25 Days of Christmas: Day 14 – Yamaha TT-R50E

Yes, this is another ‘big ticket’ item, but if you’re planning on getting a youngster into riding, it’s tough to find a better place to start.

Or, this thing will fit into anyone’s trailer as the perfect little bike to get around once you get to the track. Santa Claus is old school and has bumper brackets on the back of his sleigh and uses a Yamaha TT-R50E once he gets the sleigh parked on a roof and he finds himself out of ‘mix’ to go with whatever beverage he finds left for him by the fireplace. He can park it anywhere! Of course, I think he may be sponsored, but at $1699.00 CAD it’s really not that bad.

From: www.yamaha-motor.ca


/// Engine

  • Air-cooled, 50cc, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke power plant produces smooth, novice friendly power that eases the new rider up the learning curve.
  • Convenient, push-button electric starting makes learning to ride much easier.
  • Compact engine cases.
    • keeps engine width narrow
    • makes it easier for smaller riders to get their feet firmly on the ground
  • Proven, 2-valve cylinder head design.
    • easy to adjust traditional rocker arm valve actuation
    • 150 hour valve adjustment intervals
  • Intake & exhaust valves feature special “carbon cutter” valve stem design.
    • automatically removes carbon build up from the valve stems
    • maintains maximum engine efficiency & power
    • carbon build up on valve stems can lead to sticky valves & poor performance
  • Automatic ratchet-type cam chain adjuster.
    • reduces maintenance time, tune up costs & reduces mechanical engine noise
  • Conventional cast iron cylinder liner.
    • allows the cylinder to be over bored? reducing costs
  • Lightweight crankshaft design.
  • Mikuni VM11 carburetor with electric carb heater (heater does not function above 16C).
    • crisp yet easy to use linear throttle response
    • excellent fuel economy
    • carb heater reduces engine warm-up time & improves cold weather starting
    • “Electroless” nickel plating applied to valve seat and nickel silver needle valve to counter act the negative effects of E10 (10% ethanol) fuels.
  • Washable foam air filter reduces costs.
  • Smooth-shifting, 3-speed transmission with automatic centrifugal clutch.
    • auto clutch eases the beginner into the basics of shifting without the complications of a clutch
    • optimized transmission ratios match engine output
  • CD (capacitor discharge) ignition system.
    • maintenance free
    • delivers a strong spark for fast starts & solid engine performance
  • Centrifugal oil filtering system.
    • automatically removes any particles found in the oil
    • never requires cleaning or maintenance
    • fast easy oil changes
  • Lightweight, upswept exhaust system.
    • produces a quiet exhaust note to keep the neighbors happy
    • numerous heat shields to protect young riders for hot components
    • cleanable screen-type spark arrestor

/// Chassis/Suspension

  • Rugged “mini-size” steel back bone type frame provides rugged durability whether being ridden by a child or an adult. The engine mounts to the frame at three points, making the entire chassis more rigid for superior handling.
  • Triangulated steel tube swingarm.
  • Inverted 22mm Showa front fork offers a class leading 96 mm (3.8″) of wheel travel.
    • confidence-inspiring control over rough terrain
    • plastic fork leg protectors help prevent stone chips in fork tubes & extend fork seal life
  • Monocross single shock rear suspension with 71mm (2.8″) of wheel travel.
    • delivers progressive suspension performance to smooth out rough trails
  • Low 556 mm (21.9″) seat height.
    • allows most riders to put both feet firmly on the ground for added confidence
    • provides a handling-enhancing lower centre of gravity & lightweight feeling
  • Long, motocross-style seat is low, comfortable and allows good rider mobility.
  • Front and rear 80 mm drum brakes
    • strong dependable stopping power
    • brake components are the same front & rear
  • 2.50×10 front & rear knobby tires
    • puncture resistant 4 ply design
    • excellent traction in the dirt
  • 135mm (5.3″) of ground clearance
    • allows the TT-R50E to tackle modest obstacles
  • 3 litre plastic resin fuel tank
    • plenty of smiles & fun between fill -ups
    • on/off/reserve fuel petcock for peace of mind

/// Details

  • Serrated folding foot pegs provide excellent grip even in wet or muddy conditions
  • Convenient handlebar mounted paddle-style choke lever
  • Rugged YZ-F inspired plastic body components resist damage in the event of a tip-over
  • YZ-F inspired styling & graphics gives the TT-R50E that big YZ look
  • YZ style handlebar with protective foam pad features a re-enforcing cross bar for extra strength
  • Low maintenance sealed battery prevents leaks during a tip-over (battery should be charged during winter storage)

/// Safety Items

    • Adjustable throttle stop screw allows adult supervisor to control top speed by restricting how far the throttle can be opened. Adjustment design is fast & easy
    • Key operated ignition allows parents to control use
    • Exhaust heat shields protect young riders from hot components
    • Upper and lower chain guards

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adult supervision and proper protective riding gear, including a helmet & eye protection are a must when a youngster is operating a TT-R50E.

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