Faces at the Races | AMA Arenacross Round 4 – Prescott Valley, Arizona

By Billy Rainford

With the Oakland Supercross being postponed due to the weather, a bunch of SX regulars headed to Round 4 of the 2023 AMA Arenacross Championship in Prescott (somebody tell me why they say it like the do) Valley, Arizona. I decided to make the 6-hour drive, too, and was treated to some classic AX racing. Here’s a look at some of the ‘Faces at the Races‘ from this past Friday.

The first face I saw when I pulled into the parking lot was Ulf Viney’s. He and #943 Noah Viney made the drive over from California to cheer on their SLR Honda teammates. Noah should get his cast off his arm very soon and be back in action in a few weeks.
The Partzilla PRMX guys were there to mix things up. That’s fastest qualifier #68 Cade Clason with mechanic Joe Kremkow during riders meeting.
That’s #500 Julien Benek from Mission, BC. He grabbed a nice holeshot but lost the front end and went down. He turned a few heads while in AZ.
#518 Parker Eales from Maple Ridge, BC made the drive with Kyle Springman. Parker is at Bulldog MX Training to race the 250 West SX series.
Dominique Thury was there with new-American-but-still-Canadian-to-me Chris Elliott (left).
There was Supermini racing on Friday, too.
Gathering inside the building to get a look at the track before ripping it up.
I couldn’t understand how someone could lose track of their baby (they postponed riding while we all searched) but then I watched how quickly Chris Blose’s child moved around and it all made sense.
Ulf and Noah watching in-house commentator Wes Kain.
It would have been cool to see how Julien would have done if he hadn’t fallen.
The Pit Party was a big success. All the riders brought their bikes in and some of the main guys signed autographs.
Nique. Heartbeat Hot Sauce is from Thunder Bay, Ontario.
#208 Logan Leitzel was there with his mechanic, Jamie Astudillo.
The autograph tables.
#388 B-Ray came together with series leader and 3-time champ, Kyle Peters, in the left corner after the finish line. Watch the replay, I think the contact was the result of a couple things and not a “takeout” attempt.
#981 Austin Politelli ended up winning the event with 3-3 Mains.
Kyle Peters signing a checkered flag for a fan.
Joe catching up on some much-needed sleep.
Cade took a punch in the face after the shenanigans with #726 Gared Steinke. I was on the track and didn’t even know anything had happened! I miss all the action down there!
#84 Mitchell Harrison was one of the fastest riders there. He high-sided on #97 Devin Harriman in the first Main, dropping back, and then won the final race of the night.
That’s #141 Richard Taylor and his GF. His bike wasn’t running right and he decided to sit things out.
Kyle just trying to go about his business with all these SX riders in his house.
Chris Elliott didn’t want his face showing so nobody would get in touch with him to ask for anything. I say everyone just slides into his DMs.
#2 Kyle Bitterman…
…in opening ceremonies.
#682 is Izaih Clarke from Fort Dodge, IA.
“My next guest needs no introduction…”
The place was sold out.
It may have been the bird dance but I don’t know. I had ear plugs in.
#12 is Noah Viney’s teammate Parker Ross. He and I cleaned up in Euchre here at Viney Ranch on Sunday night.
#93 Jerry Robin also made the trip.
Nobody knows if this helps reduce arm pump, but we’ve all done it since the beginning of time.
Apparently, it was time to get serious.
Wes loves B Ray. The kid puts on one hell of a show!
I think this was introducing the One v One race where fans vote for their favourite pairing. There was $5000 on the line!
Time to toss some tee shirts into the crowd.
Kyle and Parker on the line.
Joe with some encouragement for Cade.
Oliver Benek joined it on the action. He recorded the Main where Julien was leading and didn’t flinch a muscle when he crashed. It was impressive.
Wes also told a story about a very young Mitchell Harrison cooking him breakfast at a race.
Most of the champagne bottles had caps on them, making for an awkward celebration.
A trip through the whoops did some damage and the day was over before it started for #113 Spangle. We’ll let him say it: “See you at the races…