By Billy Rainford

Good morning from Pendelton, Oregon. I didn’t even know my route from Salt Lake City, UT to Kamloops, BC was going to take me through Oregon, but here I am.

I managed to take a few minutes out of the drive and go for a MTB ride in Boise, Idaho, late yesterday. I spent most of the day driving through a blinding snowstorm through the mountains, so I needed to take some time to unwind. Trailforks and Duck Duck Go (you heard me!) are a great combination.

I ended up at the Military Reserve trail system that starts right outside the dead centre of the city. I didn’t find anything “technical” but the climbs and rolling downhills were tough and a ton of fun.

Military Reserve trails in Boise, Idaho.

On Friday after Press Day at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Stephan Legrand AKA “Le Big” said he was going to go for a ride in the hills above the University of Utah so I said I’d tag along. After we parked the vans, the trails went straight up for a few minutes before continuing to keep going up. At that altitude and with zero warm-up, I was tasting blood for the remainder of our ride. Le Big was on an electric assist so I’m not sure it was a fair fight, but we had a blast.

MTB with Le Big in Salt Lake City.

I’m now typing away in a town at the base of the pass I just came through and over yesterday. The temperature went up almost 10 degrees in the last 5 minutes of downhill. It was a pretty unexpectedly bad day of driving, considering it’s May.

Here’s how most of my day looked on Sunday.

Anyway, Google Maps says I’ve still got 8:47 left to go on this drive, so I’d better going…

See you in Kamloops, Mitchell Harrison. | Bigwave photo

I wanted to get a video interview with new Cobequid Callus GasGas rider Mitchell Harrison on Saturday. I’ve spoken to him before, in fact, I was at the launch of the Rockstar Husqvarna team in Los Angeles back in 2017 when he was named to that one.

The walk from the stadium up to the privateer pits this past weekend was a long one. It felt even farther on Saturday than it did on Friday, actually! However, I wanted to make sure I re-introduced myself and got an interview, so I decided to head out during one of the breaks in the racing action on Saturday afternoon.

I wandered off into the crowd and made my way uphill to the other parking lot. I found his pits and saw his teammate Chris Blose on the the way in. Chris told me to go ahead and walk right in and grab him for an interview. So, that’s what I did.

When I got to where he was, there was a lady chatting with him. Being Canadian, I wasn’t going to interrupt, so I stood there for a minute and waited. A team member started talking with me and I told him who I was and why I was in there. After a few more awkward minutes of just standing there 3-feet from Mitchell as he conversed with the lady, I decided I wasn’t going to force myself in there and headed over to the Partzilla PRMX pits to chat with Julien Perrier and the gang.

Sorry I missed you, Mitchell, but don’t worry, you’re going to have to get used to talking with me very soon!

I spoke with his new team owner, Alex Parker from Cobequid Mountain Sports, on the drive and told him how my “interview” went. We laughed and moved on.

If you’re unsure of Cobequid’s history in competition, get a load of this:

At the Winter X Games a few years ago in Aspen, Colorado, their team had Freestyle Snowmobile riders, Joe Parsons (2nd most decorated athlete in X Games history), Willie Elam (bronze medal), and Heath Frisby (first to front-flip a sled). To go with that all-star line-up, they also had Mitch Cooke and Blair Morgan on Snow Bikes!

My drive yesterday took me through the hometowns of Willie (Twin Falls) and Heath (Boise). I’ll pass just east of Joe’s town of Yakima, WA today. That’s just in case you were wondering…

I keep getting people asking me who Cob Mountain Sports is that are fielding such a strong MX team this summer, so there’s a little piece of their history to help explain.

Now, I suppose we should talk a little bit about what happened on Saturday night in SLC.

The big news of the evening was the battle between Malcolm Stewart and Justin Barcia.

I was on the floor and didn’t even see the hit that Barcia put on Stewart when it happened, but the crowd didn’t let you forget that something had definitely happened!

I have never heard a crowd at a SX race be so vocal. Ever. It was like a wave of cheers for Malcolm as he circulated the track and closed back in on Justin throughout the rest of the Main. It was something really memorable from inside the stadium.

The boos Justin got afterward were also not like anything I’ve heard before. Marvin Musquin‘s boos for hitting Eli Tomac were close, but these were next level. I will also add that Marvin got a really strong ovation when he was introduced this week in SLC.

Anyway, I decided to throw my iPhone up and record the reactions afterward at the podium, so check this out it you haven’t already:

Justin Barcia acknowledging the chorus of boos from the SLC crowd. What else was he going to do?! | Bigwave photo

I was given an inside scoop that he was to be penalized for the move but I didn’t have confirmation, so I didn’t mention it. I’m sure we all thought something was coming. I also heard the penalty came with a $10K fine, but haven’t heard anything more on that end.

To be honest, in an otherwise uneventful night of 450 racing, this was something we all had to key in on and talk about. Whether or not you agree with the move, it has us all talking.

To add to the lack of excitement, Jett Lawrence took that awkward crash and decided to sit out the night of racing. He famously pointed out that he was just in the East/ West Showdown to do what he could to help his brother, Hunter Lawrence, catch and pass Christian Craig in 250 West points. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see what that would have looked like. We could have been treated to boos and cheers in both Mains!

If you aren’t up to date on everything that went down at the final round, here’s a full summary:

Jason Anderson Caps Supercross Season with Four Straight Wins

Nate Thrasher Takes 250SX Class Win, Christian Craig Wraps Title

Salt Lake City, Utah, (May 8, 2022) Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jason Anderson grabbed the final race win of the year at the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross World Championship,  Presented by the Utah Sports Commission inside Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City hosted the season’s final race for the third year in a row. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc.  

The event wrapped up the 17-round series of Monster Energy AMA Supercross racing. Team Honda HRC’s Chase Sexton rode a steady ride for second and Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing’s Justin Barcia took third in a dramatic race that had the fans on their feet. In 250SX Class racing, Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Nate Thrasher took his first victory of the year, besting the top riders from both regions in the season wrap-up Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Showdown. His Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing teammate Christian Craig wrapped up the Western Regional 250SX Class title with an eighth place finish.

Jason Anderson was nearly untouchable on the Utah track. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc.  

When the gate dropped for the final race of the 2022 season, Twisted Tea Suzuki’s Justin Bogle grabbed the holeshot ahead of 2021 Champion Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb, Anderson, and Sexton. Anderson charged early, getting past Webb before the first lap was complete then taking over the lead less than two minutes into the 20-minute plus one lap Main Event. Sexton was quickly into second and the two front runners steadily distanced themselves from the pack. But there was plenty of action behind them. 

Third place overall for the season was on the line with only eight points separating Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Malcolm Stewart, Barcia, and Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin. Less than four minutes into the race, Barcia moved into third place with Webb in fourth, Stewart in fifth, and Musquin in sixth. Stewart was the rider on the move, battling past Webb then getting around Barcia just before the race’s halfway point. Just a few corners later the stadium erupted when Barcia dove across the inside of a 180 degree bowl turn and made hard contact on Stewart. Stewart popped off his bike as if it had vanished beneath him. The Husqvarna rider was quickly back up and charging to regain positions.

The crowd saw the potential for an incredible battle. As Stewart made his way forward the entire stadium was screaming. Stewart was up to Barcia’s rear fender as the clock ticked past zero. On the final lap, a lapped rider briefly held up Stewart and the last lap clash never took place. 

At the checkered flag, Anderson grabbed his fourth win in a row, earning his seventh victory in 2022. Sexton was close but not within striking distance of a win and capped the season with a second place finish. Barcia grabbed the last podium spot of the year to the sounds of a crowd that did not approve of the pass that got him there. On the podium Barcia owned the move and reminded the crowd that a season podium position was on the line in the high-pressure sport that awards handsome bonus money to top finishes. As it was, Stewart’s fourth place finish was enough to earn him that third season-overall spot, and bonus, for the year.

The 2022 450SX Class season concluded with Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Eli Tomac, who was out healing an injury at the final race, taking his second premier class title. Jason Anderson finished second on the season with seven wins, eclipsing his 4-win 2018 Championship year. And in the tightly-contested battle Stewart grabbed third overall in the 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship.

Nate Thrasher saved the best for last with a win at the final round. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc. 

The 250SX Class racing in Utah was equally intense. The class’ final race put both regional divisions on the track together in the second of two Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Showdowns in 2022. With the title on the line, Craig pulled the holeshot but Team Honda HRC’s Hunter Lawrence was quickly past and at the front. Lawrence needed a win and needed Craig to finish fifteenth or worse to take the title. The surprise came when Nate Thrasher began to apply pressure on Craig for second place early in the race. Thrasher took the spot and within about one lap was also past Lawrence and in the lead. The top three held steady until Craig crashed in the corner after the whoops. Craig was quickly back up and rode a conservative ride to eighth to secure the title. Thrasher took the evening with a strong win ahead of Lawrence and Utah racer Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing’s Pierce Brown. 

The Salt Lake City event also hosted two unique races. In the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship, Team Honda HRC’s Chance Hymas took the title in the series that exposes top amateur racers to stadium events. Also, the KTM Junior Supercross, presented by Wells Fargo hosted a championship round by pitting ten prior event winners throughout the season on identically-prepped electric race bikes. Nixon Meineke earned the win in that event aboard a KTM SX-E 5. The event also gave more strong promotion to the online auction that benefits the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital partnership. The auction marks the race series’ sixth year of partnership; bidding ends on Monday, May 9th. Items available in the auction can be seen directly at or at

The 2022 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season delivered intense race action, thrills, surprises, and ultimately the resurgence of a previous champion and the crowning of two new champions. The Supercross season runs every year from January to May and will line up the riders again at the start of 2023 to deliver more great racing to motorsports fans. All events were carried live in 2022 and replays can be seen on Peacock. For highlight videos, full race results, and early information on the 2023 season when it becomes available, check in at now and as the 2023 season approaches.

450SX Class podium (riders left to right) Chase Sexton, Jason Anderson, and Justin Barcia. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc.

450SX Class Results

1. Jason Anderson, Rio Rancho, N.Mex., Kawasaki

2. Chase Sexton, Clermont, Fla., Honda

3. Justin Barcia, Greenville, Fla., GASGAS

4. Malcolm Stewart, Murrieta, Calif., Husqvarna

5. Marvin Musquin, Corona, Calif., KTM

6. Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., KTM

7. Justin Brayton, Charlotte, N.C., Honda

8. Brandon Hartranft, Brick, N.J., Suzuki

9. Justin Starling, Deland, Fla., GASGAS

10. Ryan Breece, Athol, Idaho, Yamaha

Following the race, Justin Barcia was docked 10 points in the season standings and fined for his pass on Malcolm Stewart. Moving him from 4th to 5th overall.

450SX Class Championship Final Standings

1. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Yamaha (359)

2. Jason Anderson, Rio Rancho, N.Mex., Kawasaki (350)

3. Malcolm Stewart, Murrieta, Calif., Husqvarna (314)

4. Marvin Musquin, Corona, Calif., KTM (305)

5. Justin Barcia, Greenville, Fla., GASGAS (302)

6. Chase Sexton, Clermont, Fla., Honda (292)

7. Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., KTM (278)

8. Brandon Hartranft, Brick, N.J., Suzuki (178)

9. Justin Brayton, Charlotte, N.C., Honda (176)

10. Dean Wilson, Murrieta, Calif., Husqvarna (152)

250SX Class podium (riders left to right) Hunter Lawrence, Nate Thrasher, and Pierce Brown. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc.

Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Showdown Results

1. Nate Thrasher, Livingston, Tenn., Yamaha

2. Hunter Lawrence, Wesley Chapel, Fla., Honda

3. Pierce Brown, Sandy, Utah, GASGAS

4. RJ Hampshire, Minneola, Fla., Husqvarna

5. Jo Shimoda, Menifee, Calif., Kawasaki

6. Austin Forkner, Richards, Mo., Kawasaki

7. Michael Mosiman, Minneaola, Fla., GASGAS

8. Christian Craig, Temecula, Calif., Yamaha

9. Chris Blose, Phoenix, Ariz., GASGAS

10. Jalek Swoll, Clermont, Fla., Husqvarna

Western Regional 250SX Class Championship Final Standings

1. Christian Craig, Temecula, Calif., Yamaha (230)

2. Hunter Lawrence, Wesley Chapel, Fla., Honda (220)

3. Michael Mosiman, Minneaola, Fla., GASGAS (197)

4. Jo Shimoda, Menifee, Calif., Kawasaki (162)

5. Nate Thrasher, Livingston, Tenn., Yamaha (152)

6. Vince Friese, Menifee, Calif., Honda (150)

7. Chris Blose, Phoenix, Ariz., GASGAS (120)

8. Garrett Marchbanks, Coalville, Utah, Yamaha (117)

9. Robbie Wageman, Newhall, Calif., Yamaha (109)

10. Jalek Swoll, Clermont, Fla., Husqvarna (106) 

Eastern Regional 250SX Class Championship Final Standings

1. Jett Lawrence, Wesley Chapel, Fla., Honda (192)

2. RJ Hampshire, Minneola, Fla., Husqvarna (158)

3. Pierce Brown, Sandy, Utah, GASGAS (149)

4. Mitchell Oldenburg, Aledo, Tex., Honda (132)

5. Enzo Lopes, Indian Trail, N.C., Yamaha (117)

6. Jordon Smith, Ochlocknee, Ga., Honda (116)

7. Cameron McAdoo, Sioux City, Iowa, Kawasaki (114)

8. Jace Owen, Mattoon, Ill., Yamaha (101)

9. Austin Forkner, Richards, Mo., Kawasaki (98)

10. Derek Drake, Lake Elsinore, Caif., Suzuki (88)

250SX Futures Class podium (riders left to right) Ryder DiFrancesco, Chance Hymas, and Gavin Towers. Photo Credit: Feld Entertainment, Inc.

250SX Futures Class Results

  1. Chance Hymas, Pocatello, Idaho, Honda
  2. Ryder DiFrancesco, Bakersfield, Calif., Kawasaki
  3. Gavin Towers, Venetia, Pa., Yamaha
  4. Luke Kalaitzian, Sun Valley, Calif., Honda
  5. Rush Chapman, Concord, N.C., Yamaha
  6. Ayden Shive, Dade City, Fla., KTM
  7. Hunter Cross, Discovery Bay, Calif., Yamaha
  8. Dylan Cunha, Modesto, Calif., Kawasaki
  9. Greye Tate, Buford, Ga., Yamaha
  10. Rylan Smith, Sharpsburg, Ga., Kawasaki

For more information about the 2022 Supercross season and where to watch all the live coverage, visit, the official website of Monster Energy Supercross, or follow via social channels:

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Auction site:

So now I’ve just got the last stretch of driving to get through today. It will take me up through the part of the journey that put an end to the #DMXVan’s maiden voyage way back in 2015. Do you remember that story?

The front right tire finally blew as I was in the mountains above Kelowna. And thanks to the help from all of you, the dealership agreed to pay the $1600 bill to get the van back to running order. The part about that whole story that still bothers me is that they only agreed to pay for it to stop the calls and messages they were receiving; they never did admit that it was a screw up at their end and not mine. As a Canadian, I really hate being called a liar. But thank you, again, for all the help you guys did 7 years ago.

OK, here I go to complete this drive to Kamloops. I’ll be there for the rest of May to look after my mom while my sister takes a much-needed holiday. That’s where I’ll be if you need anything. My mom was a Moto Mom extraordinaire back in my competitive racing days. I’ve got every race’s lap scores saved in our album. She was at every race I ever did. She went all the way to Hawaii on my second trip there for the Ironman World Championships. She and my dad even drove to Michigan to watch me in a MTB/Run race that I missed! I wished her Happy Mother’s Day yesterday, but things don’t really register in her long-term memory anymore. Go tell the people you love how you feel, and have a great week, everyone.

We have to let Justin Brayton say it one last time: “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo