Frid’Eh Update #33 Presented by Club MX

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford

20160626- Eric Jeffery

Week #33 belongs to Oshawa, Ontario’s Eric Jeffery|Bigwave photo

Welcome to week #33 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Preented by Club MX. If you’ve been around the Pro level of our sport the past few years, it should come as no surprise to find out who #33 is. In fact, it seems like his career number! Eric Jeffery is the Oshawa, Ontario, rider racing MX1 under the Redemption Racing tent. Probably one of the nicest guys off the track, we’ve seen flashes of his racing intensity over the years, like at the Future West Arenacross Championships where he went bar to bar with anyone and everyone a few years ago.

Eric’s best overall finishes have been a pair of 16th at Gopher Dunes and last week at Deschambault. He currently sits in 16th position in MX1 but will pass the absent Austin Kouba this week for 15th. Here’s a look at his season son far:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.12.43 AM

We got in touch with Eric Thursday to get his thoughts on the season and other things going on in his life. Here’s what he had to say:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Eric. Welcome to your week for the Frid’Eh Update. Let’s back up to 2015. How did your summer go last year? Were you happy with it? 33 seems to be your number, eh?

Eric Jeffery: The summer of 2015 went pretty well for me. I had the speed to run where I wanted to but struggled with consistency. I didn’t expect to get 33 again but of course it was a great surprise as I love running my Amateur number!
What did you get up to after Walton last summer?
After Walton last year, I went down to try and qualify for Ironman. I didn’t end up qualifying but it was a great experience and I would love to try and qualify for an AMA national again. After that I just kicked back and went to the cottage as much as I could before the summer was over.
20160807- Eric Jeffery

Eric is running his amateur number and loves it!|Bigwave photo

You’re also busy with the family business too, right? What is your job there?
Yes, I work for our family business, Jeffery Homes. I am Assistant Site Super so basically I am trying to gain as much knowledge from our current Site Super so that I can take over the site and run it one day. I put out a lot of fires (laughs) and make sure the guys have everything they need to work, whether it be material or information such as plans etc..
What did you do for training over the winter?
Over the winter I rode in the Thompson’s arenacross series (Canadian AX Tour) which I ended up breaking my hand on the first lap on my first race from a harmless tip over in a corner. I also went down to Club MX in South Carolina for 5 weeks. I originally was only going to go for 3 weeks but I talked my dad into letting me stay for 2 more, which I feel turned out to be a tremendous help in preparing me for this season. I can’t thank Brandon, Mike, Deborah and Sarah enough for all their help.
Coming into this season, you must have known how competitive it was going to be. What were you hoping to achieve this summer in the 450 class?
Ya, I knew it was going to be super-stacked in 450 this year. It’s probably the deepest 450 field in Canada it’s ever been with all the big names! My goal was to be top 15 and right now I’m knocking on the door at 16th right now. So I really can’t complain since I’m right around my goal for this season.
How has your summer been going?
My summer has been going pretty good. On a high note, I feel the best I ever have on my 450 KTM. My speed is up and I know I have the ability to be knocking on the door for top 10. Out west I did pretty well. I went down basically every moto, so if it wasn’t for that I would have been able to get much better results. In the east I did great at Gopher Dunes but then after that I got injured at Ulverton which made me miss Pleasant Valley. Then I got a rock in the goggles at Moncton forcing me to DNF the second moto. So, not exactly the eastern swing I would have liked.
20160731- Eric Jeffery

He should take over 15th in the points after this final round at RJ’s Sunday|Bigwave photo

What’s been your favourite race so far this year?
So far this year I would have to say Gopher has been my favourite race which is kinda weird because I wouldn’t normally say that, but I got a great start and was running 10th for 25min! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hold on and stay there but I still finished a seasons best 12th.
What track do you like the most?
My favourite track on the series right now I would have to say would be Calgary. I love deep ruts and I find I do well in them where other riders seem to struggle.
You pulled your groin out east and then got a rock in the eye last week. Can you tell us what happened there and are you feeling OK now?
Ya, at Ulverton second moto I got kicked sideways off of the step down and crashed pretty hard. I ended up tearing a layer of skin off my bone where your tendon attaches your groin to your pelvic bone and it is still pretty tender as it is an 8 to 12-week heal time. Then at Moncton a baseball-sized rock hit me in the goggles second moto. My goggles split my eyebrow open and I had to get 2 stitches and had a nasty black eye for about a week.
20160807-Eric Jeffery

A rock in the eye at River Glade in Moncton, NB sent Eric to the hospital for a couple stitches and left him with a black eye for about a week|Bigwave photo

Did you get a chance to ride RJ’s on Tuesday?
Unfortunately, I had to work and did not get to ride RJ’s Tuesday.
Will this be a good track to race and end the season? Do you think it will be a high note?
As I have been saying all year to anyone who asks, I think RJ’s has great potential to be an awesome track if it is prepared more than 3 days before the race. Unfortunately, from the sound of it, this probably is the case but I guess we will have to wait and see this weekend.
Do you have racing plans after RJ’s?
After RJ’s, I plan on racing Walton, hopefully double-classing. Other than that, I don’t have any other specific races but I would like to keep racing as much as I can through this fall.
OK, thanks for taking the time to talk with us, and we’ll see you this weekend in Barrie. Who would you like to thank?
I’d like to thank the whole Redemption Team for all of their hard work but especially Nate my mechanic. He puts in 110% which makes me want to do the same for him and get good results. Obviously, I couldn’t do this without the support of my dad and mom and especially my wife Nicole for putting up with me being away every weekend. We have awesome sponsors that have helped the team so much this year: KTM Canada, GP Bikes, Jeffery Homes, Gamma, Big Steel Box, Spectro oil, Dubya, Vertex Pistons, Manalco, All Weather Windows, Boot Trucking, Fly, Piston Works, Hotcams, Hinson, FMF, Dunlop, Mika, Wild West fencing.
Good luck this week and next at Walton Raceway, Eric.


Week #33 is presented by Club MX in Chesterfield, South Carolina.

Our objective at ClubMX is clear, to provide the best facility in the nation to help racers succeed by utilizing a unique blend of resources available to us. We strive to provide the toughest, roughest, most physically demanding tracks available. Our tracks are kept in those conditions 7 days a week to match all of our members’ training regimens.

While we provide the very best in motocross training, we understand that every racer is different and our programs may be altered to suit everyone. We welcome all racers to our facility, whether they are training with us or on their own programs. Our training programs provide a special blend of racing strategies which include: technique, and mental & physical training. Most importantly, we surround all of our members with a positive atmosphere. We believe that if everyone has the same goal and tasks at hand, we will all help each other become the champion which we all strive to be.

Our facility and programs may not be perfect for everyone. We do 1 year commitments starting with a 2 week trial to make sure that every rider is a good fit here at the Club! Hard working dedicated kids and families is what surrounds this place. Come check us out!

Jeff McConkey

Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals

Hi, guys. Can you believe we are going into the 10th and final round of the 2016 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals? Where has the season gone? We started out in Kamloops, British Columbia, and we are going to finish our journey in Barrie, Ontario. There have been a lot of highs this season and a few lows. I don’t think any series has ever seen so many riders docked in one season, ever. We’ve had great rides put in from riders from different countries, but the majority this season have been Canadian and American riders. At one point, back in Calgary, we had two Canadian riders running the red plates as points leaders in their respected classes. Unfortunately, Colton Facciotti was unable to hold onto his red plate in the MX1 class, but fellow Canadian Cole Thompson never let is go. Cole clinched the MX2 championship at Round 9 and has zero pressure going into the 10th and final round. American Davi Millsaps heads into the last 2 motos with a 57-point lead. Will he falter? I wouldn’t bet against Millsaps if he was 5 points down,  going into the last 2 motos. Yeah, he has been that great all season long. The only way Davi isn’t winning this championship, is if he misses his flight.

Last week in MX2, things got a little heated between Cole Thompson and Dylan Wright. Both riders are fierce competitors and both hate losing. With the championship clinched a round early, I truly believe we will see some great racing this weekend at RJ’s. Cole has zero pressure on him, and he wants to go out and prove that he’s the best. Dylan is going into the final round knowing that he beat Cole straight up last week in moto 2. No matter what happens between these two, you can bet it will be fun to watch. Behind the top two, we have Dakota Alix and Shawn Maffenbeier hot on their heels. Maff had an off weekend at Round 8, and will be looking to redeem himself. Dakota has nothing to lose and will be gunning for holeshots and wins to finish out strong.  Here are my predictions for the 10th and final round:


1st Cole Thompson

2nd Dylan Wright

3rd Shawn Maffenbeier

4th Dakota Alix

5th Jess Pettis

Cole Thompson 2016 Champion

It’s tough to bet against #4 Cole Thompson in MX2, even though he clinched the title last week|McConkey photo

In the MX1 class, Kaven Benoit is coming off a weekends of first: 1st MX1 moto win and 1st MX1 overall win. He has stepped into the position as the number one Canadian, and I don’t think there is any turning back. Davi Millsaps is still the guy to beat, but that spot will one day belong to Benoit. Mike Alessi had a very rough round 9 and is coming in banged up. We also lost Brett Metcalfe to injury. The only good news from that situation is that Brett is going to be OK, and snowcross ace Tim Tremblay will ride Metty’s 450. There are still a few top 10 positions that could change hands before the final checkered flag that should keep things interesting right up until the end. Here are my predictions for Round 10:


1st Davi Millsaps

2nd Matt Goerke

3rd Kaven Benoit

4th Teddy Maier

5th Cade Clason

20160807 Davi Millsaps

Why would anyone bet against #118 Davi Millsaps?|Bigwave photo

Women’s East Nationals Final Round

RJ’s will also be the 4th and final round for the Women’s East Nationals. Eve Brodeur has been undefeated so far this season, but our young champion took a nasty digger last Sunday. It happened while trying to qualify with the boys in the MX2 class. Eve was visibly shaken up after the incident and didn’t have her trademark smile. Let’s hope she is feeling better and can go out and keep her perfect season alive.

Behind Eve we have a very hungry group of Americans. Shannon Fleming and Brittany Gagne are fighting hard for second overall and looking for that elusive win if Brodeur falters. Both girls have been great all season long and I truly hope they both come back for 2017. I was speaking with Sylvain Brodeur and he mentioned that Eve and himself had a big surprise. I tried to wrestle it out of both of them, but they were too tough for me. Here are my predictions for the final round for the girls:


1st Eve Brodeur

2nd Shannon Fleming

3rd Brittany Gagne

4th Kim Normandin

5th Isabelle Thibault

20160709-Eve Brodeur

Can #1E Eve Brodeur complete her undefeated season at round 4 at RJ’s?|It’s a Spikman!

Canadian Grand National Pro Open at Walton Raceway

If you haven’t made plans yet for after RJ’s, you need to make the Canadian Grand National Pro Open at Walton Raceway a must. This is a one-off race that is giving the racers and fans everything they have asked for in the past. Brett Lee, Mark Perrin and crew have been busting their asses to make this a can’t miss event. They have a really cool format and have made some serious track changes to a track that most already consider the crown jewel of Canadian moto. I, myself, am counting down the days for this amazing event.

That’s it for me this week. Time to make the quick drive up the 400. Be sure to check out this week’s ‘Out of the Blue‘ with Isa More brought to you by the great gang at Shrader’s. I’d like to give a quick get well soon to Brett Metcalfe and young Damon Burbine. Heal up soon, fellas, the races won’t be the same without you. Have a great week and #smileforBC! See you at RJ’s.

Billy Rainford

Thanks, Jeff. You really went out on a limb with your race predictions for this week: Eve, Cole, and Davi for the wins. It would be hard to bet against any of those three though. They have shown themselves to be the class of their respective…classes this summer, for sure. Do I get a Mulligan for picking Colton Facciotti to win the MX1 class, since he’s out with injury? Wait, Josh Hansen dropping out of Supercross didn’t save me from having to fulfill my ‘warm beer bet’ back in 2009, so I guess I don’t have a leg to stand on here (yes, I foolishly bet on young Hanny!).
What a week it’s been here at Direct Motocross World Headquarters in London, Ontario. After spending the week out in the Maritime provinces acting like a tourist, we headed straight back to London for a few days then turned around and pointed the #DMXVan east again and headed to Quebec City last week. The corporate van, that was new in 2015, is going to be ‘miled out’ by the time the season starts again next spring! 75000kms since June 2015. Not bad.
Quebec City

The weekend in Quebec City was a good one|Bigwave iPhone photo

Let’s get to the news, shall we?

Taylor Ciampichini and Nathan Bles to Fill In at Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing at RJ’s

By Billy Rainford

20160807-Taylor Ciampichini

#68 Taylor Ciampichini will trade in his usual uniform for the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing colours this week at RJs with fellow fill in rider, #56 Nathan Bles|Bigwave photo

Team GDR has posted on social media that #68 Taylor Ciampichini and #56 Nathan Bles will fill in at Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing this weekend at RJ’s in Barrie, Ontario, for the recuperating #2 Colton Facciotti.

Colton is still getting back to 100% after injuring his shoulder in a crash at round 7 at Pleasant Valley in Truro, Nova Scotia. Look for Colton under the tent this weekend signing autographs and helping the team any way he can.

Ciampichini (a local Barrie native) and Bayfield, Ontario’s Bles will join MX2 rider #18 Brad Nauditt under the tent for the 10th and final round of Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals this Sunday.

MX2 rider #14 Jeremy Medaglia will remain off the bike while still dealing with his post-concussion issues from his fall at round 2 at The Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC.

Here is the GDR Instagram post:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.01.14 AM

Nathan Bles on ‘The Ride’

We gave #56 Nathan Bles a call today and caught him as he was meandering through the small towns of Central Ontario on his way north to Barrie and the RJ’s track. If you remember, Nathan was to come back and race on his own KTM under the Redemption Racing tent on a KTM 450 until he broke his wrist early in the season. Nathan wasn’t planning on racing this weekend and has been healing his arm and “working an excavator the past 3 months” and didn’t really want to say he’s in ‘race shape, by any means.

He got a call just this past Tuesday about the possibility of racing Colton Facciotti‘s Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing 450. He had to make a few calls to get it sorted out and then jumped at the opportunity. He went out and tested with GDR mechanic, Justin Petker, Wednesday and Thursday and said “the bike is awesome! It’s the best bike I’ve ever ridden. Colton has his bike set up great. All I had to do was move the levers a little and that was pretty much it.”

His plan this weekend is to “put in 8 hard laps and then put it on cruise and see what happens.” The official deal is for this weekend only but with a solid result I bet we’ll see Nathan on the big red 450 during the week in the Youth class and maybe more at the Parts Canada TransCan and then the Pro Open on Sunday.

Nathan wasn’t sure but thinks he last raced the RJ’s track 4 or 5 years ago and is looking forward to getting back out there with everyone. He said his wrist is fine but that it may be the heat and humidity that take their toll this weekend in his return to racing.

Good luck, Nathan. See you there!

Nathan Bles

Watch for the #56 bike of Nathan Bles to change to red this weekend at RJ’s under the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing big rig tent|Bigwave photo

Brett Metcalfe Injury Update

#3 Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha’s Brett Metcalfe was one of the many riders who fell victim to the rough Motocross Deschambault track late in the day last Sunday. The triple step up just before the marquee #16 130-foot table-top double was grooved out all day and the track crew did what they could before each moto to get rid of the inevitable kicker that seemed to develop during the Pro motos.
In the second moto, Brett found the rut with the kicker and was set over the bars and down hard on the ground. He was unable to finish and did some damage. He was taken to the hospital to get checked out. Here is what he had to say about it on his Instagram page @bmetty24

bmetty24Hi everyone. Letting you all know I am doing ok, and have been released out of hospital today after my crash during Moto 2 at Rd.9 Deschamult of @cmrcmx I have 2 thumbs up, not because I feel good but because things are not too bad considering the crash. I have broken the lower eye socket bone and cheek bone on my face, have a really swollen arm, some aches and pains but that is it.
Absolutely bummed about the crash, made a bad rut decision which had a kicker, I didn’t see it and endo’d hard.
Big thanks to the @rockstar_otsff Team for all the support and effort they put in for me, @donk122 For working his butt off all season to give me a great bike each weekend and the whole crew for a fun and successful season.
Massive thanks to @michael_haist for lending a helping hand while I was down and all my friends, fans, fellow riders, sponsors and family for the love and support. ✌️

Get well soon, Brett. The MX1 class will miss you this week.

20160807-Brett Metcalfe

Brett Metcalfe will miss the final round of competition this weekend|Bigwave photo

Dave Blanchet Injury Update

#727 Dave Blanchet was a victim of the tough Deschambault track on the final day of amateur competition at the Motovan Amateur Championships Saturday. Dave left the track on a back board and had everyone worried about the extent of his injuries. Here is what Dave had to say from his hospital bed Thursday afternoon:

Let's go, Dave Blanchet. Make it happen in Jersey! - Bigwave photo

Dave Blanchet crashed hard Saturday at Motocross Deschambault- Bigwave photo

When we heard how hard #727 Dave Blachet had crashed Saturday at Motocross Deschambault, we figured we’d give him a few days to start feeling a little better before we got in touch with him – it was a nasty crash!

Dave was racing the final Youth moto of the Motovan Amateur Motocross Championships when the crash happened. It was just a few corners in after the start, so the riders were still all bunched together. When the rider in front of Blanchet didn’t do the big quad, Dave chopped the throttle and went for the double-double rhythm.

Behind him, #52 Vincent Lauzon was on the gas and hit the quad only to land on Blanchet and go down hard. Dave was taken away on a back board with obvious signs of multiple injuries.

The laundry list of injuries includes: vertebra fracture, open fracture of the jaw, perforated lung, broken scapula, and 4 broken ribs.

He will spend the rest of the week, and maybe next, in the hospital. An open fracture and punctured lung are two injuries very susceptible to infection, so they will want to keep a close eye on his condition before releasing him.

Fortunately, he’s got his girlfriend, Bianca Branchaud, at his side as his “personal nurse” throughout his stay.

Get well soon, Dave. You’ve got Supercross to prepare for!

Dave Blanchet 2

Get well soon, Dave!|Photo supplied by Dave Blanchet

Mike Alessi Update

#800 Monster Energy Alpinestars Kawasaki rider Mike Alessi took a vicious fall last Sunday in Deschambault and took a rare DNF in the second moto. They added a new GP-style down/up section and mike went over the bars on the way down and ended up in a heap in a ditch at the bottom.

This week, Mike is a game-time decision. Said Jason Hughes, “We’ll send him out for practice and see how he feels.” He will be trying to ride through the pain of 3 broken ribs. I seriously don’t know how these guys do it. I cracked 2 ribs and then got a chest cold and the pain from coughing and sneezing almost killed me!

Also, the team’s MX2 rider, #101 Mark Worth, fell hard in the same spot as Brett Metcalfe and was a DNF in his 2nd moto at Deschambault. The bike was pretty bent up but Mark is a go for this week.

20160717 Mike Alessi

#800 Mike Alessi will be a game-time decision Sunday at the final round at RJ’s|Bigwave photo

Parts Canada TransCan/Pro Open Updates

This isn’t your parents’ Walton Raceway!

From Brett Lee:

Thursday we got an inch of rain, which was Perfect. Been really dry here, track is been 95% done with all the changes so it was very welcomed. Looking forward to move in on Monday.


This is the same section used 25 years ago. Little throw back through the trees to the finish line. It should open the last corner up for some last corner charges.


This is shot just before the previous photo, after the Natural Double (hey, did you know the Natural Double has its own Facebook page? ( ). Anyway, it is double lane switch back which leads up to the old Walton Wall. Again, should add some last lap craziness.


This is the new winners’ podium built by Kyle Keast Metal Works and the crew. Even former DMX man, Danny Brault, was out swinging the hammers. He has gotten muscular!


In this photo looking over to the start, you can see the staging tent going up. Shade is going to be the big thing next week. Immediately in front is the new corner in the infield. In the back section, spectating has really improved.


We added a back road to the Natural Double for medics… just to make things easier.


Where the Pro pits were will now be spectating parking for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fans arriving early can back their vehicle up track side and get old school tailgating parties happening. Caden Lee (drinking from a gas can) and Trevor Decorte give their best track side fans impression. The idea is, fans can back up, pull out the cooler, lawn chairs and have a real tailgate motocross experience.

Like everything else in our world this year… will it work? We think so. Fans are really embracing the idea of this large Canadian Pro field competing all at once for all the marbles. Sunday is going to be a Fans’ event.

Looks great, Brett. It looks like you’ve made some great changes there with safety and spectators as the focus. It should be a great week. See you there!

DMX Canadian MX Weekly Wrap Up Show|Deschambault National|Presented by FXR

DMX Canadian MX Weekly Wrap Up Show|Deschambault Round 9|Presented by FXR from on Vimeo.

Royal Distributing Holeshot Awards|Motocross Deschambault Round 9

Royal Distributing Deschambault Holeshot Awards from on Vimeo.

Teddy Maier to Go Out on His Own Terms at RJ’s

If you looked at Jeff’s MX1 predictions at the top, you may have thought he was having one of his spells, but it’s true – Teddy Maier is racing RJ’s on a Monster Energy Alpinestars Kawasaki to go out on his own terms. Teddy was sent into early retirement when he got hurt last season and it hasn’t sat well with him ever since. Jason Hughes and his team first hired Teddy back in 2008 and he has been a welcomed staple with them ever since.

We spoke with Jason today and he was excited to have Teddy back at the races for one last go to leave the sport and the team on a much more positive note. Where Teddy finishes isn’t the point. Teddy is honorary Canadian so be sure to give him the send-off the big #10 deserves when you see him this weekend in Barrie.

Welcome back, Teddy!

MX1 #5 - Teddy Maier | Bigwave photo

Welcome back to Canada, Teddy Maier! Teddy will race this final round for the Monster Energy Alpinestars Kawasaki Team to go out on his own terms|Bigwave photo

Team Canada MXON Raffle Tickets – I’ve Got ‘Em!

I will have Team Canada MXON raffle tickets with me to sell this weekend at RJ’s. Please feel free to come up and buy one or a few to support the cause!

MXON Raffle Tickets

OK, we ran out of time! It should be a great weekend of Pro racing at the final event of the 10-round series that will lead us to the Parts Canada TransCan next week. There will be lots of photos etc. of this weekend as well as some from the banquet Sunday night. Keep your eyes glued to our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for all the up-to-the-minute action and results.

Kaven Benoit Congrats

See you at the races…