Having won the American WMX title in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and then again in 2010, we knew we would be in for a treat when and if we got to see her race here in Canada. Another thing we knew is that we’d definitely want to have a chat with her, so Jeff did just that at the end of the day of Pro racing on Sunday. Here’s what she had to say.


It’s not often you get to chat with a racer of Jessica Patterson’s caliber, so when you do, you jump at it! – Bigwave photo

We’re here today in Ulverton, Quebec, with Jessica Patterson. Jessica, tell us how your day went?

It was awesome. I showed up and checked out the track earlier this morning and I got out and got a chance to do twenty minutes of practice and just kind of get the feel of the bike and stuff. I just flew in and brought a couple things of my own. I jumped on and just started riding, and right away I was pretty pumped. I really liked the layout and elevation and I love fast tracks like this so I was pumped right away.

How did this deal come all about?

For one, I have always wanted to come up here and try it out at least. I have raced everywhere but not up here. Of course I am friends of Alan Brown and Jimmy (Decotis)and I guess just being with the right people knowing I wanted to do it and we just kind of made it all happen. We really weren’t sure if we were able to make it happen but lucky for us Kevin (Tyler) and the guys at the MX101 team were ready and we got it all together.

You have been racing some Off-road stuff lately. How did it feel to get back to your roots and do some MX?

I have been doing off road for about two years now. Sometimes I like it and sometimes not so much. It is very challenging and fun to do but I still love riding moto. I enjoy it even more now that I don’t ride it as much, so any opportunity to come out and race some moto, I am down for it.

It doesn't matter how many times you've lined up before, the nerves are still there on the line. - Bigwave photo

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve lined up before, the nerves are still there on the line. – Bigwave photo

You have been racing in the States forever. What did you think of our Canadian talent, especially young Eve Brodeur.

It was really cool, you know. Half the girls came up to me and I talked to a lot of them. I really didn’t know what to expect. You hear this and that and really I am just pumped that there are girls out here racing and the fact that you guys support them is pretty good no matter how good the talent is. There is definitely a fast little group of girls here and it is crazy how young they all are still. They came up and talked to me and were like, “yeah, we’re 15 and 16” and I was like, dang! It is very young talent here for sure.


Canadian East National champion, Eve Brodeur, did her best but was no match for the speed and experience of the 31-year-old Patterson. – Bigwave photo

Did it shock you to see 43 girls on the gate?

Yeah, it did! That was really cool. We never had that in the States. We have been close, but it was really cool to have a full gate of girls.


Jessica noted that it was “really cool to have a full gate of girls.” – Bigwave photo

You come to Canada, you go 1-1 and we have Walton Transcan next week. Is there any possibility we will see the 250 line up?

I really wish I could, but it most likely won’t happen. If maybe I’d known a little bit more and been a little bit more prepared for it, I probably could have.

Is there a possibility we will see you for a round or two next season?

You never know. They have been great and opened their arms to me, and even if I come race the girls I would like to race with the guys too. But I don’t know. To be honest, I told myself this was going to be my last year of riding a motorcycle, period, so I really don’t know.


Although she had a lot of fun, this may have been the once and only time we see Jessica Patterson line up against our riders. – Bigwave photo

It was an honour to have you up here and it was an honour to see you race. Congratulations. Who do you want to thank for getting you here?

I can’t thank Yamaha and the whole crew enough for allowing me to do it. Everyone at MX101 between Kevin and Alan for figuring things out and getting me here. My whole team back home, Rockstar and everyone who has supported me over the years and allowing me to come and do what I wanted to do before it was officially over.