Go Fund Me Set Up for Jennah Farnell

“Hey everyone we are fundraising for our family member Jennah Farnell.

“On Friday July 29, 2022 Jennah was racing in the Eastern Canadian Amateur National in Deschambault Quebec, where she experienced a life changing accident. Jennah had a crash and was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Quebec City. Jennah was diagnosed with a severe break in her L1 vertebrae impacted into her spinal cord. She was then rushed into emergency surgery done by 2 neurosurgeons which took approximately 5 hours. She came out with 5 vertebrae fused together with 2 rods and 8 screws. She has been left with lots of spinal cord damage and a long road to recovery ahead.

“Jennah will have to stay in the icu at this hospital for a least a week before she is stable enough to be flown to a hospital in Toronto where she can be closer to home. The doctors have given her a 20-30% chance of a full recovery and at least 6 month of being in the hospital full time.

“Jennah has had a love for racing dirt bikes the past 2 years but her true passion is her work we’re she is a nurse. She will be faced with a lot of challenges to overcome before she is able to work again and likely multiple years of being unable to earn a living.

“During Jennah’s long road to recovery she is going to be faced with many expenses such as the air ambulance back to her home Provence, medication, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. Medical equipment such as a wheelchair and home alterations etc. Jennah has always been a independent girl and all the funds raised from here will be working towards getting her back to that. We are asking our friends and family and community to help in any way they can on the road to getting Jennah back on her feet.

“Jennah has been remaining very positive and happy as she always is and is thankful for all the love, support, and messages from everyone reaching out.”