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By Billy Rainford

Teagan Williams 2015

Catching Up with…Teagan Williams | Bigwave photo


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Last week, Frid’Eh Update #39 went out to Alberta rider, Teagan Williams. Since we were over in Italy in support ot Team Canada for the 2016 Monster Energy MXON, we tried but weren’t able to get in touch with Teagan in time for the Update on Friday.

He’s an up-and-coming rider who was showing some great potential in 2015, with a top finish of 15th (16-16) at River Glade in Moncton, NB. Unfortunately, when we did hear back from Teagan, the news wasn’t what we were hoping for. We realized he hadn’t been competing at the 2016 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals, but we didn’t know why. Here’s what he told us.



Teagan Williams: Unfortunately, the 2016 season started out rough for me. I started the season with a few rides in Calgary. As I was working full-time as a structural steel fitter, I didn’t have the time to train in California over the winter. After a few rides, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to compete in the Pro Nationals. I was getting extreme cramping in my flexor carpi within my forearms.

Two years ago, I saw a sports specialist and was told I was in the early stages of compartment syndrome. The last couple of years I have been getting acupuncture in my forearms to release some pressure. It made me capable to ride, but after working all winter I had fully developed compartment syndrome.

Teagan Williams 2015

Teagan has been battling compartment syndrome and was unable to race the Nationals in 2016 | Bigwave photo

In June, I saw my specialist and we scheduled an appointment to do some pressure testing in my forearms. The results confirmed the extremity of the compartment syndrome. As of now, I am awaiting surgery. In all honesty, it has been a nice break; this will be my first summer off of racing in 10 years.

After my surgery in the winter, I plan to race a few provincials in the spring and plan the rest of my season from there. Thank you for the opportunity to share my situation.

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Teagan Williams 2015

Hopefully, we see Teagan back on the line when the 2017 season starts up | Bigwave photo