Dylan Wright Double ACL Recovery Update

By Billy Rainford

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Canadian 450 MX Champion, Dylan Wright. | Bigwave photo

We’ve all seen the Instagram post from our current 450 Canadian Triple Crown Series champion Dylan Wright where’s he’s post double ACL surgery addressing his fans. If not, here it is:

The above post was made over 3 weeks ago, so I figured it was time to place a phone call to see how he’s been doing since then. As you know, even one ACL surgery is a lot to come back from, but Dylan went for both after racing the 2022 season without a functioning ACL in either knee. The goal was to get both repaired at once and have him back in action to defend his title again in 2023.

I’m happy to report that Dylan’s recovery is amazing his doctors and his therapists.

Dylan was on his way to a physio appointment in Ottawa when I reached him this morning. After that, he’ll be heading to Gopher Dunes for a quick visit and to drop off some bikes.

Impressively, he said he feels like he could throw a leg over a bike already! Of course, he won’t but all signs are pointing to a full and speedy recovery.

He said he’s already been walking around on his own for 2 weeks now. He went straight from a week of being in a wheelchair to throwing away the crutches and walking without aid. He just needs to be careful with any side-to-side movement as the ligaments repair and strengthen.

Dylan is on track to be as ready as ever when the 2023 season starts. | Bigwave photo

He’s already got almost full range of motion and says the plan is to get him doing squats and strength training as early as next week.

Because of the recovery, he’ll head south a bit later than usual, but the plan is to do so some time in mid-February.

All of this is bad news for the competition as it looks like the choice to do both at once will pay off very well and have him ready for action when the series starts again in 2023. As far as all that goes, we haven’t seen an official press release from the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team but he’ll be returning to go for another title in 2023 and beyond.

Good luck with everything, Dylan.