ICYMI | Catching Up with Keylan Meston

By Billy Rainford

Catching Up with Calgary racer, Keylan Meston. | Bigwave photo

Keylan Meston is the Calgary, Alberta, racer who we’ve gotten to know pretty well over the last few years. He is always quick to allow us to get in his face with an interview and he even does it with a smile. He’s become one of our favourite riders to interview, based on his honest and truthful answers. He’s an interesting character, too.

Here’s a look at his 2018 season:




Keylan is still progressing as a racer and has high hopes for his upcoming season. He recently changed bike brands and joined a new team for 2019, but let’s let him tell you all about it.

Here’s what the Calgary rider had to say about…lots of stuff.

Direct Motocross: Hello, Keylan. OK, let’s start at the beginning. Where are you from? How old are you? And how did you get into Motocross in the first place?

Keylan Meston: Chestermere, AB, 26. [I got started] through family, wanted to be cool like my cousins and hit rad jumps.

What was your first number and how did you choose it?

I don’t care what people say, I am the OG 7-deuce-deuce, although Enticknap has been very committed to running the 722. Liked the number 7 and always ran 2 in hockey and it was available through CMRC.

What was your first race, and how did it go?

Tuesday Night Mini Motos at WRMA. XR70 just puttering around. I don’t remember how it went, but I do remember watching my good buddies, Todd Sewell and Jared Petruska, for the first time just absolutely laying it down on the Pro Track on 60’s.

What was the highlight of your amateur career?

Nothing, really. Just lots of great racing locally in AB. It used to be such a competitive province. So many badass racers.

How did your Intermediate Class year go, and who were the top guys you were up against?

It was good but just local stuff. I never took moto serious or left the West till I was second year pro. Jared Petruska was cleaning house at the time and Derrick Barr was a ripper too

What year did you turn Pro and how did that season go?

I think 2011. Raced the four west rounds. I think they were average, good for a first year pro with no pressure. But I do remember running 4th in the second moto at Morden in the mud until the second last lap and I broke my shifter and ended up getting stuck in first gear! Fell back to 12th. I was devastated but was cool to know I could ride with composure with the pressure of knowing I was up front.

What is your favourite track in Canada?

I like Ulverton and Raymond. Get those puppies on the circuit!!

2012 Keylan at his home national in Calgary.

Let’s go through your 2018 season, if you don’t mind. For starters, how did the Arenacross portion go for you? Your best were a couple of 5ths.  How was that series?

Honestly, it was not good. I had high expectations with the AX tracks, they were sub par and they made for pretty lame racing. Wasn’t much opportunity to spread your wings, ya know? If they can recreate what they did with the AX Tour tracks back in ’15 and ’16, they will have a killer indoor series. But did have a blast with all the road tripping even if it was for a couple rounds of AX! Almost lost my life and The Carlson motorhome in Minnesota. Just ask Laurie and Wyatt Waddell! Good thing my truck driving daddy taught me well and I steered that big rig clear of 4 lanes of havoc!

In Motocross, you finished 5th at round 1 at your hometown race but weren’t able to duplicate that result. You were 7th over all. Was that your highlight of the summer?

Ya, Calgary was good! Came in fresh and confident and rode with no restriction. As the year went on I struggled. Had some great efforts and great rides from the back that got overlooked. But I had a slow decline as the series went on. Sometimes emotional stress and life on the road got the best of my energy but I always did my best to hit the reset button every weekend and come out swinging.

OK, and then the Supercross series. You’d the last 2 rounds and finished 9th and 10th for 12th over all.  How was that series for you?

I hit my head pretty good at Moncton and struggled with that for the remainder of the outdoor series and throughout the fall, so I decided to give it some time. I actually didn’t ride from Walton until 3-4 weeks before Quebec City, I believe. Those results were to be expected with the level intensity I brought. I hadn’t been racing in a while and those guys were on another level of tenacity. Maybe with some more testing, better starts and composure in the chaos, those results would have been a little better.  But who cares? We’re living in 2019!

How do you think the new series went, overall?

Up and down. Lots of growth and positives across the board but that doesn’t go without saying the negatives were light issues. But aside from opinion, there was a big effort from start to finish no matter how big the fire was. I give them credit, they didn’t back down and tried to give the best possible product with what they had. The real question is how are they going to learn and regroup for year 2? I have faith in JT (Justin Thompson)!

You are down at Club MX in South Carolina. How has it been going?

Good. Super fun. Change of pace from the laid back Cali life. We are definitely in the sticks.

Who are you training and riding with? How is your speed looking?

Maff (Shawn Maffenbeier) and (Phil) Nicoletti. Speed is there. Just working on getting that Serta approved comfort on the YZ.

You’re riding with the CTR Club MX Redemption Racing Yamaha team this season. I assume you feel at home back on the Yamaha? How is the new bike?

After taking a year hiatus from Yamaha on Husky’s, I will say the new model of Yamaha is good. They worked out the kinks and it’s a solid machine.

Keylan is aiming high and wants to get himself onto the podium in 2019.

How have things been going with the support of a pretty established team? Do you think you have the tools to get your best results in 2019?

They have been pretty focused on SX so I have not received too much attention yet but things should get rolling here soon. And yes, for sure, I have always believed that I have aspects to be a top dog, nice now to have the resources and support group to compliment the attitude. Very excited to work with (Josh) Snider and (Scott) Jeffery. I have a lot of confidence in them, and am excited to build a relationship with the ClubMX and Traders folks.

What are your plans and goals for the upcoming season?

Podiums, and on the days when they’re not in reach, just be a beast.

OK, thank you and good luck. Who would you like to thank?

Just like to thank CTR Motorsports, DORVA MX, Canalta Hotels, Westwood’s Apparel, Ben Fooks, Brent Carlson and all the great family and friends in my life!