Monday Morning with Bigwave

By Billy Rainford

Happy Labour Day Monday Morning Coffee. It feels like just yesterday I was welcoming us to the first long weekend of the summer season back in May.

Another Canadian Pro Motocross season has come and gone and we find ourselves in a bit of a “shoulder season” between MX and SX. We won’t have very long to wait, though, because the Montreal Supercross will be here before we know it on Saturday, September 14th.

I was looking for some “official documents” under the couch in my office yesterday and I moved a tin cookie box to the side. I remembered I had a box full of old photo CD’s so I popped the lid.

I spent the rest of the day not doing what I was supposed to be doing and inserted a few CD’s into the drive to have a look.

The one I had the most fun looking through was from the 2006 CMRC MX National at the Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC.

A whole bunch of great memories came flooding in.

I parked my Yamaha BWS 50cc scooter on the BC Ferry with the rest of the hogs on the way to the 2006 MX National at the Wastelands in Nanaimo, BC.

I remember I was still living in Kitsilano (The Beach) in Vancouver and decided to ride my little Yamaha BWS 50 scooter over instead of driving my van.

I was always looking for an adventure and thought the ride on Marine Drive along the ocean through West Van over to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal would be nice, plus I’d save a ton of money on BC Ferries charges and gas, just riding my little scooter over.

I had on a backpack that contained any additional clothing I may have needed along with a very beginner point-and-shoot camera stuffed in.

Jason T. Griffiths had come up with a moniker for my adventures and called me, “Moto Hunter” for any and all articles I contributed to Racer X Canada. It was a fun time.

I remember gas was a whopping $1.17/L on the island and it took $2.88 to fill the little tank. I made some sort of joke about it and headed to the track…slowly.

Anyone? Anyone? | Bigwave photo

So, I found all these photos from the trip but couldn’t remember how the racing had actually, gone. This memory glitch led me to a Google search.

The first thing I found was a long chain of conversation and arguing on the classic MX Forum site. Man, I miss that place!

Give the link below a click and check out what was going on at the time. Kyle Keast was a young support rider. He had the Ontario crowd in his back pocket, but the BC guys were trying to explain just how different the conditions at the Nanaimo track were.

The thread was titled: “So will it be Darcy or Dusty???” by Darren ‘Pillow’ Pilling:

#9 Dusty Klatt took the win. | Bigwave photo

In the end, Dusty Klatt from up the Island Highway took the win in the 450 class.

I really miss the days of The Pink Palace. It’s not the same to chirp in on Twitter or on an Instagram post. It just isn’t.

One thing I don’t miss is that feeling down in your stomach after you posted a comment on the site and then left for work or something for the day.

All day long you’d wonder if you’d said too much and couldn’t wait to find out if the place was blowing up because of what you’d said.

You’d hurry home, click on MX Forum and reveal your fate.

Most times it was nothing but other times you’d have caused a few internet legends, like 8packofpilsner or Hammertime, to blow up and go on a memorable rant.

Is this 2006 Kyle Keast? | Bigwave photo

It was also funny because everyone tried to pretend they didn’t go on the site and yet everyone all the way up the corporate food chain was well versed in every thread. It was good times.

Classic insights like this from “whipcase,” for example:

its wierd how a handfull of years back, klatt would have a hard time beating dunn at nanaimo, and even got beat a few times(richmond 250 was the last time i recall), but then any other local track, he would anihilate dunn. never thought he liked that track. fast forward, now he’s the hometown kid and unbeatable there, i say have the national in campbell river next year on his closer hometrack and watch what he does in the sand. never wouldve thought he would now be known for hardpacked. also, heelclickers off everyjump on his shitterd cr 80, then stop, let everyone catch up, then start pulling more clickers

Oh well, I guess those days are gone and not coming back…unless you want me to bring the Forum over to DMX?!

Was that a yes? Did I hear a yes?!

2011 James Lissimore asking the immortal question: “What have I done?!” | Bigwave photo

Congratulations to Claudie Lapointe and James Lissimore who tied the knot yesterday out in Abbotsford, BC. I guess it’s Mr. and Mrs. Lapointe now…

I was supposed to be out there to celebrate their big day with them but was still feeling the effects of viral meningitis, so I had to cancel my trip west. Of course, it was Saturday afternoon when I actually felt like myself again and was pretty pissed off that I wasn’t out there with everyone.

I hope they had an amazing weekend, and all the best in the future.

The Baja Brawl is taking place over at my favourite track of all time this weekend — Baja Acres in Millington, Michigan.

I was pretty close to making the trip, but felt I needed a weekend off to recover and get myself back to 100%. Yep, I regret my decision.

Anyway, it looks like there was another very solid turnout with a good group of Canadian on the gate.

They’re still racing today, so you can follow along with the live timing action here:

We’ve got a B rider there name Dallas Ruff-Robertson from Blyth, ON. That may be one of my new favourite names.

We’ve also got Canadian series regulars, Marshal Weltin, Chase Marquier, and Joey Crown racing up in the A classes, and Joey already won the 2-Stroke class.

If you’ve never really gotten completely into F1 racing, give the Netflix series, “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” a watch.

It gives you a really good look at what goes on behind the scenes. It’s from the 2018 season but gives you a ton of insight into which drivers went where and why for this current season.

I grew up watching F1 with my dad and even went to Mosport to watch the Canadian Grand Prix way back when there were 6-wheeled cars racing! It was a thing…Google it!

It was actually a thing! | TONY DUFFY/GETTY IMAGES

OK, it’s time to go enjoy the last day of the last long weekend of summer. Ouch. Have a great week, everyone, and we’ll see you all in Montreal in 2 weeks.

2006 Rick ‘Hammertime’ Hamer-Jackson says, “See you at the races…” | Bigwave photo