Indianapolis Supercross Photo Report from the Note Pad

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Bigwave

Presented by Race Tech

I always take heat for using actual pen and paper to keep track of what’s going on at the races. For me, it’s just the way I’d prefer to do it. Here are some thoughts of mine from trackside that I jotted down at the 2022 Indianapolis Supercross at Lucas Oil Stadium.

As I headed to the photo den in one of the big meeting rooms at floor level in the stadium, I passed the room where all the KJSX kids were gathered getting ready for what was probably the biggest night of their young lives.

We had one Canadian lining up and that was #9 Trey Brandt from Alix, Alberta.

The KJSX room at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
What an experience!
Did Trey win? No. Does it matter? No.

It was raining outside and it was very humid on the track.

I was watching the 450 qualifying and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t see #19 Justin Bogle on the track and then I saw his bike leaning against the finish line tower. I’d missed that whole incident between him and #10 Justin Brayton‘s bike! I saw it on IG though. Wow. Bogle managed to come back out but Brayton didn’t pass concussion protocol:

Tanner Ward in qualifying.

In the 2nd qualifying session, they get a gate drop and Tanner Ward had a good gate pick and got out to second place position early. “He’s really looking like he belongs out there in AMA Supercross” is what I have written down in my note pad.

#48 Cameron McAdoo in 2nd qualifying.

#48 Cameron McAdoo was ready to put in another heater to try and knock #18 Jett Lawrence off the top of the list but didn’t realize he’d passed the checkered flag. He was just flying past riders who were just rolling around to get off the track and it was funny, albeit very dangerous, as he finally noticed what was going on and shut it down.

Jett Lawrence was top 250 qualifier again.
#23 Chase Sexton.

#23 Chase Sexton chased #27 Malcolm Stewart around in the final 450 qualifier and the pair went 1-2 respectively. That is until #3 Eli Tomac took it late by almost a 1/2 second. At that point, everyone knew the field was in for a long night.

Eli Tomac was fastest 450 qualifier.
At lunchtime, I met up with Matt Putt (top right) and his brother and kids for a burger on the concourse.

I got a DM from Matt Putt from NY State and we decided to get together for a burger during the break between the first and second qualifying sessions. Matt supported our old friend Jeff Mort a bunch of years ago. I drove out to the Salt Lake City and Las Vegas SX’s with Jeff. It was also the one time I got food poisoning and had to sit in the room at the Flamingo all week while everyone else had fun. Matt remembered.

Opening Ceremonies.
Cooper Webb’s intro montage includes comparing him to a lion and shows one attacking some prey. I get the idea but I think it rubs some the wrong way.
Eli Tomac got the loudest cheer from the Indy crowd.
Tanner Ward got caught up in the first turn pile-up and was near the back early.
He rode hard and was closing on the pack ahead that included the 9th place rider.
Hardy Munos went down hard and was out of the heat race. McAdoo took the win.

The crowd went nuts for 2 reasons in heat #2. #11 Kyle Chisholm grabbed the holeshot and led most of the race until Lawrence came from a fall in turn 1 to pass Chisholm for the win.

#116 TJ Albright just rolled over the line and in the heat race. He was a DNS for the LCQ.

#44 Pierce Brown went down hard in this one.

#711 Tristan Lane grabbed 9th in his 450 heat and went directly to the Main.
I didn’t see what caused it at the time but #87 Alex Ray and #447 Deven Raper actually got in a bit of a tussle.

Note: I love how Oneal has taken this incident and run with it and not from it. Seems to be the best and only way to deal with something like this.

#51 Justin Barcia was pumped to hold off Stewart and Tomac in heat #2.
The 250 LCQ had a lot of fast riders in it.

Tanner was 12th early and then worked his way up to 8th by the checkered flag. Like I said, he looked good and definitely has the potential to do well down south.

Tight racing in the 250 LCQ.
Trey Brandt was out for the KJSX Main before the other Mains got underway. He finished 14th and had a blast.
Jett Lawrence grabbed the 250 Main holeshot but McAdoo went with him.

The two of them put on a great show. Unfortunately, they came into lapped traffic early and it made things challenging. Lawrence ended up winning with a 6-second gap over McAdoo.

#140 Cullin Park’s bike was smoking badly and you had to worry about an ill-timed seizure. It never came and he somehow managed to finish 10th!

#285 Marshal Weltin loaned #56 Josh Osby a bike after he parted ways with his former team. Marshal looks at home making SX moves and finished a career bast 13th in the Main.

#56 Josh Osby finished 21st in the 250 Main on a borrowed bike.
Jett celebrated with Cameron with his bike leaning on the caution light stand.
I had a better shot of Jett’s reaction to finding it had fallen over but it was out of focus. Still pretty funny. He now has an 11-point lead over McAdoo.
250 Podium: Lawrence, McAdoo, Hampshire.
450 Main holeshot went to #51 Justin Barcia.

The lead 450 group was into lapped traffic 5:00 into the Main! You just knew that was going to be a factor when lap times were down around 45 seconds.

#23 Chase Sexton putting a classic SX move on #62 Vince Friese. 23 – 4th, 62 – 9th.
And just missing one on #25 Marvin Musquin in the same corner.

I stayed in this corner most of the 450 Main because it just looked like it was going to provide some excitement.

It sort of freaked me out but these two shots were back to back on my camera.

Malcolm Stewart went down hard when he came up short in a rhythm section. Fortunately, he got up and still finished 8th.
Tomac made the pass on Barcia and it stuck as they wove through lappers.
Tomac took the win and now has a 51-point lead over Anderson and Barcia in 2nd who have Stewart just 2 points behind them in 4th.
450 Podium: Tomac, Barcia, Musquin.
It was an odd night for interviews and I wasn’t sure what Cooper Webb was doing over at the podium after the Main. He looked to be struggling to hold the grip when he rode away.
The riders all agree this track was a gnarly one.

The series heads to Seattle next weekend where we pick up the 250 West class in what could be a mudder. Outdoors in Seattle in late March? Yes, we’ll have a mudder.

The kid with his hat on backwards climbed out onto the banner to retrieve some tossed goggles (I think from Marvin Musquin) for the younger kid on the left as security tried to “arrest” him. Solid move, kid. He gets to say it this week: “See you at the races…