Catching Up with…Carrie Davis

By Jeff McConkey


Let’s get to know Massachusetts native and Rhode Island resident, Carrie Davis. | Jeff McConkey photo

The world of Women’s Motocross is different from the men’s. It’s almost like growing up that the boys are babied more or longer by the parents, whereas the girls seem forced into college/university and then a “real” profession sooner. It’s pretty nice when you come across a racer that can still compete at the top level, but at the same time pursue an education and follow their dreams. For some crazy reason, we stumble upon a bunch of lady racers that are in the nursing profession. Meet American racer, Carrie Davis. Carrie showed up ‘Out of the Blue’ at the Deschambault National and her pimped-out Yamaha and fresh A-Star kit was hard to miss. I caught up with the friendly American and this is what she had to say.

Direct Motocross: Hey Carrie, how’s it going?
Carrie Davis: Hey, everything’s good.

For those who don’t know you, can you tell us a little about yourself? 
I’m 23 years old. I grew up in Massachusetts but recently moved to Rhode Island. I graduated college in May with my BSN and passed the NCLEX. Since then, I’ve just been applying to jobs and racing.

So, I first noticed you on the line at Deschambault for the Women’s National.  How the heck did you end up racing in Canada?
I’ve always wanted to race a Canadian national and my dad always told me I could after I finished college because I was on an athletic scholarship and I couldn’t get hurt and risk losing it. Deschambault was kind of a last-minute decision my mom and I made but it was a really great experience.


Carrie showed up in Deschambault, Quebec, in 2016 to race her first Canadian Women’s National | Bigwave photo

Ok, let’s back up a bit. Athletic scholarship where and for what?
I played lacrosse at American International College in Springfield, MA.

OK, so you are definitely an athletic girl. When and how did you get this deep into Motocross ?
I started racing when I was 6 with my dad. I’ve always loved racing. My dad never pushed or pressured me; it’s always been something we did for fun.

How do you compare racing a Canadian National to the racing you do back home?
I really enjoyed racing in Canada. Everyone was really nice, and there are a lot more girls on the line up there and it’s really cool that you guys support them.

So, it’s sounding like we may see you for all 4 East rounds in 2017?
That’s the plan! I’m hoping to make all 4 rounds.

How are you going to spend your off season? 
Well, I’m hoping to start working soon (laughs), but I’ll spend a lot of time in the gym training and hopefully I’ll be able to get some riding in this winter if it doesn’t snow too much.

OK, one last question. I stumbled upon a video of you on social media. Can you tell us  the situation and how it all came to be?
(Laughs) I was celebrating graduation and there was an old tire on my bike so I figured I’d do a few burnouts before switching it over.

Carrie Davis

Go check out her Instagram page for this short clip that went viral @carrie_davis | Facebook image from Instagram video

Well, it looked like you had a great time. Before we go, who would you like to thank
Thank you, Jeff, for the media coverage. You guys do a great job! I can’t thank my parents enough for their help and support. Also, a big thank you to my mechanic, Paul Goyette, for all of his help and always making time for me over the years, and to Lee Helliwell for keeping my helmets fresh. I’d also like to thank 139 Designs, Dang Shades, Aggressive Graphix, and Team Justice.

Thank you for your time and we will see you at Gopher Dunes.
Thank you, I’m looking forward to racing Gopher Dunes!