A Moment Caught in Time of Quinn Amyotte in Calgary

By Billy Rainford

Quinn Amyotte heading back to the pits and then the hospital after losing the tip of a finger in 250 moto 1 in Calgary. | Bigwave photo

When I took this photo last Sunday at Wild Rose MX in Calgary, all I knew was that #14 Quinn Amyotte had crashed and was over at the medics.

I was rushing over to see how he was when he and Bennet Amyotte came past me heading the other way toward their pits. He was up and moving fast so I snapped this photo to document the moment.

I had no idea what had happened and I definitely didn’t know Bennet was carrying a small, clear baggy or what was in that baggy until I went through my photos!

This one will now get filed in the “Canadian Motocross Legend/Folklore” file.