Designed to be a true grassroots entry into the motorcycle world, the KTM SX-E 2 provides the ideal platform for young riders to find their feet – and throttles – as young racers.

Following the successes of both the KTM SX-E 5 and KTM SX-E 3, the all-new KTM SX-E 2 rolls up to the starting line as a real-world intermediary package, bridging the gap between mini-cycle and motorcycle, complete with modern, striking graphics, top-quality materials, and high-end components.

The KTM SX-E 2 is designed and built around a center-tube Aluminum Extrusion Frame concept that reduces the number of components needed. With fewer connections and mounting points, the chassis provides maximum durability and rigidity, striding the line perfectly between balance, strength, and security. At the rear, the subframe is made from a high-quality glass-fiber reinforced, impact-resistant plastic composite for low weight and added shock absorption.

Providing the forward drive for the KTM SX-E 2 is a lightweight, maintenance-free 1.8 kW HUB Motor powered by a water-resistant IP65 9.4 Ah, Lithium-ion power-tool-type battery, delivering a maximum of 50 Nm and a top speed of 20.5 mph (33 km/h). Devoid of any additional parts like chains or sprockets, the HUB Motor keeps weight low and provides added safety in the event of a crash.

However, the real perk comes with the ease of swapping the battery with one easy movement, extending ride time with multiple batteries and easy battery replacement in case of damage. This also acts as an anti-ride device, with the battery simply removed. 

Charging is taken care of by an external charger supplying up to 500 W that can be connected to any 110-volt socket, taking approximately 60 minutes to achieve a full, 100% charge.

Up front, a non-adjustable WP Hydraulic Fork with 90 mm travel takes care of the bumps, while a preload adjustable 34 mm hydraulic monoshock takes care of matters at the rear. The monoshock is mounted directly to the swingarm, offering 70 mm of travel, and is perfectly matched to the front forks for exceptional balance and damping characteristics.

Young riders find their feet easily thanks to a 2-level adjustable seat height. In standard configuration, the seat height is 18.5 in/470 mm, but can easily be increased to 19.6 in/500 mm by lifting the bodywork and seat unit, and mounting the rear shock in its alternative position. This, along with the ability to lower the front fork in the triple clamp and adjust the heights of the foot-peg carrier, means the rider can grow with the KTM SX-E 2.

In keeping with its smaller dimensions, the KTM SX-E 2 is fitted with lightweight 10″ black powder-coated aluminum HPDC wheels front and rear, wrapped in KENDA tires, supported by a set of radial, hydraulic 140 mm disc brakes on the front and rear, with the brake pads being compatible with high-end bicycle brake pads for easy availability. The hand levers are adjustable to fit smaller hand sizes. 

From a safety feature and usability standpoint, the KTM SX E-2 is fitted with a roll-over sensor that cuts power in the event of a crash or tip-over. A wrist lanyard key also provides a direct connection between the rider and the kill switch, which stops the motor in the event of an uncontrollable riding scenario. 

As an added safety feature, the electric motor is activated by rolling the throttle forward. Once turned ‘on’, a haptic ‘vibration’ is sent through the grip, mimicking the subtle idling vibration of a combustion engine, indicating to the rider that the bike is ready to go. This stops any unwanted or sudden acceleration when mounting the KTM SX-E 2.

An illuminated multifunctional display located next to the throttle also makes keeping an eye on selected ride modes and battery life simple, with different colors indicating which ride mode is selected, as well as the current battery level.

The KTM SX-E 2 once again showcases KTM’s commitment to the next generations of champions, particularly aspiring riders starting at the absolute grassroots level, merging ‘big’ bike feel with all-electric starter packages.

SX-E 2 Highlights 

  • MSRP $2,599 CAD plus $325 freight and $200 PDI fee. Total price of $3,124 without taxes and local dealer fees. 
  • Lithium-ion power-tool-type battery provides up to 100 minutes of riding time
  • Fast recharging – 80% in 35 minutes or one hour for a full charge
  • Maintenance-free HUB Motor delivers 1.8 kW of peak power
  • Weight – 63.9 lb (29 kg) including dustproof and water-resistant battery
  • Adjustable ergonomics with two seat height options – 18.5 in/470 mm; 19.6 in/500 mm
  • Aluminum frame and swingarm for strength and durability 
  • WP suspension for exceptional performance 
  • Rollover Sensor disengages power 
  • Hydraulic brakes front and rear with 140 mm discs
  • 10″ wheels with KENDA offroad tires
  • High quality handlebars complete with ODI grips
  • Multi-Function Display includes three power modes:
    • Walking speed
    • Medium power with a top speed of 12.4 mph (20 km/h)
    • Full power with a top speed of 20.5 mph (33 km/h)

The new SX-E 2 arrives at authorized KTM dealers later this fall. For more news about the all-electric KTM Mini model range, visit KTM.com or your nearest dealer. 

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