Frid’Eh Update #32 | William Crete | Presented by Husqvarna Canada

By Billy Rainford

This week, we talk with #32 William Crete from Quebec. | Bigwave photo

Hello, and welcome to Week #32 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update this week presented by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada.

We’re heading into Week #2 of the 2020 Rockstar Triple Crown Tour MX Nationals. If you’re not super Dungey pumped just reading that, I’m not sure what else we can do. Man, that was a long end of winter and spring!

Anyway, we’re moving forward and racing was pretty good at Round 1 at Gopher Dunes.

This week’s honouree cracked the top 10 in the 250 class and looked really good out there in the hot, humid, sand. William Crete is the friendly French rider who I’ve gotten to know a little better over the past couple seasons.

I speak a little bit of French – you know, enough to get me into trouble. As soon as it sounds like I have a pretty good handle on the language, the person I’m talking to speeds up and I’m completely lost. Anyway, William’s English is much better than my French, so that’s what we go with.

Here’s a summary of his 2019 season:

And here’s what he had to say about…stuff:

Here’s what he had to say when we spoke with him this week. | Bigwave photo
Direct Motocross: Hello, William. Let’s let people get to know you a little. How did you get started racing Motocross?

William Crete: I’m 20 years old and I live in Blainville (Qc), I started riding around my parents’ house after my little brother got a PW50 for his birthday, and since that I’m having a lot of fun riding my dirt bike.

What was your first number and how did you choose it?

My first number was 130 because I’m born the 30th, and I was liking a bit more the 3 digit number and the easiest number to do with electrical tape was the 1, so we went with the 130. Hahah

See, that’s why I always ask that question! Who was your racing hero growing up in Quebec?

I would say it was probably JSR (Jean-Sebastien Roy) since I remember him as the king of motocross in Quebec and also on the national circuit. He was a great athlete! 

I always thought Guillaume was French for William. Is that true?

Honestly, I have been told that a couple times but I never really knew the answer. I just went on Wikipedia and that is what they say: “Guillaume is the French equivalent of William, which is of old Germanic origin.” I’m going to go sleep smarter now. Hahah
He cut his number in 1/2 for 2020 and looks good on the indoor tracks. | Bigwave photo

As a fellow “William,” have you flipped between Bill, Billy, William, and Will? 

Normally, people call me “Will” but some friends call me ti-will (French thing). No one calls me “Bill,” since my little brother’s nickname is “Bill,” so that would confusing to have two Bills in the same family. 

Back in my pool-playing days, I always wrote “Billy” on the chalkboard and then my buddy would go up and put a “2” in front of it, so it was “2Billy.” Weird connection. But I digress… OK, seriously, let’s talk briefly about your 2019 season. You were pretty consistent but just couldn’t crack the top 10 overall. What was your best race and can you sum up your 2019 season for us?

You’re totally right. Last summer went pretty good for me, I made points in every moto but I couldn’t put my bike in the top 10. My best race was at Walton last year (Good thing, since we race there two weekends in a row!).

In the second moto I had an okay start but I was making moves towards the front and I ended up 8th. That was a great way for me to end the 2019 outdoor series!

You managed to break into the top 10 at Round 1 this season at Gopher Dunes. I noticed you a lot more on the track at that race than usual. You seem to have gotten some speed from somewhere. How was Gopher Dunes for you and where did you get faster over the winter?

Gopher was pretty good except for couple mistakes that cost me some valuable points. Normally, it’s where I get my worst results… 10th o/a isn’t that bad so I’m looking forward for the rest of the season.

To answer the second part of your question, Billy, I went down to Florida to train with Tim Ferry. It’s as been really good for me so far and I enjoy spending time training with the boys over there. 

You literally cut your race number in exactly half for this season. Have you thought about that? What are your goals for this season?

Would be great to cut the number and half once again! Honestly, my goal for this year is to always be in the top 10, every moto.

Will we see William try to break into AMA Supercross? | Bigwave photo

You also seem like a rider who enjoys the indoor racing. Is there any AMA Supercross in your future?

Yes, I really like indoor riding. It’s something I have been thinking about doing but so far I don’t have any plan made.

What other sports do you do? What else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have been doing a lot of mountain biking to keep the training rolling while enjoying something else. Where I live we have some really nice trails. Other than that I pretty much do everything from playing tennis, rock climbing or racing karting. 

What would you be doing if you weren’t racing motocross? What kind of “normal” job do you see yourself doing?

I would like to start my own company and learn through the process of being an entrepreneur and maybe after work for the family business that my dad owns. We will see, but so far I keep all the doors open.

Watch for the #32 this weekend, as he tries to get comfortable in the top 10. | Bigwave photo

Are you a sand guy or a clay guy? Which tracks do you like on our circuit?

I’m more of a hard pack guy over a sand guy but one track I seem to really like after Walton is Deschambault, even if it’s a sand track I like the fact that it’s a natural track with a lot of elevation.

What’s your daily driver?

I have a black Silverado (Probably one of the most classic things when you ride motocross to have a black truck. Lol). 

OK, that was fun. Thanks for talking with us this week. Good luck this weekend at Walton and who would you like to thank?

Thank you, Billy, for that opportunity. Also, thank you to all the good people who support me: MD distribution, 6d helmet, FXR racing, 100%, Forma boots , Mika Metal, DT1 filter, Nadon Sport, Husqvarna Canada, Twice Production, Groupe Crete, EVO Suspension.

I always enjoy talking with “Will.” It will be nice to see him keep improving over the next few rounds this summer, and maybe we see him lining up against the best in Supercross someday soon.

Presented by Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada

So, I’m sorry this is a little late this week. I just did something I haven’t done since…you don’t even want to know. I put in a full day on the Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke trying out some amazing new Leatt gear.

Yep, I finally made it out to a track to try out the new Leatt gear. Full review coming soon. | Emily Nicholson photo

Greg Poisson was with me getting some seat time on the 2021 Husqvarna FC350 to be ready for the video portion of our upcoming project for Mental Health Awareness called REVIVAL.

#245 Greg Poisson starting to look at home on the 2021 Husqvarna FC350. | Bigwave photo

I don’t know how other media people find time to ride and still keep their websites in business! I bet they have “employees” or something crazy like that…

Anyway, it was great to put in a full day on the track and have the sore muscles in places I’d forgotten about.

It’s almost time to keep an eye out for a deserving rider for our annual DMX Total Devotion Award presented by Club MX at the TransCan next week.

I always love paying attention to who works through the most and prevails at this weeklong celebration of Canadian Amateur Motocross. If you’re struggling early in the week, DO NOT give up. We’re watching!

Big thanks to Ben Graves and the guys over at Club MX in South Carolina for being behind this award and sending us this actual trophy for the winner. I’m still a little partial to the whole flower pot idea, but I think the work I had to put in to explain it makes this real thing a little more appropriate. Thanks, gang.

As far as the weather goes for next week, here’s what we have here in London, just one hour south of Walton Raceway:

Pfft, whatever. It will change a few times before we get to next week, anyway.

Don’t forget to be tuning in to watch all the action from Loretta Lynn’s MX down in Tennessee. I really enjoy the announcing down there. The guys know just how far to push the comedy without going too far. It’s good stuff. Give it a watch and listen here:

IT’S CONTEST TIME! Head over to our Instagram page to find out how you can win a 3-pack of FXR tee shirts this weekend.

I’ll cut this short again this week, as we’ve got so much to do to get ready for a week up at the track. Have a great weekend, everyone. We’ll be posting videos and photos all weekend so be sure to stay tuned.

People were begging to get a closer look at the Leatt gear today at the track. Maggie says, “See you at the races…” | Emily Nicholson photo
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