Frid’Eh Update #18 Presented by EVS

Frid’Eh Update #18 Presented by EVS

Frid’Eh Update #18 Presented by EVS

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

Brad Nauditt Ulverton 2015

Week #18 belongs to Chattaroy, Washington’s Brad Nauditt. – Bigwave photo

Well, we had enough fuel to get the Delorean back to week #18 this week (Yes, this should conclude our lame ‘Back to the Future’ references to cover up a mistake). Week #18 goes out to the Washington State native who we’ve all gotten to know very well over the past several years.

Brad Nauditt has gotten quite comfortable north of the border and will return again in 2016 on a new team. Some people out there who are newer to the sport may actually be surprised he’s American! It’s true. Even though he’s been to more Canadian races than a lot of our homegrown Pros, he is, in fact, an American.

Here’s a look at his 2015 Rockstar Energy MX National series:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.32.20 PM

Brad finished 7th in MX2 after a tight battle with Morgan Burger that came down to the final round in Walton to decide the position. They both had off days at round 10 and Brad got the nod by 6 points.

Brad's best overall finish in 2015 was a 4th in Nanaimo, BC at round 2. - Bigwave photo

Brad’s best overall finish in 2015 was a 4th in Nanaimo, BC at round 2. – Bigwave photo

We grabbed Brad for a quick chat today and here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Brad. We just spoke to you very briefly a couple weeks ago and learned that you’re coming back to Canada this summer, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself to get started?

Brad Nauditt: Hey, Billy. My name is Brad Nauditt. I am 26 years old from Chattaroy, Washington (just north of Spokane).  I went to Mt. Spokane High School growing up and I have been a Pro rider for 8 years now already…man, where did the time go?!

While we’re at it, let’s find out a couple more personal things about you:

Favourite Artist: Anderson Pakk, (Malibu Album)
Favourite Movie: The Night Before is awesome one
Favourite TV Show: I don’t really watch TV that much, but maybe if I had to choose it would be Ridiculousness or Tosh.0
Favourite Food:  Chicken Parmesan !
Donald or Hillary? (Can we ask that???): (Laughs) Shoot, I don’t have an answer for you there, Billy.

You’ve been coming up to Canada for quite a few years now. What brought you north in the first place?

I first raced in Nanimo, BC back in 2007 before I really knew anything about the series with Kevin Urquhart with all of the support from my friends at Devol Engineering.  I ran very well that year and ended up having mechanicals every moto (Laughs). After that I got really hurt the next season and stopped racing for a bit, but when I got healed up, I decided to come up and give it my first full shot at the series.  I had such a good time and had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people that I wanted to come back every year!

What was your amateur career like? Did you hit the big amateur nationals?

My amateur career was nothing special.  I would say I developed as a rider a little later than most.  I wasn’t the best mini rider.  My last year on Superminis I started to get with the program, and it wasn’t until I was about 17 that I started to get the hang of everything.  I did hit a couple amateur nationals back in the day. I never was someone to light the world on fire.  I was usually 10-15th and my best finish at Loretta’s was a 11th in the 450A, I believe.

From the Racer X Loretta Lynn’s Vault:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.40.32 PM
How did you do that first year in Canada?

My first full year in Canada back in 2010 was similar to my first go back in 2007.  I started in the MX2 Class and would have a couple motos in the top 10, but most of my finishes were out of the top 10 and my bikes that year didn’t hold up the best.  So, at the halfway mark I switched to the MX1.  At Gopher (Dunes) I had my first top 10 overall in the MX1 and my first holeshot in Canada.  Long story short, I ended up with #36 for the next season, which I felt was a decent building block for my first year.  But traveling that summer with my close friends was by far one of the best summers/experiences ever!

Can you sum up last summer in Canada for us?

I thought last summer was a hard one for me.  I struggled with some things that kept me from being where I wanted to be.  I felt like I should have been up closer to the top 5, but my starts just weren’t there and I was just disappointed in myself a lot that season.

Brad Nauditt Walton 2015

Brad almost retired from racing in 2012 but: “It’s hard to stop racing. I have tried, and I keep coming back for more. I am a racer, that’s who I am.” – Bigwave photo

What did you get up to after Walton?

After Walton, I just went home and took some time off the bikes and went to work for the winter.  I finally got my first house here in Washington, so that’s been keeping me crazy busy as well.

Hey, what do you think about the changes to the schedule this summer?

I’m not to sure what the schedule even looks like.  I’m just racing each weekend as it comes. I heard some of the tracks have changed, but that should make things a little more interesting for all the people that haven’t raced there before.

2016 National Schedule
What did you do over the winter?

I just got a job back here in Spokane and worked to save up as much as possible and raced some Arenacross as well. But other than that, I had a blast doing some back-country skiing with my friends, and spent lots of time working around my house and helping my parents out with some things too. I’m always a pretty busy guy (Laughs).

OK, so now you’ve announced you’re coming back to race MX2 again on a new team. Can you take us through how this came about?

Yeah, I am racing the MX2 this summer once again.  It came out so fast that I couldn’t believe it.  I went over to see my friend Graham Scott in Victoria, and we kicked around the Ride Red thought with SG Power.  Less than 2 weeks later, Jay James from SG Power had Honda Canada on board with a good program, and I couldn’t really turn down what was offered to me.  I am so thankful for everyone pulling together this summer.

Wait a minute, didn’t you almost retire from Pro racing a few years ago? What happened to that?

Yeah, I planned to stop racing back in 2012.  I felt like I had a great season finishing 5th overall in the MX2 class, and then I couldn’t find any support for the 2013 season and at the age of 23 I just wasn’t sure if it was worth it to risk everything to just skate by.  But then I found some great support for 2013 and had some great finishes that really made me believe that I could become a podium contender.  It’s hard to stop racing.  I have tried, and I keep coming back for more.  I am a racer, that’s who I am.

What more do you need to know, besides this?! - Bigwave photo

What more do you need to know, besides this?! – Bigwave photo

The Canadian series just keeps getting tougher. What do you think about the talent this coming season? Where do you hope to be at the end of the season?

The competition is definitely getting tougher and deeper every year which is great.  I am just hoping to ride the best that I can every race.  I think if I do that, it won’t matter where I end up because I’ll know I left it all on the track.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself riding for fun in the 30+ class (Laughs) and owning a company.  After years and years of racing and fighting battles, I feel like there is no reason why I couldn’t own my company and build that into something successful.

OK, thanks for talking with us today, Brad. Who would you like to thank?

Thanks, Billy. I would like to thank everyone at SG Power in Victoria, BC for their support, Honda Canada, Shift, Fox, Scott, Mica Sports Canada, Scotty Motorsports, Fusion Graphix, Sunstar, Factory Connection,  Yoshimura, Proven Moto,, Hinson, Ride Red, Imagetech, Rynopower,, Works Connection, Relax Attire, VP Racing Fuels, Pro Taper, my mechanic Trevor Mort, all of the family and friends…and of course DMX for the interview!

How can you not cheer for that guy?! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Brad, and best of luck this season. Oh, and make sure Graham tells his dad we’re going to need a large coffee maker in the pits!


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Jeff McConkey


Hi, guys. It’s a sad Friday. The last SX of the year goes off tomorrow in Las Vegas. It seems like just yesterday the season had just begun. It was a quick 16 rounds in 17 weeks and tomorrow we will crown 2 new champions. Let’s face it, we all new Ryan Dungey was going to win the 450 Championship about 13-14 weeks ago. He has always been fit and he has always had the speed and talent. But something was different this season. His fitness was a little bit better, his speed, a little bit faster, but the biggest thing was his aggression. Ryan was very aggressive and would not settle for just a podium. No, he wasn’t riding on the ragged edge (he didn’t have to), but he went for the win every time out. Some people will say he is boring, some will say he wouldn’t have beaten RV.

Say what you want, but this season was stacked and I honestly believe Dungey would beaten RV straight up. No, I don’t think he would have won all of these races, but he would have won the majority against anybody this past season. He was just that good!

As of late Ken Roczen has been pretty impressive, but it was too little, too late. Eli Tomac struggled for 80% of the season and was never a championship threat. All in all, Dungey just did everything right and really deserved this year’s title. Congrats, Ryan and KTM for a very dominant season!

Ryan Dungey KTM

Dungey just did everything right and really deserved this year’s title. Congrats, Ryan and KTM for a very dominant season! – Bigwave photo

In 250 West action, it was honestly Cooper Webb‘s title to lose. Yes, he had some ups and downs, but in the end he was and is the best of the West. Christian Craig had a breakout season and opened some eyes, but was never a title threat. The next closest challenger was Joey Savatgy. Joey had a great season, but unfortunately got cleaned out by Craig 2 times, ruining his title hopes.

Jeff has #1W Cooper Webb picked for the Santa Clara...or is he hurt? - Spikman photo

#1W Cooper Webb is the rider to beat in 250 West action. – Spikman photo

In the 250 East, we had some fantastic racing with several different winners. It looked like nobody wanted to take the reins and win this title. Lately, Malcolm Stewart has stepped up and shown that he in fact wants this title and is ready to become a champion and move to the 450 class to join his brother.

Someone tell Malcolm he won!

250 East is Malcolm Stewart’s to win this weekend. – Bigwave ohoto

Let’s take a look at my Vegas predictions:

250 EAST/WEST Shootout

Holeshot: Dakota Alix

1st Cooper Webb

2nd Jeremy Martin

3rd Malcolm Stewart

4th Joey Savatgy

5th Martin Davalos

250 West Champion: Cooper Webb

250 East Champion: Malcolm Stewart
450 Class

Holeshot: Justin Brayton

1st Ken Roczen

2nd Ryan Dungey

3rd Jason Anderson

4th Eli Tomac

5th Cole Seely

AMO, MMRS, MX101, Eastern ANQ This Weekend at Muttco Mountain

Back here in Ontario, AMO, MMRS and MX101 team up for a Parts Canada TransCan GNC ANQ this weekend at Muttco Mountain. This track is the crown jewel of the MMRS series and is a ‘can’t miss’ race! Add in the fact that all 3 of these organizations are teaming up makes for one awesome event. “This is how racing should be done. No longer are you pushed in one direction, you now have options, and that’s the goal of AMO and MMRS working together,” states AMO owner Ryan Gauld.

I’m really exciting to see the turnout, and will be loading up the Husqvarna FC250 and making the very short drive 30 minutes East to Muttco. I honestly couldn’t think of a more fun bike to attack the sandy hills of Muttco Mountain and really enjoy the rolling hills and elevation. So far, with the FC250, I have loved the bikes ability to really rev to the moon through second and mostly 3rd gear. The bike makes a huge amount of power through these gears and really puts the power to the ground and tracks very well. I am starting to smile just thinking about the fun I am going to have and how well I’m going to look in my fresh FXR gear.

Anyway, that’s all for me this week, I really need to get going and plan my outfits for the weekend. I hope to see many new faces at Muttco Mountain, so please come say hi. Have a great weekend and #smileforBC!


MX Simulator – Track Walk – 2016 Las Vegas SX

We have to admit, we’re not really sure what this even is but it’s 27 minutes of Las Vegas SX, so there ya go!

Billy Rainford

Thanks, Jeff. I have very mixed feelings about this weekend in Las Vegas. Mixed because I won’t be there but I will be on my second non-moto holiday in 7 years! If there’s one thing I hate missing, it’s seeing a champion crowned! Fortunately, I was able to be in New Jersey to see Ryan Dungey take his 3rd 450 SX title. That makes missing Las Vegas a slightly easier pill to swallow.

Not that you asked, but I will be in Sayulita, Mexico, teaching Emily how to surf and enjoying some relaxation before the summer gets crazy as we cross the country chasing the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals again. Every year I tell myself, “I’m definitely flying in and out of the races next summer, for sure!” and every year I find myself loading up some sort of vehicle and heading west on either the I-90, I-80 or I-94. Which one is my favourite, you ask? Well, let’s just say they were all fun and exciting the first time…

One thing I DO know for sure is that they are all ten times more interesting than Highway #1 across Canada! Yes, it has to be done once just to say you’ve done it, but when gas and hotels are so expensive and there isn’t a city or town for hours on end (and when you do hit a city you end up at traffic lights!), the choice to head south becomes clear.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.40.45 PM

I apologize if this cluster of east/west highways gives some of you nightmares, but it’s almost time! – Google Maps image

Felix Trepanier Calls it a Career

It looks like we won’t be seeing anymore MX/AX productions from Felix Trepanier anymore. As he says below, it’s time for him to move on. Check out one of his features from the Quebec Arenacross Series last year:

From his Facebook page:

Every good thing has an end… Since 2002 I spend my summers at the races of motocross for motox well i took the decision not to motox this year… I keep a lot of beautiful memories and several good friends.
Thank you Pierre Corbeil Benoit Milot Perso Leroy Roy Marc-Antoine Généreux Kaven Benoit Alexandre Langevin Babu Bernier Simon Homans Carl Vaillancourt Olivier Corbeil Guy Giroux Éric Laplante Marco Dubé and all those that I forgot!

Good luck with whatever comes next, Felix.

Cole Thompson to Miss Las Vegas to Prepare for Canadian Outdoor Series

If you were wondering about Cole Thompson and the final Supercross round in Las Vegas, he will not be there. You may have seen that #64 Dakota Alix will suit up under the Slaton Racing tent this weekend out in the desert. It’s true, we spoke with the Brigden, Ontario, rider today.

He was actually in Montreal at KTM Canada Headquarters getting his race KTM 250F ready for action. Since he crashed in Santa Clara and had missed a round of 250 West SX, it was decided by KTM that it would be best to get an earlier start on outdoor testing and preparation.

Cole did mention that if he was up chasing top 5 in the points, they may have decided to race the final round, but the reward just didn’t outweigh the risks at this point. Cole will head to RJ Motorsport Park next week with his teammate, Kaven Benoit, to shake things down and do some fine tuning.

Interestingly, both these riders will line up against their ‘nemesis’ when the gate drops for round 1 in Kamloops, BC, June 5th. Kaven will match up against his 2014 MX2 rival, Vince Friese, in MX1, while Cole will go up against his AX Tour championship rival, Jacob Hayes, in MX2.

Of course, I had to ask him about this and he was quick to point out that he doubts anything will come of it but that “if it brings more hype to the season, then it’s good.”

Don’t worry, you can be sure us media types will have more to say about it than maybe the riders themselves heading into this season.

Donk has had many memorable moments in his career. Here he is with Cole Thompson at the 2016 San Diego SX. - Bigwve photo

#127 Cole Thompson will skip Las Vegas to get ready for the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals instead. – Bigwave photo


Nico Izzi, Getting Sober

Good luck to Nico Izzi in his challenge.

And now for something completely different…

2016 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Schedule

2016 Lucas Oil AMA Nationals Schedule

MXGP of Germany 1 point in it MXGP of Germany 1 point in it MXGP of Germany 1 point in itMXGP of Germany 1 point in it

AMSOIL Arenacross Las Vegas Finale


The battle to crown the first ever recipient of the Ricky Carmichael Cup culminates with AMSOIL Arenacross‘ anticipated return to Las Vegas for the final round of the Race to the Championship. Orleans Arena will become the newest home of the AMSOIL Arenacross Finals this Friday night, May 6, starting at 8 p.m. Three riders, the Team Babbitt’s/Monster Energy/AMSOIL Kawasaki trio of Gavin Faith, Chris Blose, and Jacob Hayes, remain mathematically eligible heading into the final showdown of the 2016 season.

The AMSOIL Arenacross Finals on Friday night will kick off a thrilling championship weekend in Las Vegas that continues with the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship Finals on Saturday, May 7, from Sam Boyd Stadium, and concludes on Sunday, May 8, with the AMSOIL Amateur National Arenacross Championships from Orleans Arena.

Broadcast Alert: The fifth and final round of AMSOIL Arenacross’ Race to the Championship from Las Vegas will air Saturday, May 14, at 8:30 a.m. ET / 5:30 a.m. PT on FS1.

Two weekends ago at the penultimate round of the Race to the Championship in Nampa, Idaho, Faith swept the overall win across two nights of action, which allowed him to break a tie atop the point standings with Blose and subsequently open up an eight-point lead over his teammate. Faith’s best outing of the Race to the Championship came at an opportune time, creating a little separation between he and Blose. A runner-up finish by Hayes on the most recent night of action kept him in the championship picture and ensures that one of the three Team Babbitt’s riders will end the season holding the Ricky Carmichael Cup.

Faith, Blose and Hayes have been the most consistent riders in the Race to the Championship, with Faith and Blose securing all but one overall victory across six races. Blose surged into the championship lead after sweeping both nights of the opening round in Ontario, California, and was able to extend his lead the following weekend in Salinas, California, finishing second to overall winner and TiLUBE/TUF Racing Honda rider Ben Lamay. However, for the past two rounds Faith has turned the momentum into his favor, amassing a three-race winning streak heading into Las Vegas.

Faith went on a similar run heading into the Race to the Championship, solidifying his top seed in the playoff. Since its inception for the 2013 season, the top seed entering the Race to the Championship has ultimately won the title and Faith is poised to continue that tradition with another strong outing. He has finished on the overall podium in all six races thus far.

If not for a crash in Tacoma, Washington, that resulted in a fifth-place finish Blose would be in the same elite company as Faith. Instead, the veteran will head to Orleans Arena in search of his third overall victory of the Race to the Championship. Blose entered the playoff as its fourth seed, but quickly erased his deficit to assume control of the points after his impressive outing in Ontario. Given the memorable drama of last season’s Las Vegas finale, anything can happen when the championship is on the line so the slim eight-point deficit leaves Blose well within reach of the title.

A rider familiar with the position his teammates currently find themselves is Hayes. He entered last season’s race in Las Vegas with the championship in reach, but ultimately finished runner-up to eventual champion Kyle Regal following a wild final Main Event. Fresh off his first Main Event win of the Race to the Championship in Nampa, Hayes’ 26-point deficit to Faith means he enters the finale with nothing to lose. His role in this three-rider showdown amongst teammates is arguably the most intriguing.

After sweeping the overall podium at three different races this season, Team Babbitt’s is now poised to finish 1-2-3 in the final AMSOIL Arenacross standings, which would bring a fitting conclusion to a truly impressive season by the Denny Bartz-led effort.

The Arenacross Lites Class will feature a shootout between the Eastern and Western Regions. After both regions have their final Main Events of the season, they’ll converge in one final race to determine which Lites rider stands amongst the rest. While the Eastern Regional Championship has already been decided with Daniel Herrlein emerging as champion, the Western Regional title is still up for grabs. TZR/Woodstock KTM’s Cody VanBuskirk currently sits in control of the championship, with an eight-point lead over Team DirtBike Mike/KTM Sports Center of Little Rock KTM’s Ben Nelko. They are the only riders that remain mathematically eligible for the title and as the two most successful riders in the Western Region, it should result in a compelling finish.

The AMSOIL Arenacross Finals and the final round of the Race to the Championship commence at Orleans Arena on Friday, May 6. Action gets underway at 8 p.m. PT / 11 p.m. ET.

Race to the Championship Standings

1.      Gavin Faith, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Kawasaki – 189 (9 Main Event Wins)
2.      Chris Blose, Phoenix, Kawasaki – 181 (4 Main Event Wins)
3.      Jacob Hayes, Liberty, N.C., Kawasaki – 163 (10 Main Event Wins)
4.      Ben Lamay, Forney, Texas, Honda – 150 (3 Main Event Wins)
5.      Travis Sewell, Westville, Ind., KTM – 149 (6 Main Event Wins)
6.      Jace Owen, Matoon, Ill., Honda – 147 (1 Main Event Win)
7.      Kyle Regal, Lake Elsinore, Calif., Husqvarna – 125
8.      Gared Steinke, Woodland, Calif., Husqvarna – 104
9.      Cody VanBuskirk, Harvard, Ill., KTM – 58
10.    Daniel Herrlein, Bethesda, Ohio, Honda – 1 

Western Regional Arenacross Lites Class Standings

1.      Cody VanBuskirk, Harvard, Ill., KTM – 137 (1 Main Event Win)
2.      Ben Nelko, Aliquippa, Pa., KTM – 129 (2 Main Event Wins)
3.      Carlen Gardner, Paso Robles, Calif., KTM – 107 (1 Main Event Win)
4.      Jared Lesher, Ball Ground, Ga., KTM – 99 (1 Main Event Win)
5.      Cheyenne Harmon, Colleyville, Texas, KTM – 89 (1 Main Event Win)
6.      Dylan Rouse, Florence, Ky., KTM – 79
7.      Dave Ginolfi, Midvale, Utah, Husqvarna – 77
8.      Scott Zont, Algonquin, Ill., KTM – 73
9.      Dillon Cloyed, Papillion, Neb., Honda – 55
10.    Brandon Marley, McEwen, Tenn., KTM – 44

Eastern Regional Arenacross Lites Class Standings

1.      Daniel Herrlein, Bethesda, Ohio, Honda – 105 (2 Main Event Wins)
2.      Dylan Walker, Lancaster, Ohio, Honda – 63
3.      Jacob Williamson, Swartz Creek, Mich., Kawasaki – 49 (1 Main Event Win)
4.      Sean Cantrell, Murrieta, Calif., KTM – 46 (2 Main Event Wins)
5.      Steve Roman, Apollo, Pa., Suzuki – 43
6.      Justin Cooper, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., Yamaha – 42
7.      Lane Staley, Chillicothe, Ohio, KTM – 39
8.      DJ MacFarlane, Pinellas Park, Fla., Yamaha – 38
9.      Tyler McSwain, Shelby, N.C., Yamaha – 35
10.    Henry Miller, Rochester, Minn., Honda – 34

OK, that will do it for another week of the Frid’Eh Update. Be sure to check out EVS braces to see how they can help preserve your knees. I’ve just been told I can’t run anymore because of my knee, so do as I say not as I do! I hope you don’t mind a small dose of surfing photos throw into the mix this week! Have a great weekend out in Las Vegas. Someone turn the lights out when you leave…

Summer Knowles

Summer Knowles says, “See you at the races, dammit!” – Bigwave photo