Cole Thompson Docked 3 Positions in Moto 2|The Photo Sequence

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Bigwave

#4 Thor Racing KTM Canada rider, Cole Thompson, was penalized 3 positions for cutting of the track in the second MX2 moto at Round 6 of the Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals at Ulverton MX in Ulverton, Quebec, this past Sunday.

He finished with 1-1 motos but was given a 3-place penalty in the 2nd moto, resulting in 1-4 moto scores and 3rd overall behind #17 Dylan Wright and #15 Shawn Maffenbeier.

A discussion at the end of the day with CMRC Head Referee, Paul Kingsley, confirmed the decision. Paul explained that the usual penalty would be 5 positions normally but because Cole slowed down, put up his hand, and gained no real advantage other than missing a particular section of the track, the penalty was reduced to 3 spots.

Here is the rule from the CMRC Rulebook:


Failure to re-enter the track at a point as close as practical to the point at which the rider left the track; and in so doing gaining an unfair advantage.

Unless otherwise stated in this rulebook, at the discretion of the Referee, and/or the CMRC, the following level of disciplinary action may be administered.
a) Delayed start/stop and go penalty
b) 5 position penalty.
c) One lap penalty.
d) Moto disqualification total or partial loss of points and/or prize money.
e) Class/event disqualification indefinite suspension + fine up to $1,000, total or partial loss of points and/or prize money.
f) Series/season disqualification in-definite suspension + fine up to $5,000.

Here is the sequence we shot of the incident:

20160717- Cole Thompson

Cole attempts to double-jump onto this bump in the left turn.


He comes up a little short, loses control and goes off the track.


Cole regains control.


Cole looks up to see what his options are.


Cole appears to get settled down, slows and pulls a tear off.


Cole sees leader #17 Dylan Wright exiting the section and heading down the following straightaway.


Cole sees Gordon and motions to him that he is slowing down to let Dylan pass before re-entering the track.


Cole looks to his left to see #15 Maffenbeier now exiting the missed section as well and heads to re-enter the track ahead of him.

Points after round 6:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.46.46 AM