Frid’Eh Update #42 Presented by 100%

By Jeff McConkey and Billy Rainford


Week #42 goes out to Utah’s Riley Brough who finished 11th overall in the MX1 class and will run #26 in 2016. – Bigwave photo

Welcome to week #42 of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Presented by 100%. Week #42 belongs to a rider out of Utah we’ve gotten to know over the past couple years here in Canada. Riley Brough has been coming north to race the CMRC Rockstar MX Nationals and continues to improve each time we see him.

Riley had a solid summer as he crisscrossed Canada and came away with 11th overall in the MX1 class (12-16-14-17-12-23-15-23-11-12). He earned #26 for the 2016 season.


#42 Riley Brough’s best finish in 2015 was an 11th at Ulverton. – Bigwave photo

We got in touch with Riley to see what he’s been up to:

Direct Motocross: Hello, Riley. You had a pretty good summer last year in Canada. How would you say it went?

For me this season went great. Finishing 11th in points was above my expectations, and also being able to see my little brother (McCoy) score points and earn a national number was awesome, too.

You were always in some good battles. Who were your main rivals?

I wouldn’t say I have any rivals or enemies up there but it seemed like I could never get away from Keylan Meston and Matt Davenport. The three of us were in a constant battle both on the track and in points all year. Also, Shawn Robinson and I had some great battles out east. And I believe it came down to the last moto of the year to determine 11th overall between him and me.

What did you do for the rest of the summer, after Walton?

After Walton, we headed straight for the Indiana national. I didn’t qualify but the track was amazing and we had a good time. After that I hit a few local races, the Dodge Amateur National, and the USGP.

Ya, you just raced the USGP. Can you tell us about that experience?

Racing there was easily the coolest thing I’ve done in my career so far. Lining up next to guys that I’ve only ever seen on TV was pretty amazing and, on top of that, I finished 20th in the second moto. I’m still blown away that I’m able to say I scored an MXGP point!

What will you do over the winter months?

In the winter months, I do my best to stay out of the snow. I’m not much of a ‘snow sports guy,’ so we’ll head to SoCal here and there. My parents and I also promote a local arenacross series so I’ll be busy working those. But if I can find the time, I’d love to hit a Canadian arenacross or two.

Do you want to come back to Canada?

As of right now, the plan is to be back in Canada for another full season. I think with a full season under his belt on the two-stroke my brother can be a top ten contender here and there on the 250f. And for me, finishing 11th in points only made me hungry for a single-digit number!

Thanks for the quick chat, Riley. Have a great winter. Who would you like to thank?

I have to give a huge thanks to my parents. They run the RMX Series during the summer so that my brother and I can do this. Also, Chris Hymas at Pocatello Powersports, Kameron Burger at Insiduous Designs, the entire Burger family, Fly Racing, and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

To be honest, it doesn’t even matter where you finish – the stories and memories will be just as special when you get older. The fact that Riley is hitting all these different events is not only giving him great motocross memories, they are making him a more well-rounded human being. Keep doing what you’re doing, Riley. Even not qualifying at Ironman MX will be a great thing to look back on when you get a little older.


This week, the Update is brought to you by 100% Goggles. Check them out and help Ryan Lockhart afford food for baby Meston.

This week, the Update is brought you us by 100%. With Ryan Lockhart and Randi Ormond just having their first baby boy, Meston, it is an appropriate sponsor for week #42. Congratulations, guys. Unfortunately, it also means we won’t be seeing Ryan line up for the Penticton round of the Canadian National AX Tour, but looking after Randi and a 12.2 pound baby are a little more important than a dirt bike race. I can’t believe I just said that!

Jeff McConkey

Brett Metcalfe to Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha for 2016 and more…

Hey, guys. The temperature keeps dropping, but fortunately Arenacross is here, we just had Red Bull Straight Rhythm, and most recently the Monster Energy Cup. Add in ‘silly season,’ and it looks like we are going to have a great winter. The biggest news has got to be the signing of Brett Metcalfe to the  Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha team.  The Rockstar team finally claimed their first CMRC Championship, and they pretty much guaranteed their 2nd. The team already had new 2015 Champion Matt Goerke inked for 2016, and then they somehow snuck in and stole Metcalfe from the mighty Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki team. Rumors were floating around that team owner André Laurin threw out a big offer at former champion Colton Facciotti, but the Honda Canada TLD GDR team dug deep and were able to keep Colton. This now leaves a huge hole on the Kawasaki roster, but that’s what makes this silly season even better. I’d be willing to bet that team owner Jason Hughes and company go out and land a big name to ride beside the already dangerous Vince Friese (more on that later).

Things should heat up soon in the MX2 class as well. Shawn Maffenbeier should pretty much be able to write his ticket anywhere. The guy is fit, consistent, fast, and drama free.  I think he would be a great fit on the vacant Royal Distributing Fox KTM MX2 ride. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jess Pettis back under a big tent. I really think he’d look really good on a Leading Edge Kawi as their 2nd rider. Just sayin’.

OCMC Club Enduro this Weekend

Outdoor riding time is winding down quick here in Southern Ontario. The OCMC club is holding their annual club enduro this weekend. This is a really fun time if you are looking for some seat time. They are also holding their 6 hour enduro on the 31st. This event is a total blast and I think I may even line up for it.

I’m cutting it short again this week. I will be down at the International Center manning the HMK booth at the Snowmobile and ATV Show for the weekend. If you are in attendance, don’t be shy. Be sure to check out this weeks ‘Out of the Blue‘ with Kelcey Jones. Before I go, I’d like to give a birthday shout out to MX1 Pro, Dylan Schmoke. Dylan had a great season and will no doubt “be on the board” next season! Have a great weekend and #smileforBC!

Billy Rainford

Thanks, Jeff. I, too, will keep it brief this week. After taking a full 24 hours to get to Penticton, BC for the 5th and 6th rounds of the Canadian National AX Tour, I’m beat! Actually, the real reason is that I am currently typing from the lobby of the hotel right next door to the South Okanogan Events Centre where the racing is about to take place…literally. I can here the bikes revving right now. I headed over to catch some practice earlier. Here are a few shots:


This is actually the view from the balcony of my hotel room here in Penticton.


I just paid $.86 back in Ontario. I guess you pay for the view out here…


The pits here in Penticton. I wouldn’t say there are a ton of riders here, but there is definitely some talent!


Whose likeness will be on the 2016 posters?


Stu McQueen from the Future West Moto AX series is here checking things out.


Whenever I’m out here, I always ask why we don’t ALL live out here.


This will be the view from the Valvoline AX Tour LIVE broadcast this weekend. Not bad.


The Smiths are here racing for the mighty MRM team.


Young Tyler Gibbs was jumping the tricky finish line jump on his little 150.


Head Referee Dan Beaton is here getting the track in perfect condition.


Jeffery Thompson, Taylor Ciampichini, and Kyle Thompson making sure the track is prepped.


Mitch Goheen from Just Giver Productions picking rocks before he races Intermediate this afternoon.


Young Stephen Anderson would be racing were it not for his broken elbow he suffered in a longboard fall.


Tanner Ward has made the trip from Ontario with a few other amateur riders.


Let’s see which motocross rider wins this weekend to get their banner added here…


I did NOT have arenacross experience at this age. Did you?


Not only did they have to cover the ice and build the track, all the glass had to be removed too. Sounds like a lot of work to me.


Hey, Austin Watling, do you have a name for that look you’re giving us?


OK, it’s time to find your seats. See you in here tonight!

Ross Johnson Interview

Washington State’s Ross Johnson is the defending 450 class champion in the Future West Arenacross Series. He won most of the money at the first round of that series up in Armstrong, BC a couple weeks ago, but with that series on a break, he’s here to test his skills against this bunch.

We grabbed him for a chat as he was walking the track today here in Penticton. Here’s what he had to say:

Mike Alessi to Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki

With Brett Metcalfe making the move to the Yamaha team for 2016, it left a big hole to fill on the Monster Energy Thor Kawasaki squad. Who would be out there to challenge for wins that they could talk to? How about #800 Mike Alessi? Great idea!

With Vince Friese already signed to race MX1 for the team, it just makes sense that Alessi would race beside him. Nothing has been released ‘officially,’ so this is currently in the ‘rumour’ category. Also rumoured to be joining the team is Jacob Hayes in the MX2 class.

If these things are finalized (which, nudge, nudge, they will be) it will make for a very strong team to go up against the Rockstar team in the battle of the energy drinks. It also takes one team off the list as an option for the now-available Shawn Maffenbeier. It now makes even more sense that we’ll see him riding orange on 2016.

Congratulations to Randi Omond and Ryan Lockhart

Randi and Ryan just had their first child – a baby boy named Meston who came in at a whopping 12.2 pounds! Congrats, guys.


It’s a boy! Randi Ormond and Ryan Lockhart are now parents to baby Meston. Congrats, guys. – Bigwave photo

Canada AX Tour Point Standings

I’m about to walk back to the arena for the racing. I’ll post some practice photos and a short practice video as soon as the action finishes and we break for dinner before the night program starts. Here is a look at how the points look heading into round 5 tonight:


AX Lites

1. 100 Jacob Hayes 94
2. 101 Chris Blose 84
3. 373 Jacob Williamson 61
4. 20 Dylan Wright 61
5. 65 Scott Champion 60
6. 727 Dave Blanchet 56
7. 10 Nathan Bles 51
8. 34 Westen Wrozyna 51
9. 7 Bobby Kiniry 47
10. 148 Cole Thompson 45


AX Pro
1. 148 Cole Thompson 85
2. 101 Chris Blose 84
3. 100 Jacob Hayes 80
4. 373 Jacob Williamson 68
5. 65 Scott Champion 56
6. 34 Westen Wrozyna 51
7. 20 Dylan Wright 48
8. 7 Bobby Kiniry 47
9. 727 Dave Blanchet 46
10. 464 Kyle Keast 27


Clash for Cash
1. 148 Cole Thompson 95
2. 100 Jacob Hayes 91
3. 101 Chris Blose 80
4. 34 Westen Wrozyna 58
5. 20 Dylan Wright 53
6. 727 Dave Blanchet 53
7. 10 Nathan Bles 50
8. 373 Jacob Williamson 48
9. 65 Scott Champion 43
10. 464 Kyle Keast 30

Bobby Kiniry Update

One last thing before we go…

I gave Bobby Kiniry a call just now and caught him as he was literally pulling out of the hospital parking lot. He went in for surgery Wednesday to get his hip repaired after his massive bail in Sarnia a couple weekends ago.

It was major surgery to repair his broken femur (in a couple places) and broken hip (in a couple places). There were also som e muscle tears and they put in 3 plates and “a bunch of screws.”

He has a follow-up appointment in two weeks and he was told no weight bearing for 8 weeks. That’s almost 8 days in Bobby time!

The doctor was optimistic with the surgery and recovery, however, the worry is that, because it was out of place for 13 hours, there is a concern that he will need hip replacement sooner than later.

What’s next, you ask?

Bobby is currently weighing his options but it is pointing towards retirement for the New York State rider. There is talk that Blake Baggett is trying to hire him as a trainer but it would mean moving the family to Florida and I could tell that wasn’t high on Bobby’s ‘To Do List.’

For now, it’s great to hear that he is fixed and on the road to recovery. What comes next is up to Bobby and his family. Good luck, guys.


Bobby Kiniry had successful hip surgery and is on the road to recovery. What’s next? Read above. – Bigwave photo

OK, Pro practice starts in 20 minutes, so that’s all for this week. Be sure to watch all the racing action tonight live from Penticton. It all starts at 7:10pm Pacific/10:10 Eastern. You can get the link here on the site or at

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.